I know how much you enjoy keeping up to date on the saga of the Stirling
Red Sox, so for those of you that haven't seen "Da Boys" in a while,
here they are again!!
With 50 games to go before the beginning of the playoffs, you may just
find someone in the list below that may help your cause as your team
goes into the final weeks!
Don't wait too long.........remember the TRADE DEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starting Pitching
Jamey Wright
Scott Karl
John Thomson
Calvin Maduro
Jaret Wright
Jaime Navarro
Omar Daal
Brad Woodall

Relief Pitching
Mark Langston
Mark Petkovsek
Danny Patterson
Bill Simas
John Hudek
Dan Miceli
Julian Tavarez
Lenny Webster
Greg Myers
Jorge Fabregas
Paul Sorrento
Paul Konerko
Brent Gates
Jeff Kent
Mike Blowers
Ed Sprague
Mark Grudzielanek
Geronima Berroa
Emil Brown
Brady Anderson
Kenny Lofton
Rod Myers
Magglio Ordonez
Lee Stevens
Yamil Benitez
Place your call to "Dealer Wayne" before someone else in your division
beats you to the punch!! No one wants to lose the division title by
ONE GAME when you could have acquired a KENT, WRIGHT, BERROA, OR A
GRUDZIELANEK to push you over the top!!
Check your roster, and then check mine and give me a call!!!
"Dealer Wayne"