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Player of the Year 

1. Albert Pujols        IRM

2. Ryan Howard  BSP

3. Ichiro Suzuki  LLD            


Staub Conference

  MVP Award

1. Aubrey Huff BBD               

2. Ichiro Suzuki LLD

3. Manny Ramirez SSC


Cy Young Award

T-1. E. Santana(SSC) T. Lincecum(LLD)
2.   R Dempster(LLD) 
3.   D. Haren(SSC)
 Clemente Conference
1. A. Pujols(IRM)                      
2. R. Howard(BSP)
3. A. Rodriguez(IRM)                       


1. C.Hamels(PPS)
2. R. Halladay (BSP)
3. J. Santana(CCP)


Jay Johnstone Award (CBAs best 10th man)


1. R. Furcal (BSP)

2.   S. Choo (SRS)

3. M. Napoli(BBD)


 Pitcher of the Year

1. C.Hamels(PPS)
2. T.Lincecum(LLD)
3. E.Santana(SSC) 


 Rookie of the Year

 T-1 G. Soto (LLM), E. Longoria (PPS)

2. D. Span (HHC)

3. B. Ziegler (OOS)

Ronson Lighter fluid award (Worst pitcher)

1.  K. Rogers         (SSP)   10.14   2-12

2. C. Silva    (SSP)   7.75    2-22

T-3. J. Lackey (OOS)   7.06    4-19, K. Correia (SSP) 7.41 3-21  


  Bill "The Butcher" Cutting Award (Award for fielding ineptitude)

J. Cantu    26 errors  MER

Kenny Marino Fireman of the year award

C.Marmol   43 saves  CIP  


G.Soto(LLM) 1,597,238                J.Mauer(OOS) 1,560,555
1B A.Pujols(IRM) 4,685,015              R.Howard(BSP) 3,232,230
2B C.Utley(PPS) 2,345,821               D.Pedroia(SRS) 2,209,917
3B A.Rodriguez(IRM) 2,278,975           D.Wright(SSC) 2,079,107
SS J.Reyes(IRM) 2,042,178               S.Drew(OOS) 1,687,250
LF M.Ramirez(SSC) 2,240,771             M.Holliday(SLM) 2,020,044
CF J.Hamilton(IRM) 2,810,177            G.Sizemore(IRM) 2,138,827
RF R.Ludwick(CCP) 2,191,576             X.Nady(LLM) 1,848,082
Pi C.Marmol(CIP) 4,497,615              C.Hamels(PPS) 3,826,686
   R.Dempster(LLD) 3,456,195            J.Santana(CCP) 3,259,535
   M.Cain(SLM) 2,755,411                D.Haren(SSC) 2,641,709
   E.Santana(SSC) 2,620,113             F.Hernandez(SSC) 2,618,320
   E.Volquez(OTR) 2,239,686             M.Rivera(BSP) 2,209,280
   B.Lidge(KBM) 2,075,017               R.Nolasco(OTR) 2,065,850
WINNER                                  RUNNER UP
D.Haren(SSC)                         B.Backe(MCD) 
J.Mauer(OOS)                         B.Molina(CCP) 
1B C.Pena(SRS)                          A.Gonzalez(MER) 
2B D.Pedroia(SRS)                       B.Phillips(BSP) 
3B A.Ramirez(LLD)                       D.Wright(SSC) 
SS J.Rollins(LLM)                       M.Young(***) 
OF T.Hunter(LLD)                        N.McLouth(BBD) 
OF G.Sizemore(IRM)                      M.Cameron(KWR) 
OF C.Beltran(LWD)                       S.Victorino(SSC) 
WINNER                                  RUNNER UP
G.Soto(LLM)                          B.McCann(SSC) 
1B A.Pujols(IRM)                        R.Howard(BSP) 
2B C.Utley(PPS)                         D.Uggla(MER) 
3B A.Rodriguez(IRM)                     A.Huff(BBD) 
SS J.Peralta(CIP)                       J.Reyes(IRM) 
LF M.Ramirez(SSC)                       R.Ibanez(CIP) 
CF J.Hamilton(IRM)                      G.Sizemore(IRM) 
RF R.Ludwick(CCP)                       X.Nady(LLM) 
C.Marmol(CIP) 123                       Marc Wass(BSP) 
B.Lidge(KBM) 84                         Joe Wallace(SSC) 
M.Rivera(BSP) 82                        Rob Hite(PPS) 
J.Soria(SLM) 82                         Ryan Wyke(CIP) 
K.Gregg(CCP) 76                         Glen Kenan(OTR) 


It's stunning....Staub has not had a winner in the Finals since well, 2005 and Dennis Concepcion's Longue Pointe team won it all.  The reigning champ Fidler is back.  He is CBA's best, back for 3rd time in 4 years.  Concepcion, a playoff perennial, didn't make it last year to the playoffs, but sure has the year in grand style.  He swept the extraordinary San Diego Surf team.  Both Indiana and LP were underdogs to two of CBA's greatest teams of all time.  Both Conference teams beat the giant teams to help advance.  Now they meet.  Indiana just plain outslugs you, Longue Pointe just keeps you off the bases and runners from moving....Two contrasting Strat philosophies will square off.  The games should be well attended just to see what the next CBA STrategy trend will be....Will it be good pitching with lots of K's and defense.  A team that hit and runs you to death and steals at will? or will it be the ARoid, Pujols, Hamilton, Pence, Sizemore, reyes show?

For LP it was all pitching and unlikely heros.  For Indy Pence, Sizemore and ARod. Lets look and see who they are...

Indiana was originally the expansion Houston Aeros, a last place team that was extremely fortunate to have won the 1st over expansion pick when 4 teams were broken up.  ARod was originally on the Chris Boutin led Quebec Capitales.  He was the first expoansion pick in 2003 by Chris Thomas' Houston club.  He then drafted Albert Pujols with the first regular draft pick that year.  There was the nucleus.  Jose Reyes came over in a trade 3 seasons ago from San Diego, while OSwalt was an orinal draftee.  Last year, Indiana acquired B. Wagner, C. Ruiz, K. Griffey, Jr in a major trade with Southwest for A. Ethier, Indiana's #1(09), #4(09), #5(09), #6(09).   They got Loney from Kennesaw as well at about the same time for a #2 and Mientkiewicz.  They got J Garland from Kennesaw as well in 2008.  Posada came in July of 2007 for D Riske, Kaz Matsui and a 2,6 pick. Polanco came in from Philly for Brad Hawpe.  Many good trades and some not as good.  But always looking to improve. Indy traded picks, acquired, shuffled, drafted and built.  Looking out of the picture in themid season they staged one of CBA's remarkable comebacks winning 41-17 to gain a last day wildcard, and now back in the finals after Fidler threw in the "Towel".

Longue Pointe has made a few trades mostly has built through drafting.  The team, unlike 2005 is mostly of Concepcion's design.  He drafts for bench reserve and defense.  He drafts for talent, he drafts for good cards, he drafts to win with balance.  He drafts strikeout artists, he drafts well.  He acquired great draft pieces starting when he took guys like Richie Sexson at the end of rd 1 in 2005. Jason Varitek came in 2006 for Jason Kendall.  05 WS hero Torii Hunter came in 2005 for AJ Burnett and a #1.  Dennis moved guys like Nomar Garciaparra a longue time favorite in Quebec, bringing in players like Aramis Ramirez, drafted some like pen guys CJ Wilson, Balfour, Marte, Seanez, Kiko Calero, Brain Fuentes, and even drafted more guys for the staff and who got outs, K's and stopped runners from moving.  But Concepcion has thrived in the draft.  After raising some eyebrows, whose wondering now? He drafted a minor league pick like Tim Lincecum in rd 1.  He took Hideki Matsui in rd 1 too.  Ryan Dempster another.  He took Ryan Theriot in a later round. LP is well known for super sub scrubs.  Each year he has his overachieving mutant cards. In 2005, it was Brian Jordan hitting .400.  This year its Cliff Floyd, and Lou Montanez, otherwise guys like Gabe Gross, Kotchmann, Iguchi, new heros with small names.  Remember Miracle Mirabelli?

Its gonna be a Jailbreak...Who will attend?

The Longue-Pointe Loggers swept the San Diego Surf four straight to win their second Staub Conference Pennant. 


Like their series against Glenn Kenan's wildcard Ohio Thundercats, the Loggers faced a formidable foe

with Joe Wallace's Carter Division champions. This series was highlighted by many dramatic moments,

especially about a half dozen plays at the plate.  Two of those occurred improbably as the Surf's final 2 outs 

in an excruciating Game 3 finish as Torii Hunter and then Ichiro Suzuki nailed consecutive potential tying runs David Wright and Howie Kendrick respectively to end the game.  


Here is that boxscore with the corrected PBP.

The clincher will be in a separate mailing.


BOXSCORE: 2009 San Diego Surf At 2009 Longue Pointe Loggers       10/15/2009

Staub Championship Series Game 3
  Surf               AB  R  H RBI AVG     Loggers            AB  R  H RBI AVG
  S.Victorino CF      4  0  0  0 .256     I.Suzuki RF         5  1  4  0 .478 
  C.Guzman SS         3  1  1  0 .333     R.Theriot SS        5  0  2  0 .244 
A-T.Teagarden PH      1  0  0  0 .000     A.Ramirez 3B        4  2  1  0 .205 
B-E.Renteria SS       0  0  0  0 .333     C.Floyd 1B          4  0  2  2 .452 
  M.Ramirez LF        4  0  0  0 .433   C-C.Kotchman 1B       0  0  0  0 .182 
  B.McCann C          4  0  1  1 .303     G.Gross LF          3  0  0  0 .219 
  K.Youkilis 1B       3  0  1  0 .306   G-N.Morgan LF         0  0  0  01.000 
  J.Dye RF            4  1  1  1 .231     T.Hunter CF         3  0  0  0 .357 
  D.Wright 3B         3  0  1  0 .147     G.Laird C           4  0  2  0 .219 
  H.Kendrick 2B       4  0  2  0 .394   D-J.Varitek C         0  0  0  0 .000 
  J.Peavy P           2  0  1  0 .250     T.Iguchi 2B         3  0  0  0 .118 
E-R.Cano PH           0  0  0  0 .333     T.Lincecum P        4  0  0  0 .125 
F-J.Bruce PH          1  0  1  0 .250     D.Marte P           0  0  0  0 .000 
                                          G.Balfour P         0  0  0  0 ---- 
                     -- -- -- ---                            -- -- -- ---     
         Totals      33  2  9  2                 Totals      35  3 11  2

A-Pinch Hit For Guzman In 7th Inning
B-Subbed Defensively (SS) For Teagarden In 7th Inning
C-Subbed Defensively (1B) For Floyd In 9th Inning
D-Subbed Defensively (C ) For Laird In 9th Inning
E-Pinch Hit For Peavy In 9th Inning
F-Pinch Hit For Cano In 9th Inning
G-Subbed Defensively (LF) For Gross In 9th Inning

Surf............ 1 0 0  1 0 0  0 0 0  -  2  9  1
Loggers......... 2 0 0  0 1 0  0 0    -  3 11  0

Surf (4-5)               IP       H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR    ERA  SCORESHEET
J.Peavy LOSS(1-1)         8      11   3   2   4   7   0   1.93  A1
Totals                    8      11   3   2   4   7   0

Loggers (9-2)            IP       H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR    ERA  SCORESHEET
T.Lincecum WIN(2-0)       8 1/3   7   2   2   2  13   1   1.90  A1 D7
D.Marte HOLD(2nd)         0 1/3   1   0   0   0   0   0   0.00  D8 D8
G.Balfour SAVE(1st)       0 1/3   1   0   0   0   0   0   0.00  D9
Totals                    9       9   2   2   2  13   1

ATTENDANCE- 55,152 DATE- Thursday, October 15th 2009 TIME- Night WEATHER- Bad
UMPIRES- Ed Rapuano, Tim Welke, Larry Poncino, Dan Noonan
T- 3:15
LEFT ON BASE- Surf: 7  Loggers:12
DOUBLE PLAYS- Surf: 0  Loggers: 0
ERRORS- C.Guzman
DOUBLES- C.Guzman(2nd), B.McCann(3rd), C.Floyd(2nd)
HOME RUNS- J.Dye(2nd)
STOLEN BASES- D.Wright(2nd)
WALKS- K.Youkilis, D.Wright, A.Ramirez, G.Gross, T.Hunter, T.Iguchi
STRIKE OUTS- S.Victorino, C.Guzman-2, T.Teagarden, M.Ramirez-2, K.Youkilis,
             J.Dye-2, D.Wright-2, H.Kendrick, J.Peavy, A.Ramirez, C.Floyd-2,
             G.Gross, G.Laird, T.Lincecum-2

Tim Lincecum racked up an impressive total of 13 strikeouts and Cliff Floyd
had 2 base hits and 2 RBI as the Longue Pointe Loggers outscored the San
Diego Surf 3 to 2.

Lincecum(2-0) looked very much in control throughout the night.  He allowed
just 7 hits and 2 walks in 8 and 1/3 innings.  San Diego made it exciting in
the 9th, but they were unable to push the needed runs across. 

Lincecum got help from Grant Balfour who earned his 1st save.  Jake Peavy(1-1)
was given the loss.  He was hit hard and gave up 11 hits and 4 walks in 8

When asked about his strikeout total for the game, Lincecum offered, 'The
fan's really got into it.  It is fun to see them tally up the strikeout
totals up there in the stands.  Fortunately, I kept them busy tonight - of
course, it would be all for naught without the 'W'.'

Indiana defeats Southwest Lizard Kings for their 3rd Clemente title in 4 years.....Took 4 games to 1.

Well first of all I want to thank Eric for playing a good series and congratulate him on his great season. The Red Birds won games 1 and 2 again on the road and came home where they would lose game 3 once again this time 6-4. Then in Game 4 their bats came alive and built a 9-0 lead for Roy Oswalt who then got tired in the 7th inning and the final ended up 9-2. Game 5 was one for the classics as it ended up 2-1 as Indiana took the lead 1-0 in the 3rd inning when Polanco scored on a base hit by Reyes. Southwest managed to tie it up at 1-1 on a wild pitch with Either on 3rd he came in to score. Southwest got a runner on in the top of the 9th and Billy Wagner came in to try and stop the rally and he did as he struck out all 3 batters he faced. So the game was tied up at 1-1 in the both of the 9th with not the real A-Rod leading off but Indiana's A-Rod and he hit a 2-4 no doubter HR to send the Red Birds to the series for the 3rd time in 4 yrs. We want to once again thank Marc and Eric for playing great series. The only other thing I want to add which I got a chuckle out of when Eric IM me on it as he said I thought the road to the World Series was going through Brooklyn didn't think it would be Indiana. And at the start of the playoffs I would agree with him and I still do agree as my road to the World Series started in Brooklyn and now it has went through the Southwest part of California now we are just waiting on to see who our opponent as will we stay in California or will we have to go back to Brooklyn once again.



@AP Newswire Date: Oct. 14, 2009 


Arcane wording discovered scrawled upon a napkin in local steak house outside Indiana's Ballpark has raised concerns that a killer may be on the loose.  It reads:

In the mighty halls of the CBA
there are only two things of certainty,
The future's uncertain, and THE END is always near!

Wow, I'm sick of doubt
Live in the light of certain
South side
Cruel bindings.

The Redbirds have the power
Dog-men and their mean women
Pulling poor
blankets over
Our players

I'm sick of dour faces
Staring at me from the executive
Suites, i want roses in
bullpen bower; dig?

Royal doubles, hard hit singles
Must now replace aborted
Strangers in the mud
These mutants, blood-meal
For the pitcher that's plowed.

They are waiting to take us into
The severed garden
Do you know how pale and wanton thrillful
Comes death on a strange hour
Unannounced, unplanned for
Like a scaring over-friendly guest you've
Brought to bed

Defeat makes angels of us all
And gives us wings
Where we had shoulders
Smooth as raven's

No more
money, no more fancy uniforms
This other kingdom seems by far the best
Until it's other jaw reveals incest
And loose obedience to a REDBIRD law.

I will not go
Prefer a feast of
A lie she cried
Spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a marble slab

To the giant REDBIRD she spoke

I will not go, I will not go
Have I not wandered your streets of yellow haze?
And pitchers come and go
Speaking of Joe DiMaggio

I have measured out my life
In balls, strikes and cheap hot dogs
Am I not Lazarus raised from the dead?
Come back to tell you
To tell you all


Local officials and police detectives are puzzled by the cryptic verbiage and its meaning.  Rumors that the much awaited contest between the Lizard Kings and the Rebirds will be tomorrow night at 5pm Pacific/8pm EST may be related to the arcane scriblings.  Rob Fidler is reportedly suffering from massive migranes in anticipation of the bloody series and has been cleared of any ill-doings.  However, maverick owner, Eric Lindner, has been heavily sedated and locked securely in a local sanitarium after being found in a darken alley with steak sauce smeared all over his vomit covered t-shirt.

The end is most certainly near for one of these vaunted warriors of the CBA.

Report filed by Bernard Shakey
Minister of Propaganda and Ticket Sales



The first round is complete.  Stunning upsets, and glorious wins.  The first series pit the Longue Pointe Loggers, Dawson champs against the Ohio Thundercats in their first ever playoff.  It was a hard fought series which was accented by some outstanding pitching perfomances by both teams. Dempster heading the rotation based on his Cy Young type season, was shaky as LP uncharacteristically scored 8 to outlast the T Cats.  Total effort against Volquez who surrendered 7 er.  The game was tied going into the 7th inning.  Theriot's double was the difference. Game 2 was all Rick3 Nolasco in a 6 hitter.  It was a fine performance, stopping LP cold. Game 3 was an extra innings game won by Ohio.  Tied at 2 in the 7th, another tight one. A dramatic ending.  Chris Young walked, Johjima bunted him over, But Balfour came in and promptly walked Guillen, and LP killer Kelly Johnson drew a bases loaded walk.  Texeira  who also had homered, finally walked with the bases loaded off LP closer Grant Balfour. Lincecum K's 8 and Torii Hunter had a big offensive game.  Dempster won game 4 with with some timely hitting and great pitching.  He K'd 9 in the win.  Game 5 saw Carlos Zambrano(1-0) and Ricky Nolasco(1-1) locked horns in a pitcher's duel with Zambrano and the Longue Pointe Loggers coming out on top of the Ohio Thundercats 2 to 1. Zambrano was in control of the game from the outset. He surrendered only 5  hits and 2 walks in 8 and 2/3 innings. Ohio had a chance in the 9th but they came up short against Wilson who earned a save...Game 6 was Lincecum's best.  He K's 13 in a 2 to 1 victory.  Lp will go on to SD for a showdown



San Diego Surf's GM Joe Wallace.  Is out for blood.  Years of losing has made him hungry and a total CBA force to be dealt with.  He dispatched Belfast and JD Adams in 6 games. SD took g 1,2,3 the SD talent just took over.  In game 1 it was the small guys, Kendrick and C Guzman who had the big hits for SD.  In game 2 it was Manny, McCann, Dye.  Game 3 it was the whole lineup just slappin 'em down and scoring runs.  In game 4 Belfast won the game with a run in the bottom of the 9th inning on an Aubrey Huff walk. An Alexei Ramirez single, and a Brandon Moss base-hit. Game 5 Nate McLouth blasted 2 homeruns, and Brawlers won in 10 innings by the score of 8 to 7. That game was deadlocked at 7 after nine full innings. SD took their 4th and the right to play Dennis Concepcion and LP winning game 6.  Dan Haren racked up an impressive total of 10 strikeouts as the San Diego Surf outscored the Belfast Brawlers 7 to 2. Haren(2-0) was in control of the game from the outset. He gave up just 7 hits and 1 walk in 9 innings. San Diego finished with 13 hits, and David Wright had a Homer and 3 RBI's and Wallace is looking like gold. LP and SD will meet to decide Staub.

Indiana Brooklyn was tougher than it looked.  The Redbirds took that series 4 to 1. Game 1 was a pitchers duel with Halladay and Oswalt going on into extras. In the end Brooklyn didn't hit, but Reyes did launching a HR for the Indy win.  Indy won game 2 by a large margin 14-5.  The big boys, Pujols, ARod, Josht Hamilton  (5 RBI) did major damage, but in Game 3 Brooklyn's Dice K went the distance.  Doumit and Howard Homered. Game 4 a key game went into the 12th inning .  Brooklyn rode a Howard HR into the 9th with a 1 run lead.  Maglio Ordonez forever the Brooklyn Buckner, dropped a flyball for 2 bases (Why was Denorfia not out there?) to allow Indy to tie and eventually win in the 12thSizemore smashed a solo-shot out of the park (his 2nd of the season) resulting in a mighty exciting win for Indiana and the 50,370 home town fans in attendance. For that matter it was all Indiana needed as the Superbas spit the bit once again in 2009. Wait till next year 


On Left: It's an off day for the Red Birds following their victory over the Brooklyn Superbas.  Here, slugger Albert Pujols discusses strategy with Red Birds skipper Bob Fidler for their upcoming Clemente pennant showdown with Eric Lindner's Southwest Lizard Kings.

On right: shows Brooklyn's Ryan Doumit blocking Sizemore from Scoring a key run.


Not To Touch The Earth....Lizard King Eric Lindner is setting on his hot rock after a Philly playoff win. Controversial Center fielder David Dejesus had 2 base hits and 2 RBI as the Southwest Lizard Kings defeated the Philly Phantastics by the score of 5 to 3 in game 1 at Philly's Stadium.  Philly was unable to claim the lead after Southwest went ahead in the top of the 3rd inning scoring a single run using 2 hits. Southwest out-hit Philly for the game, Cliff Lee(1-0) who went 8 innings, allowing 3 runs. Joakim
Soria gained credit for his 1st save. Cole Hamels(0-1) lost.  In Game 2 Second baseman Orlando Hudson had 4 hits and 2 RBI as the Southwest Lizard Kings beat the Philly Phantastics by a score of 8 to 6. Southwest had the winning rally in the 8th inning when they scored 4 runs on 4 hits. Another controversial OF, Matt Holliday  rifled a three-run blast
Southwest had 17 hits for the game and Philly had 13. Right back came Rob Hite and the high scoring Philly Phantastics.  Center fielder Rick Ankiel HR'd and had 5 RBI as the Phantastics won 13 to 5 at Jim Morrison Memorial.
The Southwest fans didn't appreciate the big day Ankiel had. He doubled which scored a run in the 2nd inning, doubled plating three runs in the 7th inning and cracked a solo homerun in the 9th inning. Philly had 12 hits overall, while Southwest had 6. 



Phantastic Rob Hite  The Lizard King

In game 4, The Philly Phantastics came roaring back in the top of the ninth to spoil the anticipated celebration of the hometown fans. The final score, was 6 to Philly scored the decisive runs in a big 9th inning with 2 runs using 3 hits.
Carlos Lee led off and keyed the rally when he lined a one-base hit. Evan Longoria came next and he doubled. Lance Berkman struck out, unable to help the rally. Kelly Shoppach stepped in and he doubled. Philly won despite being out-hit by Southwest 10 hits to 7. Kerry Wood(1-0) picked up the victory,  The loss was charged to Cliff Lee(1-1).   Game 5 David Dejesus touched them all and had 2 RBI at Morrison Memorial where the Southwest Lizard Kings beat the Philly Phantastics by the score of 2 to 1. Southwest brought 2 runs across the plate in the 2nd inning when they had 3 base hits. That scoring would be all that was needed. Philly threatened in the 9th but Southwest was able to put down the rally.

In Game 6 The Philly Phantastics nipped the Southwest Lizard Kings 5 to 4 back in Philly Field in a hard fought contest.Southwest fell behind quickly as the Philly offense came through in the first inning with 3 runs utilizing 3 base hits. After an out was recorded, Derek Jeter began the Philly spurt when he drew a walk. Chase Utley next to the plate and he banged out a single. After another out, Rick Ankiel hit his 3rd CBA playoff HR of the series.  Former first round pick Evan Longoria followed and he delivered a one-base hit. Lance Berkman stepped into the box and drew a walk. Southwest had a chance to come back in the 9th but they came up short. Series tied and in Philly.  Stage was set...For Sw to win, would be seen as an upset.  Philly had one of CBA's alltime best seasons in 2009 as had Brooklyn.  Who would it be?  Run with me....Run with me....and only one run was the difference as the Southwest Lizard Kingsdefeated the Philly Phantastics in 10 innings 4 to 3. The score was knotted at 3 after nine innings. It went into extras. Southwest was victorious in the 10th inning. when SW hero, Johnny Damon singled. A controversial balk was called. People pelted the umpire with crap. The Philly Phaithful chanted "you still S**k!" then game continued.  After an out was recorded, Jerry Hairston Jr stepped in and he delivered a single. Hairston Jr took second on the throw. Despite losing, Philly out-hit Southwest 12 to 8.
Cory Wade(1-0) went 1 and 1/3 innings allowing no runs for the win. Joakim Soria gained credit for his 4th save. The loss was charged to Kerry Wood(1-1) in relief.  It was Lindners biggest ever CBA win....


Forbes: Lizard Kings greatest sports-biz turnaround

By Craven Moorhead, Forbes Magazine, October 16, 7:38 pm EDT


The Southwest Lizard Kings are currently facing off against the Indiana Redbirds in the Clemente Conference finals. The Lizard Kings led the league in attendance this season, and the four millionth fan recently passed through the turnstiles at Morrison Memorial. On TV, Lizard King Baseball is scoring its best ratings ever. These are stunning developments given that just one year ago, the Lizard Kings were one of the saddest franchises in professional sports, having languished in the CBAs basement for years.


I am not familiar with this kind of massive turnaround that occurred in a blink of an eye, says Willie Makeit, president of Sportscorp, a sports-business consultancy. Its arguably the most remarkable turnaround in the history of sports in the United States.


It almost seems bizarre, but baseball fever has taken over Los Angeles. A Lizard Kings jersey recently adorned the Field Museums Dissemination of Knowledge statue; divers at the John G. Shedd Aquarium are donning Lizard King Jerseys during underwater presentations and the Picasso sculpture outside the Ronald Reagan Center has displayed a Lizard Kings batting helmet. The atmosphere in Los Angeles is electric, as the Lizard Kings, a team that had made the playoffs once in the previous 14 seasons, has advanced one step away from the CBAs World Series, which the team last never won.

Dawson                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 Longue Pointe LLD       92  70  .568 ----  *WON* 
2009 Belfast BBD             91  71  .562  1.0        
2009 Limoilou LWD            86  76  .531  6.0        
2009 Montreal MCD            56 106  .346 36.0        
Rogers                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 Ohio OTR                86  76  .531 ----  *WON* 
2009 Maine MER               85  77  .525  1.0        
2009 Allentown ANR           79  83  .488  7.0        
2009 Kennesaw Mtn KWR        78  84  .481  8.0        
Carter                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 San Diego SSC          109  53  .673 ----  *WON* 
2009 Skokie SWC              91  71  .562 18.0        
2009 Joliet JJC              65  97  .401 44.0        
2009 High Bridge HHC         54 108  .333 55.0        
Schmidt                     WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 Philly PPS             105  57  .648 ----  *WON* 
2009 Ottawa OOS              78  84  .481 27.0        
2009 Stirling SRS            77  85  .475 28.0        
2009 Westminster WPS         29 133  .179 76.0        
Monday                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 Southwest SLM           96  66  .593 ----  *WON* 
2009 Indiana IRM             94  68  .580  2.0        
2009 Lake County LLM         93  69  .574  3.0        
2009 Bryan KBM               74  88  .457 22.0        
Parker                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 Brooklyn BSP           108  54  .667 ----  *WON* 
2009 Cooperstown CIP         94  68  .580 14.0        
2009 Carolina CCP            88  74  .543 20.0        
2009 Sunville SSP            36 126  .222 72.0        
SC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 Skokie SWC              91  71  .562 ----     1  
2009 Belfast BBD             91  71  .562 ----        
2009 Limoilou LWD            86  76  .531  5.0        
2009 Maine MER               85  77  .525  6.0        
2009 Allentown ANR           79  83  .488 12.0        
2009 Kennesaw Mtn KWR        78  84  .481 13.0        
CC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2009 Indiana IRM             94  68  .580 ----     1  
2009 Cooperstown CIP         94  68  .580 ----        
2009 Lake County LLM         93  69  .574  1.0        
2009 Carolina CCP            88  74  .543  6.0        
2009 Ottawa OOS              78  84  .481 16.0        
2009 Stirling SRS            77  85  .475 17.0        
ANR     79   83  .488 40-41 39-42 30-25 49-58 12- 9 20-26     5-5     Won 1
BBD     91   71  .562 45-36 46-35 33-26 58-45  5- 4 37-22     7-3     Won 4
BSP    108   54  .667 59-22 49-32 36-21 72-33  8- 7 25-22     5-5     Won 1
CCP     88   74  .543 44-37 44-37 29-22 59-52 10- 3 20-19     6-4     Won 4
CIP     94   68  .580 45-36 49-32 21-22 73-46  7- 7 33-17     8-2     Lost 1
HHC     54  108  .333 28-53 26-55 21-25 33-83  9-11 21-26     1-9     Lost 1
IRM     94   68  .580 45-36 49-32 22-20 72-48  9- 9 28-24     8-2     Won 2
JJC     65   97  .401 37-44 28-53 23-24 42-73  5- 7 24-30     6-4     Won 1
KBM     74   88  .457 35-46 39-42 22-26 52-62  6-10 25-18     3-7     Lost 2
KWR     78   84  .481 38-43 40-41 25-23 53-61 13- 8 24-30     4-6     Lost 3
LLD     92   70  .568 42-39 50-31 27-24 65-46  9-12 30-27     7-3     Won 3
LLM     93   69  .574 45-36 48-33 30-25 63-44 10- 9 22-20     7-3     Won 5
LWD     86   76  .531 43-38 43-38 28-14 58-62  7-10 20-32     5-5     Lost 2
MCD     56  106  .346 28-53 28-53 18-29 38-77  7- 6 25-22     1-9     Lost 6
MER     85   77  .525 43-38 42-39 33-16 52-61 13- 9 34-22     7-3     Lost 1
OOS     78   84  .481 39-42 39-42 15-32 63-52 12- 5 21-20     5-5     Lost 1
OTR     86   76  .531 39-42 47-34 31-23 55-53  7- 9 38-22     5-5     Won 3
PPS    105   57  .648 50-31 55-26 29-12 76-45  5- 1 16-19     8-2     Won 1
SLM     96   66  .593 44-37 52-29 31-20 65-46  3- 9 20-18     2-8     Lost 7
SRS     77   85  .475 42-39 35-46 17-31 60-54  3- 7 18-26     6-4     Lost 1
SSC    109   53  .673 54-27 55-26 38-16 71-37 10- 6 18-22     9-1     Won 5
SSP     36  126  .222 21-60 15-66  6-42 30-84  7-12 16-31     1-9     Lost 7
SWC     91   71  .562 43-38 48-33 31-18 60-53  4-10 13-23     4-6     Lost 4
WPS     29  133  .179 20-61  9-72  7-41 22-92  6- 7  8-18     2-8     Won 1
TOTAL 1944 1944  .500