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Atlanta Phoenix 2018 Roster

Atlanta Phoenix Historical Page.  Includes all teams players and season stats ever! updated for 2018

Owner: Michael Blakeley
 Kennesaw Mt, Georgia

Stadium: Minute Maid Field
Conference: Rusty Staub
Division: Andre Dawson

AOLIM: yorlik70

Entered the league in: 2009 with Kennesaw Mt Woodsmen. Took over Limoilou Wendigo August 2013

I call the South my home, living in Atlanta, Georgia, and I will continue enjoying the game of baseball, a game that is a serious passion.  I am a graduate of the University of Georgia (AB-Journalism, Radio/Television Media News); I follow everything that is the University of Georgia and you will discover that I am a staunch defender of the “DAWGS.”  This includes baseball; though we have found little success as a baseball program, my DAWGS have one NCAA baseball title.  Baseball has always been a passion.  I played high school baseball, had a brief month with the Chicago White Sox and practiced with the University of Georgia.  “Practiced” meaning that my right knee, right elbow and right shoulder did not see fit to stay healthy enough to play.  I was what the scouts will call a “Max Effort” pitcher; knowing now what I did not realize many years ago has given a successful career of teaching players how to pitch and what to do and what to avoid.  Two years as an agent representing several players serves a reminder of the difficulty of making the show.  I used all of this to coach teams in the state of Georgia and to build one successful baseball program for a charter school in Fulton County.  Now in the twilight of my teaching and coaching career, and 60  years young, I spend my time giving lessons (and I ain’t cheap…), teaching middle schools kids, and spending time with my soul mate.


And there is Stratomatic.  Stratomatic is a trip. For too long, I played and drafted based on what I know about players and using the many phone calls on past and present major league, college, high school and minor league players.  Last year, I changed the way I did things and made the playoffs.  Thing is, I’m worse off now than I was before making the playoffs.  As the players of Stratomatic know, your team is based on what WAS accomplished or not accomplished the previous year. It is almost impossible to build a team based on potential.  I may well be the poster child of poor trades and poor draft picks.  I can find pitchers in the woodpile but drafting players who can hit is the results of patience.  I am not patient at all.  But we are getting there.


As a fan of the Atlanta Braves, many would assume that I would draft those guys but that is not the case.  I will spare you my frustration of the current organization; I just pray the Braves will finally get it right with the new GM.  This current group of players that we call the Phoenix is a work in progress—thing is this process may be spinning in place, jumping forward, or falling backwards for the next three seasons.  I thought I’d drafted well and would be rewarded with a patience approach.  This may well be the last season for several players who are at a cross-road of not only their own teams but with the Phoenix.


Kole Calhoun, Rougned Odor, Joc Pederson, Dansby Swnason, Yasmany Tomas, Kennys Vargas, and CJ Cron all need to produce, at a minimum, MLB average stats this coming season.  I am worried that the Braves may have rushed Swanson, much in the way Tampa rushed Tim Beckham. Kole Calhoun had a great first half/poor second half or just the opposite in the previous two seasons.  “Rough” Odor is a mystery. I can’t see Texas waiting any longer past 2018 to produce. I have nicknamed Rougned “Bad” Odor…his spring stats stink.  I am convinced the homerun derby ruined Joc Pederson in his rookie year.  This kid had a hitting eye that is or was exceptional with bat to ball skills…but since that homer derby, Pederson has been mostly nothing and seldom all.  If Tampa and Minnesota will give CJ Cron and Kennys Vargas, respectively, 500 at bats, both teams may find they have all-star type players.  But we are in the age of splits, Sabermetrics, and match-ups; few players get to see right and left-handed pitchers.  Success in Stratomatic depends on a manager’s ability to find the right match-ups offensively and it is nearly impossible to rely on just ONE player to be an everyday player. 


I have players that may well be solid/All-Star/Awesome future players.  Mookie Betts has a chance if he can rebound his batting average; Christian Vasquez is a stud offensively and defensively and is the reason Blake Swinhart is a utility player. Ryan McMahon is the future at first base.  Ryan McMahon will be a better hitter than Nolan Arenado IF the Rockies will just let the kid play. Damn, Ian Desmond? Give me a break.  Jorge Bonifacio should be better than I expected Kole Calhoun to be in the outfield…if he overcomes his suspension from MLB for using a banned substance called Boldenone.  So this may be another wasted pick; at least Bonifacio is 24 and can recover.  Dammit. Boldenone is a steroid used by vets.  Good grief. Why not HGH? Anyway…Harrison Bader might be a solid utility guy when the Cards decide to keep him on the club. Tommy Joseph will keep the DH spot warm this season, while Victor Martinez works on his 2018 card.  Gleyber Torres has a chance to be a solid player at SS or 2B.  And maybe this will be the year that Clint Frazier excels in New York or is traded to another team.  Frazier can play if he gets the chance.



My pitching sucks. That said, it may be pitching that eventually gets me to where I want to be in the CBA.  Mitch Keller will get a chance soon enough in Pittsburgh. Marcus Stroman might just bring in some players that can help me build a solid team.  Still waiting for Kevin Gausman to find the plate.  I do have some bullpen pieces that could net extra draft picks or players.


So here’s to the future, again, after making the playoffs on the last day of the season.  Looking forward to seeing how the CBA shakes out and who knows…a trade here or there might get the Phoenix back to the playoffs through the back door!


Michael “Blake” Blakely

Atlanta and Limoilou Wendigo CBA Encyclopedia Team Statistics

Limoilou Wendigo Historical Page.  Includes all teams players and season stats ever!

Limoilou Playoff page 2007

Limoilou was an original team owned by Jeff Boutet.  Limoilou is perhaps CBA's most successful franchise  reaching the 100 win plateau a record 5 times.  The Wendigo have finished below .500 only in 2000 and 2006.  Noted for shrewd roster management and a knack for talent Boutet's team has usually been the the team to beat in the tough Dawson division since the beginning.  Use of a platoon system, strong defense, pitching and two way skilled players have meant success.  Ironically it was a late inning error by Jason Michaels in the 2005 Dawson championship that cost them a shot at their 4th CBA World title.  Limoilou won CBA's first in vs Lou Bloss' Parma Flamingoes, 1997, again in '99 vs Martin Boulet's Beauport Gamblers, and 4-1 over Brooklyn in 2003.  They lost to Philly in 2002.  Limoilou made the playoffs each of those years and 2001, 2004, 2005.

Timeline Owner/Manager Location
From 1997-03-01 to present* Jean-François Boutet Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

*Original CBA charter franchise

Played 163 games in 2004 and 2005 due to 1 game playoffs

Name and Location
Year1997-0307 Location Quebec City, CA


Limoilou Wendigo

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