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Cy Young Staub
1. James Shields Montreal Crows 148
2. Julio Teheran Towaco Wolfpack 128
3. Felix Hernandez New Jersey Beatles 78

MVP Staub
1. Chris Davis 192
2. Paul Goldschmidt 120
3. Robinson Cano San Digo Surf 84

Cy Young Clemente
1. Matt Harvey High Bridge Heaters 132
2. Madison Baumgarner Cooperstown Iron Horses 111
3. Hideki Iwakuma Ottawa Otters 67

MVP Clemente
1. Miguel Cabrera Brooklyn Superbas 208
2. Mike Trout Ottawa Otters 97
3. Adrian Beltre Ottawa Otters 82

Johnstone 10th man
1. Charlie Blackmon High Bridge Heaters 116
2. Hanley Ramirez New Hampshire 111
3. Danny Valencia Towaco Wolfpack 81

Sammy Khalifa Futility award
1. Y Betancourt Atlanta Phoenix 82
2. BJ Upton New Hampshire Wildcats 71
3. Darwin Barney Skokie Wolfmen 54

Player of the year tie
Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis co winners

Branch Rickey Award
1. Glenn Kenan 135
2. Kevin Gibson 105
3. Jon Stamets 76
4. Claude Lamarre 62
5. John Miller 51

For the 17th year we present this years award winners.  With the final ballot sneaking in, we have some interesting winners.  2013

Justin Verlander joins the immortal  Pitchers who win both the Cy Young and MVP are rare.  Itwas accomplished by Pedro Martinez 2 times with Neah Bay in 2003, and Kennesaw in 2000.  Greg Maddux did it in 2001 for Dan Divirgilio's Mackinaw Breakers.  Randy Johnson did it back to back for Rob Hite's Phantastics in 2002-3.  Now Jerlander caps New Jersey's fairy tale season. Kudo's for Chase Headly who finsihed second.  Headley led that amazing Maine win streak mid season if you recall. 
Miguel Cabrera won his 2nd MVP award edging team mate Ryan Braun by a narrow margin.  They both paced Brooklyn's offense.  The Ottawa Boys McCutchen and Trout were strong contenders as well.  Cabrera and Verlander both tied for the Player Of The Year award in a close vote.  Stellar, if not legendary seasons for both players.
Chris Carter rookie of the year  took home Joliets first post season award.  He finished high in the Johnstone award too.  Adam Dunn and Chuck er Bud Norris win the horror show awards. 

Staub MVP
1. J Verlander NBC 

2. C Headley MER
3. A Beltre NBC
4. G Stanton SSC
5. R Cano  SSC

Staub Cy Young
1. J Verlander NBC 
2. K Medlen TWR 
3. J Shields MCD 
4. C Kershaw LWD 
5. Moore NBC

Staub R.O.Y.  {Kile Award}
1. C Carter 2. L Harrell MER  3. M Carpenter RMC  4. J Ruggiano TWR  5. J Parker LWD

Clemente Cy Young
1. R Dickey BSP
2. W Miley SWM
3. H Kuroda CIP
4. D Price BSP
5. K Jansen SRS

Clemente MVP
1. M Cabrera BSP
2. R Braun BSP
3. M Trout OOS
4. A McCutchen OOS
5. A Craig PPS

Clemente R.O.Y {Halman Award}
1. B Harper PPS 2. Y Darvish OOS  3. J Dyson BSP  4. J Tazawa CCP  5. M Fiers SWM

10th Man Award {Johnstone}

1. B Moss NBP
2. R Moreland RMC
3. C Carter JJC
4. P Goldschmidt TWR
5. J Dyson BSP

Ronson Lighter Fluid Award
1. B Norris QFR
2. R Wolf RMC
3. I Nova MER
4. B Chen NWS
5. J McDonald JJC

Sammy Khalifa Ineptitude Award
1. A Dunn CCS
2. J Molina HHM
3. E Cabrera  LWD
4. J Francoeur MCD/L Valbuena BBD
5. M Aviles CIP

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