Opening Day Jan 20, 2006


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Dennis Concepcion on line           Hal Richman's son laughs it up          Gang's all here! Fanatics lined         Man oh man that '94

Waiting for his cards                 With the guys on line.  Great guy       up for the 1pm release of the        Bagwell card vs lefties...

                                        brought us all coffee and                cards. Recognize anyone?             Guys all talkin' Strat!

                                        Dunkin Donuts!



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In the door some lucky                "Yo! Buy dese cards!"                             This guy was asking $500 for                Can't sell 'em so he decides

Strat Fanatics.  Note                   Laughs and guffaws as this                    his all star cards much to our               to wave them at unwitting

the Strat bulletin board.               guy split his sets to put                        amusement.  Here he is about to            passersby.  He provided

                                                     together an 'all-star'team.                       get mauled by an angry truck               entertainment for the crowd.

                                                                                               driving fan. ;)


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