Opening Day Jan 20, 2006



9.                                  10.                                    11.                                      12.


The first card recipients.            These guys took a Limo all           The Chaffeur opens                     Old strat-o-matic card

Now back to the L.I.R.R.             the way from from Philly to           the door...                                nostalgia

Glen Head station across          Strat headquarters.  The SOM

the street.                           fans loved it!


13.   <---      BBL League Man!    ------>           14.                             -------->       15.


 I guess this New orleans BBL guy didn't realize there isn't much
happening in Glen Head NY. All those hours...He picks up his cards..Chats briefly with us.
Then wanders around in circles, alone, probably thinking like Peggy Lee.........
"Is that all there is?" But he got his cards though...

He didnt know the "Whistle stop Inn" was down the
block with their delicious Hamburgers and great NY
Subway and railroad motif. Great indoor railway too.
They even had the front door handle from an old IRT
Worlds Fair Subway train made from a passenger hang strap.
But BBL league man will never know...


16.                                  17.                                    18.                                    19.


Finally at the window                Yankees Bias?                       Lotta guys online                 Dennis Concepcion with his bodyguard

                                                                                                                      "Knuckles" in the background.


20.                           21.                                22.                                      23.                                                    


#71 Dennis Concepcion in Expo regalia proudly                                                     Dennis, Brian from the
waves his new 2006 set of cards and V11.                                                        Turlock Strat league,   
Dennis represented CBA at opening day and                                                       and "Knuckles"............
drew alot of sympathy for his Expos uniform.
Rumor has it that Canadian baseball fans
recognize DC as the USA's greatest Expo fan.
In fact I rumor has it, he has televised
air checks taken at Shea stadium at the Expos
last series in '05 to prove it...


24.                        25.                           


Buyin some cards...           Wass (not pictured)
                                 chats with Hal.
                                 Mr. Richman is quite
                                 a nice fella! Thanks Hal!