Lets look at CBA No hitters since 97.

No Hitters in CBA

Lets look at CBA No hitters since 97.

Note that Pedro has 5 no hitters and 4 one hitters in his CBA career. 
1 hitter in 98 playoffs Canadian River (NB) vs Hamilton Harbors (SD) Game 1.
1 hitter on 4/18/99 vs KC
1 hitter on 8/8/00 vs Kennesaw vs Washington Feds.
1 hitter on 5/21/04 vs KC.  Had 3, 2 hitters in 2006.

Pedro Martinez CBA resume looks like this....
1998 CBA Cy Young Winner
2000 CBA Cy Young Winner MVP Winner
2003 CBA Cy Young Winner MVP Winner

Did you know that Randy Johnson has won the CBA Cy Young award 3 straight times?
He has also won 2 MVP awards....In all Philly has had 4 Cy Young award winners,
and 3 league MVP awards a CBA record...Here are the CBA award winners seasons passed...

Pedro Martinez 5
Neah Bay vs Wantagh (Minn) 6/14/03
Neah Bay vs Wantagh (Minn) 7/03/03
Neah Bay vs Acadie 7/5/02
Kennesaw Woodsmen (Neah Bay) vs Acadie (Bodega Bay)4/16/01
Canadian River Ballyard Rats (Neah Bay) vs Phlorida (Wantagh) CBA's Opening Day 4/1/97

Greg Maddux 2
Mackinaw Breakers (Bodega Bay) vs Burlington BlackSox (Wantagh) 9/4/01
Mackinaw Breakers (Bodega Bay)  vs Quebec (Defunct) 6/13/99

Carlos Zambrano 2
Longue Pointe Loggers vs Limoilou Wendigo 4/8/2008
Longue Pointe Loggers vs Limoilou Wendigo 6/17/2005.

Marcus Stroman of Brooklyn Superbas vs. Atlanta Phoenix Sept 28th, 2018
Mike Bolsinger of High Bridge Heat vs. New Hampshire Wildcats in 9 innings, Aug 11th, 2016
Chris Sale of Newton Bombs vs. Carolina Copperheads in 9 innings, Aug 24th, 2016
Wei Yen Chen Essex Escapees vs Atlanta Sept 5th, 2015
Jorge DeLaRosa 6, Evan Marshall, Joe Smith vs Temple April 24th, 2015
Jesse Chavez 6, Mike Dunn, and Joe Smith vs Belfast April 20th, 2015
Yu Darvish 7, Brad Ziegler, Luke Gregorson vs Stirling May 7th, 2013
Paul Maholm 7, Jon Horst, Sean Tolleson vs Limoilou, April 5th, 2013
Derek Holland/Dave Robertson Montreal Crows vs Ohio Outlawz, April 21st, 2012
Wandy Rodriguez Sunville Sunjewels vs Stirling Redsox July 6th,2011
Ted Lilly / Matt Guerrier Southwest Lizard Kings vs Bryan bashers 4/11/10
Josh Johnson / Huston Street Carolina Copperheads vs Sunville Sunjewels 4/9/10
John Lannan Brooklyn Superbas 9/10/10
John Maine Joliet Jackhammers at Belfast Brawlers 8/7/08
Barry Zito / Matt Wise Stirling RedSox vs Alamo City Flames 4/26/2006
Josh Towers/Jung Bong Stirling at Philly 6/12/04
Kerry Wood Stirling vs Kilgore 8/25/03
Javier Vasquez New York (St Foy) vs Green Bay Roches (Portland) 6/1/02
Kevin Appier Philly vs Green Bay Roches (Portland) 7/1/02
Curt Schilling Limoilou vs Longue Pointe 4/6/01
Jose Rosado Philly vs Jonquiere Lifesavers (Portland) 9/5/00
Aaron Sele New York (St Foy) vs Wilmington Bluerocks (Defunct) 6/21/99
Pete Harnisch Wantagh (Burlington) vs Cooperstown Iron Horses (Defunct) 7/2/99
Ismael Valdes Canadian River Ballyard Rats (Neah Bay) vs. Olympia Geoducks (Bodega Bay) 6/29/98
Jamie Moyer Bodega Bay (Montreal) vs. Cooperstown (Defunct)9/28/98
Charles Nagy Parma Flamingos (defunct) vs Hamilton (San Diego) 7/19/97