2003 was a year of reorganization.  With 2002 done, CBA was at an all time low point.  Apathy and indifference plagued the CBA.  An influx of new GM's from the 2000-2001 season seemed to make the loyalty and comraderie of 1997-1999 a thing of the past.  New franchises appeared with some named to reflect the region or preferences of the new GM's.  Several were French Canadians with little to no Strat experience brought in by Claude in 2001 to replace departing GM's. Things seemed bleak as GM's left.

 By 2002 with no one stepping to the helm to take control of a fading league, Chris Boutet attempted to keep CBA alive, bringing several GM's from his QSBL league.  He also attempted to complete the season, however several times during the season council member and one of CBA's early founders Marc Wasserman helped to run games and keep things organized.

To stimulate interest in the league Boutet took several controversial votes which changed existing usage and rotational requirements.  Usage maximums were set at 115%, Starters who were asterisked or 200+ inn, could start every three days with no maximums for usage.  Batters with 450 AB unlimited, etc.  The result was a statistical nightmare which CBA's statistical database still hasn't recovered from. Many 400+ inn pitchers , and unlimited hitters, exorbitant team stat totals offensive records and pitching records were skewed. Additionally there were several long breaks between blocks, and several file mishaps which caused extensive delays and much frustration with the veteran GM's. 

At the end of 2002, going into 2003, Boutet resigned from the temporary post.  Marc Wasserman organized a committee and asked co-founder Gerald Benoit to re-enter CBA and assume responsibilities as commissioner, and team owner with Wasserman as co-commissioner.  Benoit accepted and took the Acadie Stars and renamed them the Montreal Royals (Skokie) and soon found the task monumental.  Apathy being the major problem in 2002, Both decided to take a different and radical direction for CBA to restore statistical integrity, enthusiasm, and schedule consistency to CBA.  Resolved that to creat a stronger league there must be a bit of a redistribution of talent.  New GM's would be brought in to replace leaving ones and non-performing GM's.  A massive recruitment drive was spearheaded by Wasserman to retool the GM lineup for the 2003 season.

In 2003, Usage was reset to 100% strictly, and a set of infractions drafted.  Council members Jeff Boutet was appointed, and input was solicited from several vet GM's.  Pitchers rules were set to eliminate unlimited starters, and batters the same.  Injuries were disallowed for continuity.  A new improved interactive SQL databased website was set up by Gerald.  The logos were recreated for some teams.   Gerald replaced team names of departed GM's with monikers and team names from MLB in a 1 year failed experiment.  The season progressed quite well until the last two months when Benoit ran into a family tragedy that occupied most of his team.  He stepped down to attend business and nominated Marc Wasserman commisioner to finish the season.  Wasserman completed the season with a consistant week to week set of games as had been done years before by first commisioner Claude LeMarre.  Gerald retained his team Bodega Bay into his final year 2004.

By 2004,  4 teams were banished to cyberspace from the CBA with the departure of their GM's.  Tennessee, Hartford, Detroit, and Quebec.  Their players were reentered into the draft and new GM's brought on board for an expansion draft.  Other teams trimmed to 20 men to contribute to the mix.  and commissioner Chris Boutet resigned,with Wass taking charge


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