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2005 playoff stats. 

Staub and Clemente playoffs

Sept 19 Montreal defeats Limoilou 8-0 Clemens 1 hit shutout.

Sept 19 NY Bombers stop Brooklyn and Al Leiter 4-1. Glavine 3 hits.

Sept 19 Philly defeats Portland 3-2, Randy Johnson.

Sept 19 Longue Pointe and Zambrano shutsout Neah Bay 4-0

Sept 20 Limoilou shuts out Montreal with Schilling, 5-0.

Sept 20 Neah defeats Brooklyn 11-10. F Rodriguez the win. Bklyn rally falls short

Sept 20 Longue Pointe wins 5-3. LP bullpen Calero the win.

Sept 20 Philly destroys Portland 18-0 most lopsided score in CBA history.

Sept 22 New York defeats Brooklyn 4-3 Vasquez wins. Rivera blows save.

Sept 22 Philly 7-5 over Portland. Clement wins over Paul Wilson.

Sept 22 Montreal defeats Limoilou 4-0, Millwood shutout.

Sept 22 Neah defeats Longue Pointe 9-5. Milton the win.

Sept 23 Philly wins 11-1. Randy Johnson 4 hitter.

Sept 23 Brooklyn beats New York 2-1. Cerda the win in relief.

Sept 23 Limoilou wins 4-1 Schmidt the win.

Sept 23 Neah 3-2 over Longue Pointe.

Sept 24 Montreal defeats Limoilou 2-0. Lilly the win.

Sept 24 Neah defeats Brooklyn 6-0. Jason Marquis the win. New York defeats Brooklyn 4-1 to advance.

Sept 24 Longue Pointe defeats Neah Bay 8-6

Sept 26 Limoilou defeats Montreal 4-3. Wakefield the win.

Sept 26 Longue Pointe defeats Neah Bay 7-5 to win series and move to Staub finals. Maddux the win.

Sept 27 Limoilou defeats Montreal 4-1 to win series and advance to face LP in Staub finals.


Staub and Clemente finals.

Sept 29 Limoilou 11-9 over Longue Pointe. Hawkins over Calero

Sept 29 Philly wins 15-8 Randy Johnson wins another.

Sept 30 Limoilou over Longue Pointe 10-8 in 12inn. Foulke over Pettitte.

Sept 30 Philly 9-5 over NY. O Perez the win.

Oct 2 Longue Pointe wins 2-1. Pettitte the win over Schmidt in pitchers duel.

Oct 2 NY 11-9 over Philly Beckett over Wolf.

Oct 3 Longie Pointe 4-3 win over Limoilou. Zambrano the win. The Hit and run, and Jason Michaels errors.

Oct 3 Philly 5-4 over NY. Randy Johnson another win.

Oct 4 NY 7-1 over Philly. Vasquez the win.

Oct 4 Limoilou a 7-2 win Hawkins over Sabathia.

Oct 6 NY defeats Philly 6-4. Glavine wins over Odalis Perez.

Oct 6 Longue Pointe defeats Limoilou Wendigo 5-4. Maddux the win.

Oct 7 Philly 8-5 over NY. Nathan win in relief. Philly advances to their 2nd CBA World Series appearance.

Oct 7 Longue Pointe a come from behind win 8-7. Zambrano wins his 3rd over Schilling. LP wins Staub championship, advances to World Series.


As befitting the legendary divisional rivalry within Dawson since the CBA's inception, 

between Jeff Boutet's Limoilou Wendigo and Dennis Concepcion's Longue-Pointe Loggers,
now in their second season after seven years as CBA founder Claude Lamarre's original
Hitmen, one can expect only the best and most exciting action both on the field, on the 
mound, and at the plate. 
The 2005 Staub Championship Series, with the winner being crowned as the Conference's
representative in the 9th CBA World Series, not only showcased the talents of these perennial
opponents, but somehow managed to intensify the managing and game play as well.
Each team had a lion's share of moments of elation and heartbreak that ranged from the
unbelievable (Ramon Hernandez 3-run blast in the 9th inning of Game 1, and Jayson Werth's
13th inning 2-run shot to end Game 2), to the improbable (2 pairs of back-to-back 1st inning
homers by Hillenbrand & Sosa, and then Monroe & Martinez off the HR-stingy Jason Schmidt
in Game 6), from the comedic (Third base Coach John Boccabella waving Hillenbrand in to
score a critical run in Game 3), to the tragic (Jason Michael's dual errors costing Game 7).
This was a Series filled with high drama and amazing action:
Game 1: The Loggers break out to an early lead with Zambrano on the mound against
Curt Schilling, outpacing Lim after 7 1/2 innings with a secure 9-2 margin.  An 8th inning 
bullpen implosion by the normally reliable Logger tandem of Tucker & Calero and clutch Wendigo
hitting dissolves the 7-run margin to a single tally.  In the 9th, Calero walks two of the first three 
Wendigo he faces.  All it takes is one pitch from closer Jorge Julio to yield both a dramatic
Wendigo 11-9 victory AND their first lead in the game with Hernandez's walk-off clout. 
Lim-11, LP-9 
Game 2:  The Wendigo's "It ain't over til its over" season-long approach is plainly evident here. 
After being down 7-2 after 7 1/2 innings, Lim scores 3 runs in 8th, ties the game in the 9th,
surrenders the lead run in the top of the 12th.  In the Limoilou 12th, facing Andy Pettitte, Game 1
nemesis Ramon Hernandez doubles, scores on a Cristian Guzman single, and then pinch hitter
Jayson Werth, batting a mere .125 after the Montreal Royals Round 1 series, proves that
Limoilou lightning CAN strike twice as he lofted his own 2-run walk-off shot to give the
Mighty Wendigo a 10-8 victory and a commanding 2-0 SCCS lead.  Lim-10, LP-8.
Game 3:  The scene switches to Molson Yards after a day off with Lim's Jason Schmidt locked
in a scoreless duel with Logger Kelvim Escobar until the top of the 6th inning.  After Jeff Kent
reaches 1st after a strikeout wild pitch similar to Mickey Owen and Tommy Henrich in 1941,
Kent steals second base and comes around to score on yet another Hernandez RBI. 
The Loggers tie it in the 7th on some daring Hideki Matsui basestealing (1SB for entire CBA2005)
and clutch pinch hitting by Frank Menechino. The Loggers finally get their 1st win on the strength
of a very close call at the plate involving a Sammy Sosa single, a chugging Shea Hillenbrand,
and a singular traffic control job by third base coach John Boccabella.  Final score: LP-2, Lim-1.
Game 4:  Its a rematch of Game 1 starters Schilling and Zambrano.  A nagging severe cough
from manager Concepcion seems to also have hit starting catcher Jason Kendall, who is subbed
at the last instant by back-up Doug Mirabelli.  Normally used throughout the season as a pinch hitter,
Dougie single handedly demolishes the Wendigo moundsmen going 3 for 4, with 1 run scored and
3 RBI.  He was batting an astounding playoff .646 avg. at game's end.  Lost in the stellar performance
by Mirabelli was Staub 2005 and newly-crowned All-Time CBA Batting Champion Ichiro's
routine 3 for 4, and awesome .348 avg.  A Nomar solo homerun in the 6th proved to be the winning
margin. Despite homers by Thome and Ramon "There's That Man" Hernandez, Zambrano went
all the way to notch his first victory this series and bring the Loggers up even overall. LP-4, Lim-3.
Game 5:  The rubber match at Longue-Pointe and their fans' hope for a 3-game sweep was decisively
shattered as the Wendigo  reverted to the winning form they had shown in Games 1 & 2 by pulling
away in the late innings to defeat C.C. Sabathia and the Loggers by the score of 7 to 2.  Knuckler
Tim Wakefield held the Loggers to a pair of runs tallied in the first inning and the rest of the Wendigo
bullpen denied them any further scoring by stranding 10 Loggers on base.  Limoilou runs were
provided by Cristian Guzman who went 4 for 4, 1 HR, 1 RBI and 3 runs scored, with the usual
Wendigo suspects Ramon Hernandez and Jim Edmonds with additional help from Jose Hernandez
and 3 Logger errors by Reyes and a pair by Alfonzo.  The games will now return to Limoilou with
the Wendigo needing a single win to clinch the Staub pennant.  Lim-7, LP-2.
Game 6:  All of the elements were in place for another Limoilou pennant: The Wendigo were back home
where they enjoyed a 6-5 record against the Loggers during the regular season, had defeated them in the
second-ever CBA tie-breaker to clinch the Dawson championship and home advantage, PLUS the Loggers
had already lost the first 2 games of this series with leads that were instantly destroyed by the vaunted
late-inning Limoilou lightning.  Jason Schmidt, with his 1.50 ERA, was a cinch to end the Loggers season.
Then Fate intervened again: In the first inning, there is a sudden display of Logger lumber when
Hillenbrand and then Sosa blast back-to-back home runs, (Shea's with a runner on).  One out later,
Craig Monroe, then Tino Martinez repeat the scenario with solo shots of their own.  Before the Wendigo
even get to bat, they are down 5-0, but in characteristic style, chip away at the lead.  A Guzman triple 
in the 3rd and a Schmidt sacrifice drives in one, and in the 5th, Lim has a back-to-back homerun display
of their own courtesy of Michaels and "That Man" Hernandez who later blasts another, making the
score 5-4 Longue-Pointe.  Both Schmidt and Logger starter Greg Maddux hurl a complete game without
any further scoing setting up the ultimate showdown for Game 7: Schilling vs. Zambrano.  LP-5, Lim-4.
Game 7:  The scoring starts early with Limoilou getting a 3 run lead on singles by Kent and Edmonds,
and a home run by Glaus. LP ties it up in the third where a Zambrano single is followed by a Kendall
hit and run and a critical 2-base error in RF by Jason Michaels allowing Zam to score and Kendall to
reach third base.  Kendall later scores on a ground out by Hillenbrand.  The 5th inning sees the
Loggers add a pair of runs in another hit and run executed by Ichiro moving Zam to third, and Ichiro
stealing second, both scoring on a Kendall double.  The final Logger tallies occur in the 7th, where
Kendall scores from first on a hit and run by Hillenbrand and the second 2-base error by Michaels in
RF.  A Sosa blast makes the score 8-3, Loggers, but as all are already aware, no margin is safe
against the Wendigo.  In the 9th, the never-say-die Lims string together 4 runs on a 2 walks, a single,
a sac fly, and a titanic 3-run blast by Jim Thome off a tiring Zambrano.  The Wendigo need just a single
run to tie and the Loggers need just 2 more outs...  In comes a rested Andy Pettitte, and with the stinging
12th inning defeat of Game 2 in mind, proceeds to strike out Jose Hernandez and the unfortunate
Jason Michaels for the final out to clinch the Loggers second Staub pennant.  Final score: LP-8, Lim-7
The SCCS MVP is Carlos Zambrano (2-0) and the Wendigo MVP is Ramon Hernandez (.550 avg.
5 HR, 10 RBI).

CBA World Series

Oct 9 Philly 6-2 over Longue Pointe. Wolf over Escobar.

Oct 10 Longue Pointe 11-2 win over Philly. Maddux wins 3rd of playoffs.

Oct 12 Longue Pointe 4-1 win. Zambrano wins 4th of playoffs.

Oct 13 Philly 7-5 over LP. Clement the win. Sabathia another loss.

Oct 14 Longue Pointe 5-1 win. Escobar the win.

Oct 16 Philly ties series with 4-2 win.

Oct 17 Longue Pointe wins World Series with 6-4 win. Doug Miracle Mirabelli and Greg Maddux Co-MVP's. Maddux the 4th win of playoffs. The Championship is GM Dennis Concepcion's first ever in CBA.


See press Archive for more details about the series.  Boxes available on Yahoogroups.

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