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2011 the year: It was perhaps one the single greatest series in Brooklyn Superbas History!

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 Conference: Roberto Clemente  

Division: Dave Parker  

Charter Council member of CBA and Commissioner

Owner: Marc Wasserman  

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BSD 1997 69 93 0.426 816 933 -117 0.284 0.288 212 207
BSD 1998 101 61 0.623 877 722 155 0.282 0.26 259 166
BSP 1999 85 77 0.525 1046 943 103 0.294 0.285 312 230
BSP 2000 84 78 0.519 1099 1090 9 0.298 0.297 351 292
BSP 2001 97 65 0.599 1087 919 168 0.301 0.289 280 204
BSP 2002 79 83 0.488 1021 1059 -38 0.287 0.3 300 258
BSP 2003 102 60 0.63 1082 927 155 0.292 0.279 297 208
BSP 2004 100 62 0.617 1018 867 151 0.293 0.279 255 234
BSP 2005 98 64 0.605 1134 944 190 0.31 0.289 294 246
BSP 2006 99 63 0.611 914 781 133 0.289 0.271 252 197
BSP 2007 106 56 0.654 1061 767 294 0.31 0.265 247 207
BSP 2008 95 67 0.586 998 770 228 0.291 0.266 260 216
BSP 2009 108 54 0.667 1048 754 294 0.307 0.266 275 168
BSP 2010 94 68 0.58 879 745 134 0.283 0.262 212 179
BSP 2011 102 60 0.63 981 803 178 0.304 0.271 264 181
BSP 2012 100 62 0.617 963 818 145 0.287 0.28 246 216
BSP 2013 95 67 0.586 903 823 80 0.287 0.28 224 230
BSP 2014 86 76 0.531 789 816 -27 0.266 0.286 198 220
BSP 2015 94 68 0.58 719 662 57 0.265 0.26 168 188
BSP 2016 98 64 0.605 771 645 126 0.259 0.256 197 172
BSP 2017 102 60 0.63 922 630 292 0.288 0.254 255 162
BSP 2018 106 56 0.654 881 672 209 0.286 0.253 231 191
BSP 2019 87 75 0.537 786 780 6 0.263 0.266 178 196
Totals 2,187 1,539 0.581              


{AP Newsline Brooklyn, NY March 26th, 2019}

    The mood was festive at Trommers Beer Gardens on Eastern Parkway and Flatbush Avenue.  The melting pot that is Brooklyn NY, has taken to the Superbas this spring with renewed enthusiasm.  Last year was a successful season winning 106, two less than the franchise record and within the top 10 all time.   Yet somehow the fans seemed a bit shook.  Their divisional playoff loss to eventual World Champions Newton was heartbreaking.  They ran into historic pitching, but you couldn't tell that the defeat ever happened the way the loyal Brooklyn Crew spoke of their team.  "Dese guys here may be back in da mix agin.  The lineup hits, and gets on base, and man the pitching staff looks good." said Louis Costello of Bergen st.  His friend and Superbas 'D-Line' female fan booster president Lorinda Dee added "Not for nuthin, they can hit, and yep they can ...a tent in my backyard anytime..." 
   Superbas closer star Craig Kimbrel stopped by at Trommers Beer Garden for a few cold ones.  When a few fans bought him rounds, Kimbrel gave them each an autographed jar of tartar sauce, and an 8x10 picture.  3 lucky beer blasters were given his Superba cap, Kimbrel's neck tie, and a sock for their efforts.  Kimbrel eventually escaped Trommer's without a shoe, and healthy mustard stain compliments of his losing in the sudden death round of the popular Trommer's game "Name That Hot Dog".
   Robinson Cano will be making an appearance Saturday at Trommers after the home game against Newton.   He will be a guest coach for the Sid and Marty Barrett Pink Sox Brigade Charity Curling match.  The contest will be played on roller skates on Trommers famous Ballroom dance floor in lieu of ice. 
Cory Kluber took a no hitter into the 7th inning in the opener against Newton.  Kluber looks forward to a good season as staff ace.  My kid helped me develop my knuckleball, and a fork ball.  I hope they can be alternate out pitches. 
Kevin Plawecki is excited to be Brooklyn's primary back up at catcher behind James The Can.  He hopes he contribute more than  just ocassional ant-acid pills to the men in the clubhouse

CBA Press release Brooklyn, N.Y...April 1st, 2018.................................................................................

The annual Brooklyn event known as Superba Day was a spectacular success.  The Brooklyn fans took to the iconic park (design by Olmstead and Vaux) early Friday afternoon in anticipation of the events that were in store.  Giant satellitte broadcast screens were set in place for the what was to be a weekend celebration of music and baseball.  Fans ever so loyal.  Many fans felt that last year was a building year and were very pleased to compete once again finishing with 95 wins in yet another playoff season. 

   The weekend events featured 3 days of great division rivalry baseball between the Parker champ Newton Bombs and the Brooklyn Superbas.  Brooklyn eventually took 2 of the 3 games in spectacular pitching dominated games.  The atmosphere was festive as the crowsds in Prospect Park watched, oohed, aaah'd, and cheered when the Brooklyn pitchers managed to strike out an ever tough Bomb batter.

   Many camped overnight and took advantage of the great festival music from the great band lineups at the 3 day event.  Friday evening saw 'Michael Franti's Spearhead, Thievery Corporation, Ziggy Marley, and Warren Haynes reunited with Derek Trucks, and Dickey Betts in a grand finale alongside Stevie Ray Vaughn's Double Trouble bandmates.    Saturday after the game fans were treated to a rousing performance by the West End Dogs who tore it up playing a Mitch Ryder version of "Sock It To Me Baby".  They were joined onstage by Gary Rossington and Peter Frampton.  But the real kicker was the post game show Sunday night. 

    Live from Prospect Park, Sir Paul McCartney helicoptered unto the Botanical Garden Pit, and led an entourage featuring, Little Richard, Don Wilson, Brian Wilson, Wilson Alvarez, Loosehand McGuirk, Al Kooper, and the band The Persuit of Happiness, to the fileds where the faithful were gathered for the big concert and Superba rally.  After a light hearted, and heartfelt words, mocking the Kardashians, Paul led a supercharged version of Centerfield as he attempted to hit a homerun with guest artist MC Lyte.    All in all a fun weekend as the Superbas start their season on a positive and hope to be in the final mix for the playoffs in 2018.


CBA Brooklyn Superbas Team Season Summary

Entered the league in: 1997  Original Owner: Original Committee member: Present Commissioner and  league owner.


 Known in CBA as the House of Pain, Coors Field is home of the Superbas. 8 Time Parker champion.

Historical Notes:  Brooklyn is one of the original franchises in CBA.  A very succesful one in CBA with a lifetime .563 winning percentage. Marc Wass an original founding member was an original committee member and consultant to the fledgling  CBA back in 1996-7 in its planning stages.  Brooklyn started their first year off by drafting Albert "Joey" Belle  4th in the very first round of the CBA draft.  Belle was quite a character as the many press releases show and always fighting in the clubs house with unruly reporters much tio the delight of Brooklyn's fans.  Brooklyn's first season was one of only two losing seasons ever for the Brooklyn franchise (The other being 2002 just 3 under .500).  Relying heavily on a good offense and on a bullpen, the formula failed miserably and BSD as they were then known lost 99 games their worst season ever.  But their fortunes were about to change.  Drafting and trades came.  Trading some of their potent offense at Coors "House of Pain" in Prospect Park Brooklyn, Brooklyn revamped their pitching and defense making several trades including deals involving the popular Albert Belle and others.  Along came Hideo Nomo and Sammy Sosa from Stirling , and drafted was Roy Halladay.  After acquiring another 1st round pick, '98's 8th selection Todd Helton, the nucleus of the Superbas and their legacy of winning was born.  Strong role and platoon players always have played a key part of Brooklyn's success.  Players who matched well with the Brooklyn style of Power, hits, and high on base served Brooklyn well over the years with Brooklyn almost always at or just under the league lead in most offensive categories.  Brian Daubach, Al Martin, Luis Polonia, Henry Rodriguez  have had awesome statistical season with Brooklyn.  Martin had a 39 game hit streak, Polonia hit .363 in '99, Henry Rodriguez 40+ HR in 98,as did Daubach later on.  Al Martin had a monstrous season near the batting leaders and leading the league in triples in '98.Brooklyn teams have since averaged more than 270 HR's per season and lead CBA in all time HR, Average, and Slugging. 

1998 was Brooklyn's first entry in the playoffs losing to eventual champion Limoilou Wendingo in the 1st round.  It was a foreshadow of the 2003 season and the first of many Brooklyn trips to the playoffs. Brooklyn has made the playoffs each year 2003-2007, 5 years straight.

Prior to yesterday's Superbas-Loggers game in Baseball City,
Japanese heroes and Logger stars Hideki Matsui (right) and
Ichiro Suzuki (not pictured) pose with Brooklyn's latest
pitching sensation Daisuke "Dice-K" Matsuzaka (left)
before a unusual crowd of international press.

Photo #2 shows the product "Mudp" cereal which is routinely used as part of a highly rediculous ritual of cereal throwing that Dice-k performs before starts against his old friends.

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