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Carolina Copperheads (CCM)
Stadium: Tampa "Copperheads" Stadium
Conference: Roberto Clemente
Division: Rick Monday

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Owner: Scott Kenan {Hall of Fame}

Email1: kenansc@gmail.com
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Entered the league : 11/26/2005

Record since 2006: 1172 W-1097 L  .516 %

Timeline Owner/Manager Location
From 1997-03-01 to 2000-01-30 Dan Noonan: Louisville Mob Squad Louisville, Kentucky, USA
From 2000-02-01 to 2002-03-30 Pete Jeanneau: Jonquiere Life Savers Montréal, Québec, Canada
From 2002-04-01 to 2003-02-14 Stephane Castilloux: Green Bay Roches Quebec City, Québec, Canada
From 2003-02-16 to 2004-08-15 Jim Correll: Portland Sea Dogs Reston, Virginia, USA
From 2004-08-16 to 2005-09-30 Dan Gural:  Portland Sea Dogs Detroit, Michigan USA
From 2006-03-01 to 0000-00-00 Scott Kenan: Carolina Copperheads Cincinati,Ohio

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Carolina Copperheads Historical Pages.

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When your division includes...

...you have no other choice but to rebuild if you aren't ready to win 90+ games. That's the route Carolina is headed for the next few years. However, there is light at the end of the den for these young Copperheads. Armed with arguably the deepest collection of young pitchers in the league there is big upside in the near future if just a few reach their full potential. Yordano Ventura, Shelby Miller, Drew Smyly, Danny Salazar, Tyler Skaggs, and Carlos Martinez are all 25 or younger. That doesn't even include Lucas Giolito, who is arguably the best SP in the minors, and another top pitching prospect in Robert Stephenson. Homer Bailey is the old guy of the group at age 28. The trio of Drew Storen, Addison Reed, and Ryan Cook make for a solid bullpen moving forward. Pitching should not be an issue for Carolina for the foreseeable future.
Unfortunately, hitting is a big weakness and there's no stockpile of young hitters on this roster. The health of Joey Votto's knee is the #1 concern for this franchise. Without a healthy Votto there's simply not enough other good pieces to put together a winning lineup. This year Adam Dunn will take his last hurrah filling in for Votto at 1B. Andrelton Simmons and Billy Hamilton are both great defensively, but they need to get over that 30 OB hump. Zimmerman's arm injuries have left a huge hole at 3B. Luckily, another position that is often tough to fill is set with D'Arnaud and Rosario at C. Corey Dickerson offers the most hope for the future of the lineup with very good Coors-aided numbers.
It's going to be a struggle at times this year with a young pitching staff and a rather weak offense, but these young Copperheads still pack enough venom to cause pain. Both Brooklyn and Newton found that out in the final weeks of the regular season last year.
With the youth movement in full effect here are 3 players that could help those looking to contend:
Ian Kinsler - Top 5 2B card this year with his 2B-1
Josh Beckett - Can be very good in the right park with his low OB/high LH HR card
Drew Stubbs - Great LH platoon card, CF-2

The pressure is on Carolina management to rebuild this team into a contender to even the family bragging rights. Unfortunately, it might take much longer to even the score as Ohio is going for #2 this year with that lineup of hitters.


Scott C. Kenan
Cincinnati, OH
I joined my first Strat-O-Matic baseball league about 22 years ago when I was in high school age 16. It was trial by fire in the longstanding ESSOM league (est. in the early 70's). My dad, a fellow CBA member, let me take over his team after convincing the senior members that I was up to the challenge. To this day I'm still a member of the ESSOM Spring League. I also participate in the PUD Kingman netplay league. I enjoy drafting, trading, and the annual challenge of filling out a roster. Although my teams have remained competitive across the board, I'm still looking for my first championship. 
I grew up as a Reds fan and continue to be one today. I also have a family connection to the Reds. My grandfather, Paul Sommerkamp, was the Reds P.A. announcer from 1951-1985.
Carolina Copperheads - The team nickname came first. I wanted something different and I've always enjoyed snakes. Carolina came about as good use of alliteration and it fit the geographic range of the copperhead.


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