1. League Structure

This league shall be known as the Cyberspace Baseball Association (CBA) and will be playing with the latest version of SOM. The league will consist of 24 teams in 2 conferences of 3 divisions of 4 teams each. See section 8 for scheduling info.

Besides having fun, the objective of the league is that a player is owned by his manager until he his traded or released. CBA games will generally be played by HAL (Autoplay/Quickplay) with the preference sent by each GM via an exported .mgr files.  Commissioner generally verifies each game pitcher and lineups. Owners can arrange to play a given series via Net Play within the allowed time of each block will be allowed to do so. Each manager will have the responsibility to give his manager tendencies before the beginning of each block (via an exported .mgr files), if he want to change something to his tendencies.

There will be no injuries. The closer rule will be active. DH will be used in Both conferences.

No Pitch count

We use SADV relief rules only.

*statistical accuracy - off

*Bunt for hit - on

*Out distribution off

*Base running realism off

*Home field - off

*Pitcher clutch - off

*More base running - off

*Doubles/triples - off

*Injuries - off

*Throwing errors - off

*Pre 1920 - off

*Pitch around - on

*HR robbing - on

*Correct board game excesses - off

*Allow errors on bunts and pickoffs - on


2. The Teams

1. At the end of the yearly spring draft each team will consist of, no less and no more, than 38 players.  At no time during the season a team may drop down below 33 players or go over 38 players.

2. If a team goes over 38 players because of a trade it must release a player, via the waiver wires, immediately upon reporting the trade.

3. Each team must have at least one backup at every defensive position during games.

4. All teams must cut their roster down to a total of 24 before the draft. 

5. A Players service to a team may be released to free agency at anytime to facilitate a trade, draft a free agent or RFA

6. A team must have between 33 and 38 players on their roster at all times after the draft until season ends.

7. A minor league designee is considered part of a team’s 38 man roster as a non-carded, ineligible player. That player’s services may be retained. That player may be cut, however he not considered a free agent and is not added to free agent list.

8. During the playoffs and prior to "roster expansion" during the regular season, a CBA team is limited to 26 "eligible" players per block.

9. A CBA team may retain, protect, or hold on their 38 man roster no more than 5 "POPNOMERS" (Players Not Meeting Minimum Eligibility Requirements)

10. No team may have more than 38 players at any time


3. Player Eligibility

1. For a player to be eligible to play in the CBA, he must meet the following requirements: Position players have at least 35 MLB AB. 

  A. No computer generated cards may be used.

  B. The term "POPNOMERS" is used to indicate Players Not Meeting Minimum Eligibility Requirements.

2. Starting pitchers
a) All Starters and Opening Starters must have at least 24 IP to be scheduled or Start any CBA game.

3.  Opening Starter rules:
a) Openers may relieve in same block but are subject to games usage rules.
b) Opening starters must be rated a ‘1’ to be eligible to pitch 2 consecutive starts. No other POW rating will be allowed to start 2 days consecutively.
c) Openers may not start or be scheduled in 3 days consecutively.

4. Relief pitchers have at least 21 IP for eligibility..


5. Pitchers designated starter and reliever must have 24 or more IP to qualify as a starter.

6. At no time may a player exceed usage limits set forth by the constitution.

7. A player (or two way player) without a position on hitters card (DH Only) will be allowed to play 1B as 5 e30.

8. Out of position players:  Excepting a player without a position on hitters card (DH Only) being allowed to play 1B, and the exception of rated outfielders (as per Strat-o-Matic OF position rule), No other out of position players allowed to be programmed. Only players with positions listed on their cards and in the ratings may be CM programmed. Illegal player usage programming may be subject to penalty. Position players may under no circumstances pitch in Net Play games.

9. Players may be sent down or recalled per block of 2 series. Players may not be recalled during a block.

10. Over usage: If a player goes over Usage limit of allowed number of PA/IP, the player will be placed on seasons Disqualified List for the remainder of the season, and will not be available for post season playoffs. An owner who allows over usage will be subject to a penalty (see section 12). Repeated infraction may result in league dismissal.


4. Usage limits

Regular season
1. Usage: All appearance statistics will be based upon those posed on their card. An eligible CBA Player may use up to, yet no more then 100% of their MLB Total plate appearances (AB+BB) or 100% IP for the CBA season, subject to the following exceptions:

  A. Batters: A batter may start in games during a block as long as he has 22 PA or more before starting that block. A batter with PA left for the season may be on the roster, but not in the starting lineup, for any block if they have less than 22 PA.

  B. Pitchers: A Pitcher scheduled to start a game must have at least 4 IP left for the season. To start 2 games in a block, a pitcher must have 9 IP remaining. A relief pitcher may be on the active roster only if they have at least 3 IP left for the season.

  C. If conditions in A or B above are met, then a player going over 100% usage will be deactivated for the rest of the season, but no other penalty will be applied. Penalties will be applied if these conditions are not met.


  EX 1.  Batter A has 25 PA left. His coach may use him in lineups for the next block of games. If at the end of that block, he has used 100% or more of his PA for the season, the player will be sent to the minors for the rest of the season

  EX 2. Batter B has 16 PA left. His coach may leave him active, but may not start him in any game during the block. If at the end of the block, the player has used more than 100% of his PA for the season, then one of two things will happen: 1) If he started any of the games, Penalties (as described in section 12) will be applied, or 2) if he did not start any game, but HAL used him as a PH often, then the player will go to the minors for the rest of the season but no other penalties will be levied.

  EX 3. Pitcher A with 4 IP left. He may start 1 game during a block (not two) to avoid penalties. A pitcher with 9+ IP may start 2 games.

  EX 4. Pitcher B with 3 IP left. May not start any game during a block, but may relieve. If he starts, then penalties will be levied.


5. Ballparks

Each team will play in his current ballpark.  Ballparks may not be changed for 3 seasons once assigned for the upcoming season.  At no time shall the dimensions of the ballparks be changed.


6. Free Agents

1.  Eligible players not on roster and are carded or computer carded are draft eligible and are termed as Free Agents.   Non carded minor league players released by other teams are not eligible to become free agents.  You may release a player to Free agency during the draft to keep roster under maximum of 38.  You may only release a player to facilitate drafting a free agent or to accommodate a trade. No free agents may be acquired after the entire spring draft ends until 1st regular series is sent to list.

 2. Restricted Free Agents: A restricted Free agent is a player who was not drafted and is in the Free Agent pool. These may be acquired after opening series games have been played and released to list. Requests must be made in writing to cba-tradecom@googlegroups.com to the league office list to acquire their limited service for only the regular season. Requests will be taken only after games are sent to list. These restricted players will be released back to the Free Agent pool at season end. Initial free agent requests when the period opens, will be given preference for teams whose request was submitted first via email to cba-tradecom@googlegroups.com. Free Agent services may be acquired at anytime thereafter during the season. Free Agents are restricted when undrafted and non playoff eligible.

  A. Players under minimum eligibility are not eligible for restricted Free agent drafting. 

  B. Teams with less than 38 players may acquire RFA's. Teams at 38 players, must release players to free agency to acquire restricted free agents.

  C. A player may not be reacquired after release by the same team. A team may acquire up to restricted free agents during the regular season. 

7. Spring Draft March 10th, 2024

1. On Dec 20th at 9pm Eastern time, each team will be required to submit a protected list of 24 players. These 24 players should be picked from the end of the season roster minus any RFA. The draft order will be based on last year records (inverse winning percentage and numbers of games from division winner) will be generated and will consist of 14 rounds (13 +BCR). 

  A. Ties are broken by virtue of head to head performance.  In event that is a tie, a coin flip will determine.  An inter league tie will be determined by virtual coin flip.  Players may be released during to the draft to keep roster at maximum limits.  

  B. 'Coin' tosses will be decided via a commissioner's dice roll on a 'unscheduled' simulated game.  The first roll's white die will decide. Visitor / Clemente represented by 1,2,3.  Home/ Staub represented by 4,5,6.

2. A draft list of available carded players will be provided and will include players let out of protection list, new players and players previously un-drafted.

3. The draft will be held over the course of day, March 10th, 2024.  Each owner will have exactly two mnutes to announce his pick when his time come up or the pick will be skipped and will go to the next owner, but as soon the manager gets online, he can make his choice.

4. Roster limits during the draft

  A. No team may have more than 38 players at any time 
  B. All teams must own 38 players at the end of the draft. 
  C. If a team is at the 38 player Maximum, they may release players to free agency to accommodate a trade or a draft selection. The following are examples of acceptable notification of release of players: 

To make a Draft selection: Release Bob Jones, drafts John Brown. 

During a Trade: Team X acquires Turner, Johnson for Smith, and releases Bob Jones.

5. A team can not draft an uncarded player during the Spring Draft who has appeared in MLB.  Teams may retain such a player on roster only if they were previously on that teams roster.  Retained players that become non-carded are not considered an  MLOR.

6. Supplemental draft:

  A.  If one or more teams are short of 38 players at draft conclusion, there will be supplemental rounds to permit them to reach a total of 38 players (these can't be traded).   

  B.  No draft picks may be traded from drafts beyond the upcoming one. Once the draft begins picks from the next season may be dealt..

  C.  Non carded players and minor league designees are not eligible to be included in the supplemental draft.

  D.  Team may not release players during the supplemental draft.

7. No less than 11 and no more than 18 Draft picks in the same draft may be owned by any one team at any time.  Once the Supplemental draft begins, all draft picks in the regular draft that are unused are forfeited.  Any discrepancies will be solved by time date stamp available to the list moderator on Yahoo Groups website.

8.  By draft conclusion teams must have at least 2 rated players at all defensive positions on roster.  Each position should carry a minimum of 650 appearances between the minimum 2 players rated at any each position.  Utility men can fill requirements for appearances at any or all rated positions.  Teams should carry at least minimum of 1400 IP for all pitchers. Starters and starter relievers should account for a minimum of 1100 innings.

9. No draft picks may be traded from draft beyond pending draft.  Once the draft begins, picks for next season may be transacted.

10. Each team must own at least 2 draft picks within the first 3 rounds combined, for the upcoming Spring draft.  They may however own more. 

11. The Benoit Draft is a supplemental round between round 6 and 7 of the Spring Draft.  It is to include all teams who have incurred no infractions during the previous season.  These picks may not be traded.   All teams are eligible for the Benoit Draft at season opening.

8. Minor League

1. In addition to the 38 man roster, each CBA team has a six (6) person maximum Minor League Organizational Roster {MLOR}system.

2. Players listed on this roster are considered property the parent organizations property and may be traded inter organizationally as would any rostered player with the following conditions:
A) May not be included in any trade including the Annual CBA Spring draft choices.
B) No Minor League Organizational Roster Draft Pick may be traded.

3. Minor league roster eligibility:
A) All players on the CBA Minor League roster must have never appeared in any MLB game prior to the current professional baseball season.
B) Players who appear in a major league game during the time they are on the minor roster may be retained only through cut day whereas they may be promoted, traded, or released to Free Agency.
C) Players must have signed a professional contract.
• no amateur, olympic, prep or high school player is eligible, unless signed to a contract with a professional league. The league qualifications are subject to Executive Committee review, and ultimately eligibility decided by the office of the CBA Commissioner.
• Currently CBA recognizes any
• MILB (AAA-Rookie), Independent Baseball League,
• American Association of Independent Professional Baseball
• Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
• Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball
• Empire Professional Baseball League
• Frontier League
• Pacific Association of Profession al Baseball Clubs
• Pecos League
• United Shore Professional Baseball League
• Cuban National Series* (CNS), Cuba
• Dominican Professional Baseball League* (LIDOM), Dominican Republic
• Mexican Pacific League*, Mexico
• Mexican League (Triple-A), Mexico
• Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League* (LNBP), Nicaragua
• Panamanian Professional Baseball League* (LPBP or Probeis), Panama
• Liga de Béisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente* (LBPRC), Puerto Rico
• Venezuelan Professional Baseball League* (LVBP), Venezuela
• Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)
• Japan Women's Baseball League (Women's) Yes indeed!
• KBO League, South Korea (major)
• Taiwan Major League
D) Rankings
Players on Minor League Organizational Roster (MLOR) will be assigned a rank status each year.
1. Rankings
A=1st season on current minor league organziation roster
B=2nd season on current minor league organization roster
C=3rd year minor league organization roster.

4. Minor League Organizational Roster 'C' ranked players must be released to Free Agency, traded, or promoted as one of the teams 3 yearly allowable promotions at the end of season cut date by each franchise. These players are then eligible to be drafted by any accordingly eligible team during the upcoming annual MLOR Draft.

5. Traded players acquired by their new team will return to 'A' ranking status .

6. No team may trade more than 3 MLOR players from roster in any one transaction.

7. Cuts: Players may be released from the MLOR at anytime to facilitate transactions, however the final deadline for releases prior to the MLOR draft creating roster spot eligibility shall be 7pm the first Sunday evening prior to the draft date.

Annual CBA Hank Greenberg Minor League Draft
A) The draft will be announced each year beginning on a Friday evening in November post World Series in a manner to be determined by the commissioner.

 At that pre designated time, players will draft in reverse win pct order from the previous year. Teams will be allowed to draft up to how many roster spots the team has remaining on their MLOR roster.
B) Trades may take place during the draft, and be subject to Committee ruling in the chatroom.
C) Each team will draft only Two MLOR players per year maximum.

D) Teams may not release players, and redraft, however they may trade players to open roster spots during the draft.

8. MLOR players may not be claimed as RFA’s since they're uncarded. Former MLOR players with no eligible SOM card may be re drafted as uncarded minor league Free Agents in the next upcoming Greenberg MLOR Hank Greenberg Draft.

9. Roster Promotions: At MLOR cut down time (TBA), each team will have announced their MLOR cuts and the Draft order and schedule will be posted. Players who accumulated MLB experience, yet still uncarded, will be not be eligible to be transferred to the CBA’s 24 player protection roster and can be traded or released.

A) The CBA Major League roster continues to allow protection of uncarded players,
B) Only 3 MLOR players who have accumulated MLB experience will be eligible for transfer to the major league roster in any given year before MLOR cut down date. Other players who accumulated MLB service appearances, can be traded, or released if not promoted to the 24 player roster. Once a player has accumulated MLB service, they are ineligible for MLOR status.


9. The Regular Season

  1. Schedule: Each teams schedule will be as follows
   A. 14 games against division opponents (42 total games)
   B. 12 games against opponents from the other divisions in the conference (96 total games)
   C. 24 Inter Conference games (4 home & away) vs the teams in the other conference which finished in the same spot in their division as your team finished in our own division, matched up via Winning %.
  NOTE: due to how this will work, games will change from year to year to reflect the change in standings and status as teams rise and fall.

  2. HAL Usage
   A. There will be no HAL override during a game
   B. Managers must submit a computer manager by the designated time (usually Thursday at 8pm eastern) to the league list
   C. The attached Manager file WILL be named:  [3-letter team abbreviation]_[block #].mgr  (example: SWM_24.mgr)
   D. The Subject WILL be:  CBA [team name or nickname] [manager or CM] block [block #]  (example: CBA Skokie Manager Block 24
   E. The body of the message WILL INCLUDE:
     I. Starting rotation for the block
     II. Players sent to the minors
     III. Players called up from the minors
     IV. (Optional: instead of a list of players moving, you can include a FULL list of players in the minors)

  3. Lineup rules for the CM
    A. Starting rotation must be entered in the CM.
    B. Only starters who receive a (*) rating from Strat-O-Matic may start on three days rest. All other starters require FOUR days between starts.
    C. The SOM CM must include 2 line-ups minimum Vs L, Vs R. Additional lineups are available to be used.
    D. CBA uses the DLM (Draft League Mode). Lineups will be used as indicated based upon balance ratings via the current game issued lineup system. Labeling of the lineups should be publicly noted in league wide Email list.
    E. If teams want to play their games F2F, it will be possible, but results must be sent on times to the leagues officials and stating that those games will be played.

  4. Game Blocks
    A. The season is divided into blocks.
    B. Each block represents 2 full series (3 or 4 games--max of 7 games per block).
    C. A block always begin on Mondays of a given week, each team has until Thursday at 8pm to send their exported .mgr (also called CM) for that block. (note that an owner who failed to send a cm for four consecutive block (a month) may be considered inactive and replaced). The games are then auto played by the league office and the result are sent and posted to the web site anytime before Sunday night 8pm.
   D. All transactions made between the last time the result were posted and the day the games are played are processed and included in the result files posted on the web site.

  5. Trades: Report all trades to  cba-tradecom@googlegroups.com All transactions (trades, scrub FA pick up) are eligible for the following block only. Any transactions reported before the CM deadline of Thursday will automatically be included in the files for the next lock any transactions reported after Thursday might or might not be included in the files depending of when the games are auto played (usually Friday night).

  6. Rosters
    A. Beginning of Season, rosters are limited to 26 active players (13 in the minors)
    B. On August 30 the of the schedule, roster size is increased to 38 active players maximum (players can still be designated as minors as needed)

  7. Game 163
   A. Netplay must be used
   B. Players that have exceeded their seasons PA/IP cannot play
   C. Batters Limit for game 163
      0-250 at bats gets 1% of the total at-bats on the card
    251-400 at bats gets 1.5% of the total at-bats on the card
       400+ at bats gets unlimited number of at-bats
   D. Pitchers Limit for game 163
      0-50  IP on their card gets 1 IP

     51-100 IP on their card gets 2 IP      

   100+ IP on their card  get unlimited number of IP 


10. Trades

1. Player trades Player Cuts can be made to allow teams to stay at or under maximum roster size, should be reported at time of trade announcement to cba-tradecom@googlegroups.com mail list. Players who are released to free agency are non-revocable. A team may not re-acquire any player released during a seasons opening day through World series completion.

2. Trades of draft picks: Teams may trade any draft picks for the current season. Teams may not trade any draft picks for the following season until after the season's draft first pick has been made on draft day. 

3.  All trades must be confirmed by both parties to cba-tradecom@googlegroups.com  or the trade is invalid. Player to be named later trades is not allowed. A trade can not be announced until a team that goes over 38 can get back under 38 (cutting players if necessary and must be announced with the trade) .

4.   RFA's are tradable. 

5. Trades between 2 teams
   A.  A team may not trade more than 3 times with the same team in any type transactions during the course of one full season. This shall begin upon submission of cuts until the coming season's trade deadline.
   B.  Trades involving 3 (or more) teams should not be used to circumvent this rule.

6. Proper Trade format:

To: <team A name/abbreviation> , <list of players to be traded—full names>, <list of draft picks acquired..in format – <team abbr>#<round><yr>
To: <team B name/abbreviation> , <list of players to be traded—full names>, <list of draft picks acquired..in format – <team abbr>#<round><yr>

To Ohio (or OOM): Louis Coleman, SRS#5(16)
To Stirling (or SRS): Edinson Volquez and OOM#9(16)

7.  The Trade year and dates
   A. New Trade year starts after the end of the World Series
   B. Current Trade year ends after the end of the World Series
      EXAMPLE:  Current trade 'Year' during the 2015 season ends after the final WS game (between Newton and Towaco).  The 2016 Trading season begins after this game as well.
   C. December 20th 2021 rosters are cut down to 24 players
   D. Trade Deadlines and blackouts
     I. Trade deadline is August 30th of the season schedule, and will resume at the start of a new Trading season (see 9.7.B above)
     II. A trade blackout will start after the roster cut down date on December 7th and will resume on February 1st of the next year.
     III. A trade blackout will start 1 week before the annual draft for clerical reasons, and resume after the 1st pick of the draft has been made.


11. The Playoffs

  1. Each division winner plus two wild cards from each conference make the playoffs. They will play a 3 game series.  The winner will move on to play in the divisional playoffs. The highest win pct division winner in conference will play against the wild-card team, next highest win pct will play the third highest team by winning pct in conference.  The winners of the above will play then to determine a conference champion who will face the other conference champion in the World Series. Record tiebreaker #1 is head to head competition.  Next tie breaker is game 163.

  2. The Wildcard series is a best of 3 series. Other playoff and the World Series are best of seven and follow a 2-3-2 format with a day off between each change of home team. Divisional winner will always have home stadium advantage in games 1, 2, 6, and 7 against wild card teams. If a tie breaker game is necessary then the teams will be seeded according to Head to Head first, then Run differential second. If there is still a tie between a team then a random draw as set forth by the Commissioner. The highest seeded team will have home field advantage. If there are 3 teams then the highest seeded team will get the Bye.

  3. There is 1 off day at the conclusion of a series and may be more depending on how long the series actually runs. There will be an off day between games 2 and 3 and games 5 and 6 in each series. The playoff rotation will be run continuously and will be turned in to the league before each series is to begin.

  4. There will be no injuries during the playoffs. Rest is cumulative and applies from end of regular season into playoffs. Tiebreaker games count as a regular season game for pitching/batting fatigue and usage.  Starters usage counts as fatigue in playoffs. At the end of the year and prior to the playoff all participating team must submitted his 26 players roster for the playoff.

  5. Home field in the Cyber series championship shall rotate on a yearly basis with the Staub League being the home team in odd years (2021,2023, etc) and the Clemente League being the home team in even years(2022, 2024,etc).

  6. Playoff games must be played by Netplay. It is mandatory. If an owner can’t play via Netplay he can nominate someone to play his team or ask the league office to find someone to cover for him, but should avoid doing so. Only If both owner can’t play via netplay will the commissioner either autoplay the series or ask two other members of the CBA to play the series via autoplay at his discretion.  Managers are responsible for their own Netplay and maybe terminated for repeated non game play of Netplay.

  7. During the playoffs, players shall be limited on the following basis per series:

Batters Limit (Product rounded up)
0-250 at bats- 5% of the total at-bats on the card 
251-400 at bats- 8% of the total at-bats on the card 
400+ unlimited

Pitchers Limit 
0-50 IP 10% of the total innings on the card 
51-89 IP 15% of the total innings pitched on the card 
90+ unlimited

At-bats and innings pitched totals are from the back of the player's card. 
Pitchers with less than 90 innings on their card(s) can NOT start in the playoffs. 
Starters who are not rated * or do not have 200+ IP can not pitch on 3 days rest.

Please note that the computer version of SOM has a feature that allows the computer manager (HAL) to moderate over usage. This feature will be turned OFF.

Players and Pitchers are strictly limited to usage maximums, no over usage tolerated under penalty of forfeiture of game.

  8.  Playoff procedureUnlike the regular season, you will be responsible for updating  your own league files during the course of your series. You MUST adhere to the  following procedures when playing your series: 
    A. After the completion of games 1 & 2 the Home team manager for those
 games must send the Game Result Files, Boxscores, AND Play-by-
 Play files  (PAC) to BOTH the Commissioner and his opponent. 
    B. Prior to connecting for game 3 the Home team manager for 
games 3 - 5 must import the Game Result Files from games 1 & 2 into the Divisional Championship Series league AND must "Play" the "blank" day in the schedule that exists between games 2 & 3 (Choose 'Start a new SCHEDULED game', highlight the "off day" in the schedule, click 'Play Day', then 'Done').
     C. After the completion of games 3 - 5 the Home team manager for those
 games must send the Game Result Files, Boxscores, AND Play-by-
 Play (PAC) files to both the Commissioner and your opponent. 
     D. Prior to connecting for game 6 (if necessary) the Home team manager
 for games 6 & 7 must import the Game Result Files from games 3 – 5 into the Divisional Championship Series league (See "Importing GRFs" at the end of these instructions) and must "Play" the "blank" day in the schedule that exists between games 5 & 6 (Choose 'Start a new SCHEDULED game', highlight the "off day" in the schedule, click 'Play Day', then 'Done'). 

     E. After the completion of games 6 & 7 (if necessary) the Home team
 manager for those games must send the Game Result Files, Boxscores, AND Play-by-Play  (PAC) files to both the Commissioner and your opponent.

12. Injuries

       Not in use at this time.  This is decided on a year-to-year basis.

14. Penalties

The violations that will result in warnings and/or penalties being levied by the League Office include, but are not limited to:

1. Late default CM settings or weekly CM settings.

2. Monthly inactive list or not contributing anything at all to CBA in general (web site, list and forums).

3. Late meeting any deadline.

4. Over-usage of any players

5. Not submitting post-season nominations. (See section 14)

6. Not submitting post-season ballot.

7. Roster violations.

8. Unsportsmanlike conduct detrimental to C.B.A.


1st occurrence of #1, #2, #3, #4, #7 - Exclusion from the "Benoit Draft".

2nd occurrence of #1, #2, #3, #4, #7 - Fined a 6th round draft choice

3rd occurrence of #1, #2, #3, #4, #7 - Fined a 5th round draft choice.

4th occurrence of #1, #2, #3, #4, #7 - Fined a 4th round pick.

1st occurrence of #5 #6 or #8 - Fined a 8th round draft choice.

Penalties will be issued per block of infractions.

If a team has traded the draft choice that they would be fined, they will be

fined the next highest draft choice available (i.e. a team is to be fined a

5th round draft choice, but has traded that choice, they will be fined a 4th


15. League Office

The Commissioner.

The commissioner have final say over any league rule change, part of his goal is to ensure that the structure and overall format of the CBA is kept intact.  The commissioner is the one that is responsible for ensuring that the league is moving forward and co-ordinate all the other staffs in the CBA.

Most importantly he has the final say in all issues concerning the league and has the power to overrule any decision taken by the staff.

Marc Wasserman holds this position.


The committee (council) cba-excom@googlegroups.com  is to assist the commissioner on resolving issues within the league. Issues pertaining to procedure.  Results, interpretations, Proposals, Protests, should be directed to this council. 

Executive Committee holds trade council positions.  Cory Light is an Executive Council member,  Other members may be asked to particpate in panel discussions.


The Statistician:

The Statistician is responsible for keeping the usage of the CBA to date. He may also the one who produce the encyclopedia for the league. By examining box scores and weekly statistics he provides source material for the reporters for their articles. (See below)

This position is at the moment held by the jointly Commissioner and League Presidents.

The Librarian:

The Librarian works closely with the co-commissioner. He is responsible for keeping track of over usage. He also helps the webmaster with information and validation of the content of the web site.

This position is JD Adams

The Reporters.

The reporter’s main task is to provide content for the web site. His job will be much like a real life journalist he will analyze box scores , trade, roster move, real MLB news or any other event concerning the CBA (interview with owner, staff or etc.) They will post their ‘articles’ on the web site via an easy to use news interface. Between one to three people can be reporters. In case there is three people they should arrange between themselves in order to cover as many event as possible.

The position of first reporter held by "Skip Duckworth".

The position of second reporter is held by "Stephanie Myles"


16. Awards

During the last month, teams will submit nominations of players from their team to place on the post-season ballot for the All-CBA. Team and the Gold Glove Team to League Statistician. At the conclusion of the season and after the final statistics have been distributed, the following individual awards will be voted on by the league membership:

17. Have Fun

This is one of the most important 'rules'. CBA can only be fun if YOU make it fun for yourself and for others. The success of the CBA is upon each and everyone shoulder. It’s with your participation, your involvement and your work that CBA will again be a joyful and fun place to play baseball.


Constitution Change log

6/12/19 changes.

Section 10 Minor League Rules was added and subsequent rules were shifted one number ahead

2/2/16 changes:

·         Section 3.3 added note about changing minimums for relief pitchers in 2017 .

·         Section 4.2 Removed phrase ", after last eligible block," to clarify the rule.

·         Section 8.  Completely restructure section, adding more detail and more sections.

·         Section 9.5 Modified to clarify that the 3 trade limit includes trades involving 3(or more) teams.

·         Section 9.7 added.

·         Numbering and indention standardized.

·         Spelling and Grammar updated.


Changed formatting of section 3 to accommodate new rule.

Moved section 4.2 and 4.3 and added them as section 3.9 and 3.10.

Section 3.3 added Opening Pitchers rules.

Section 3.4 Changed relief pitcher eligibilty.

Section 3.5 Changed Opener and Starter eligibilty.




8. Minor League

1. In addition to the 38 man roster, each CBA team will then have a six (6) person maximum Minor League Organizational Roster {MLOR}.  

7. C) Each team will draft only Two MLOR players per year maximum.


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