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2016 CBA World Champion...2017 Monday title, 2019 Monday Title...2012 Parker title, 2009 Wildcard, 1999 Carter Division title

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1997 1998-2002 2003-2004 2005-2006 2007-2009

Owner: Jon Stamets

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Entered the league in: 9-07-10

Name: Jon Stamets
Age: 42 (Born 1982)
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
Years playing strat: 23

Stadium: Wrigley Field
Conference: Roberto Clemente
Division: Rick Monday     

Name and Location
Year Location
1997-03-01 Scott Owens: Cooperstown Iron Horses
2003-03-05 Dan DiVirgilio: Texas Desperados
2004-03-01 Melford Bebble: Durango Dirtbags
2005-02-01 Ryan Wyckoff:  Cooperstown Iron Horses
2009-02-01 Jon Stamets:  Cooperstown Iron Horses


Timeline Owner/Manager Location
From 1997-03-01 to 2003-02-28 Scott Owens Gresham, Oregon, USA
From 2002-03-05 to 2004-07-20 Nick Flory Henrietta, NY, USA
From 2003-02-20 to 2004-02-27 Joe Damore Lewisvile, Texas, USA
From 2004-07-21 to 2004-09-08 Jeff Goldberg NY, NY
From 2004-09-09 to 2009-08-10 Ryan Wyckoff Tombstone, Arizona
From  2009-08-10 to Present Jon Stamets  

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April 26th, 2019
There was a buzz in Cooperstown entering the 2019 season.  
The rotation of Cole, Bauer, Sanchez, Wheeler and Bumgarner looked formidable.  
The lineup looked intimidating.  4 projected 30+ HR bats with 4 more projected to hit 20 or more.  Even the "worst" hitter, Marcus Semien was penciled in to hit .250 with 15 HR.  
The Draft War Room focused heavily on the bullpen in the middle rounds adding numerous arms... Tepera, Biddle, Roe, Kelley, Brazier, Nuno to go along with the trio of Familia, Watson and Lugo.
They looked ready to reclaim the division after taking a year to retool in 2018... but the Iron Horses have derailed.  Stumbling to an 11-19 start, tied for 2nd worst in CBA, is not what this fan base or front office had in mind. 

"It is surprising," said Stamets after their 4th consecutive loss, "We traded away some good talent last year to set up for a pennant chase this season.  We weren't expecting this." When asked about shopping veteran player

to continue looking towards the future, Stamets wasn't ready to to discuss that topic.  "We're not there yet.  There's still time to right the ship and there's enough talent on this team to do so.  It's a 162 game season and we have to depth to make it to the end with a competitive team."  

While the slow start is concerning, one would figure that Suarez will improve on his .207 average.  Carpenter, Polanco and Encarnacion are all hitting below .173, that surely has to change.  Trevor Bauer's ERA still sits above 5.00 after throwing 6 scoreless innings but that should continue to trend downwards.  
While there's not a plan for a fire sale in the near future, you have to wonder if those plans will change if this team is still in the cellar approaching the trade deadline.  Iron Horse fans sure hope it doesn't come to that.
Will they be able to keep up the good work?  Only time will tell





Historical record
1997 85 77
1998 78 84
1999 94 68
2000 56 106
2001 68 94
2002 107 55
2003 78 84
2004 77 85
2005 60 102
2006 65 97
2007 60 102
2008 90 72
2009 94 69
2010 91 71
2011 68 94
2012 101 61
2013 69 93
2014 103 52
2015 82 80
2016 101 61
2017 85 77
2018 77 85
2019 96 66




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