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Manager Inductees

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Claude LaMarre *
CBA co founder and original commisioner 97-02. Member 1997-2003. GM of very successful Longue Pointe Franchise once known as the Hitmen. The spirit of CBA.
Gerald Benoit*
Co Founder and GM of Montreal (formerly Bodega Bay) franchise. Former commisioner and League President. Main Web designer.
Marc Wass*  Original Owner, Commissioner since 2003. Excom.  2 time WS Champion (2004,2011) 3 time Clemente champion. 
Cory Light* CBA Rules Committee Chairman Excom. President of Clemente Conference 2004 to 2013.  Guided his Conference with a smoth and steady approach.  A founding member of CBA with the Kilgore Bashers.
Jack Jung Ottawa Otters 2001 champion and long time CBA executive consultant
Rob Hite Philly Phantastics 3 time champion, former Clemente President
Jeff Boutet  Limoilou Wendigo, former CBA commissioner, 3 time champion 1997, 1999, 2003 4 time Staub champion.
Wayne McGee Stirling Redsox Owner/Co Owner for 15 seasons "Dealer Wayne"
Jon Calder* Alexandria Assault GM. A founding member of CBA. Calder was influential in many executive decisions
as member of the CBA Committee in it's early years. Retiring in 2002, Calder led the Assault through several great races
Dennis Concepcion  Longue Pointe Loggers.  Former Staub President, 2005 World Champion
Dino Barnabe* Dino took a last place team Villanova Wildcats and changed their name to St Foy in late 1997.  Shrewd trader who built through draft.  Won 111 in 2002, 108 in 2003, 106 in 2001.  Won CBA championship in it's 2nd year 1998.
Jack Frost  Joliet Jackhammers.  14+ years service.  GM and Executive committee.  Clemente President,
Joe Wallace   San Diego Surf.  18+ Years service.  Built San Diego Surf dynasty in Carter division. 2 times WS Participant 2011-12
John Derek Adams  Belfast Brawlers 14+ years service. Never quit attitude, honor and integrity.  Dawson playoff contender.  Classic battles with other contenders.  Played in first ever game 163.
Malachi Nellum   Alamo City Flames/Stirling Red Sox  17+ Years service.  Loyal and dedicated GM and CBA consultant.
John Skillings   Neah Bay Whalers.  Traded and drafted well. Superior record. Built team with one of all time highest win percentages.
Wolfman Shapiro  Skokie Wolfmen 2012 Champion 12+ years service. 2 times WS participant.  Strong perennial contender.
Bob Fidler  Indiana Red Birds 3 times World Champion 11+ years service.
Glen Kenan Ohio Thundercats.  2014 World Champion. 11+ years service
Scott Kenan Carolina Copperheads 11+ years service. 2 time wild card, 2 time Parker champion.

Player Inductees

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Derek Jeter  Philly Phantastics inducted 2017

Bats: R  Legendary SS who played 19 years at the same position. All time leader in hits 3,434, games 2,808, At bats 11,346, Runs 1,944.  Jeter is 4th in doubles, 3rd total bases, 3rd K's, 8th BB, 10th extra base hits, 11th in RBI's, 12th triples. Jeter is a 9 time playoff performer who owns most records in post season play from games, hits, AB, doubles. Jeter finished with a career .303 BA.

Mariano Rivera  Brooklyn Superbas inducted 2017

Dominating closer Most games pitched 953.  Most saves 437.  Most playoff saves.  14 seasons 20+ saves.  Won 9 games as a closer in '06. Played in 3 World Series and a record 32 playoff games as a closer.  Perhaps the all time best closer in CBA history.

Jim Thome Limoilou Wendigo inducted 2017

Tremendous CBA slugger known for abundance of HR's per at bat and awesome on base pct.  A member of a record 13 CBA teams, best known as cleanup hitter for Limoilou Wendigo. Thome a member of the 500 HR club slugged 556 good for 3rd all time. 5 times over 40+ HR. including 10 times 30+.  Hit 60 HR in 2003, 51 apiece in 2001 and 2004.  Thome is 1st in BB, 1st K's, 6th RBI's , 6th runs, 7th slugging, 14th games played. A star playoff contributor 2nd all time HR's with 20

Ken Griffey Jr Bodega Bay Mad Birds inducted 2017

Griffey finished with 401 career Homers, 974 runs, 1,464 hits, 1,106 RBI's. Griffey made his most significant
impact as a member of Gerald Benoit's Bodega Bay Madbirds. He put together an amazing stretch of Homers at CBA's
inception of 44,50,67,54 homers to start as CBA's HR leader all with a combo of speed and stellar defense.
Runners rarely ran on his arm.


Roy Halladay---Brooklyn Superbas Inducted 2017   

 Long time ace of the famed Brooklyn playoff and championship teams.  Cy Young winner, 197-63 overall record among highest win percentages ever.  Only 1 season of 16 did he ever finish below .500 in record.  4th all time wins.  .663 winning pct, 5th all time. Halladay won many key games for Brooklyn enroute to playoffs and World Series.


Mike Piazza---Philly Phantastics Inducted 2017

   Superstar two time MVP (1998,2002) catcher.  Perhaps the most prolific offensive catcher of his time.  2nd in Batting lifetime.  Piazza brought his teams to the playoffs often.  8 seasons 25 + HR, 17th overall.  Most HR ever by a CBA catcher 58 in MVP 1998 season.  130+ RBI 3 times.  Hit 50+ HR 3 times.  6th in slugging, 20th RBI's.   

Manny Ramirez- San Diego Surf   Inducted 2017  

   The powerful Ramirez left quite a CBA legacy.  A spectacular playoff presence over 11 times in the post season. Tremendous power 490 Homers, over 30+ 9 times with a high of 47 in '05.  Ramirez drove in 100+ RBI ten times. 7th all time HR.  13th all time hits.  10th doubles, 8th extra basehits.  11th on base pct.  8th runs.  11th BB's. 

 Roberto Alomar Bats: S  Wilmington Blue Rocks Inducted by veterans committee 2017

 Perhaps CBA's best defensive glove perhaps of all time.  Alomar had strong offense and stolen bases
Often batted third in lineup in addition to leadoff and second. Among leaders single season in assists and put outs
during 1997, 2001.  Helped lead Parma flamingoes to playoffs in 1997, representing them in Clemente for all star game.

Tony Gwynn  Hamilton Harbours Inducted by veterans committee 2017

  Gwynn was perhaps CBA's elite hitter in it's earliest years. The .352 lifetime BA until he retired  highest all time in CBA history.  Though he had 2,285 AB's, his impact was significant.  The numbers amaze and speak volumes.  Batted .386 3rd highest ever alongwith 19 HR's in 1998.  Batted over .320 six times. Dominant player.


Jeff Bagwell 

Bagwell played most of his career with Kilgore {Bryan}Bashers owned by Cory Light. Bagwell is a career leader in several key offensive categories. Perhaps the best player Kilgore ever had, Bagwell did it all. Finally made the playoffs in 2004 and 2005 winning the CBA championship with Brooklyn. Bagwell returned after his Brooklyn stint to Bryan (Kilgore) in 2006. 20th All time in hits. 16th in HR. 16th with 672 extra base hits. 19th total bases. 10th OBA. 8th runs scored. 8th RBI. 6th in walks. According to Founder Claude LaMarre Bagwell was perhaps "The best batter in CBA history if you want my opinion. 5500+ AB, almost 1000 walks, 326 HR, a slugging of 537 and oba of .404. Excellent defense also. His most horrible season was with Hitmen, but he deserves his induction to the HoF. Bagwell did it all. Commitee member JD Adams commented that Bagwell was "one of the most important ( impact ) players for the last 20 years of baseball and more importantly in CBA .   Made first CBA appearance as
opening day 1st baseman of the Harlem Dark Knights in 1997...Moved on to Kilgore (Bryan) as a 6 year starter for Cory Light's Kilgore Bashers. Traded in 2004 to Brooklyn mid season and helped lead Brooklyn to their first ever CBA championship. A key member of Brooklyn's 2005 Parker leading team.


Kevin Brown

One of CBA's most prolific pitchers. 4 consecutive 20+ win seasons. 71 CG total. 137 wins. An Ace Starter for each of his teams, he was a well liked and popular card in trade talks.  Brown was consistently among the CBA top 5 leaders in key pitching categories week after week.  Brown was involved in many key games in the pennant races between LP, Quebec, Limoilou, and Brooklyn in early Dawson.  Brown is a leader in strikeouts.
Brown is one of CBA's leaders in several categories. He was 2000 Clemente Cy Young winner. His 30 wins in 2000, 3rd tops single season. 5th all time ERA 3.22.. 6th in CG, Shutouts. 9th all time wins. 8th in K's. {Note 2000 season had 3 day rest unlimited }According to one committee member Brown " ...none better as a starter in the CBA..." Has one of CBA's highest winning percentages. Four twenty win seasons. Five 200+ K seasons. 18 career shutouts. Often traded during career.

Larry Walker

Long time CBA OF who did it all. Led St Foy to WS championship in 1998. Defensively his -5 arm kept runners honest. 1998 Clemente MVP winner. 3 seasons batted over .330, 2 over .350. Said one GM "A bit less successfull than Jeff Bagwell, but a good clutch hitter. In hard situations, he was hitting to win. Trememdous arm and a good fellow Canadian." According to Marc Wass Walker was a 5 tool card who was always regarded as one of if no the best OF cards of his time." Walker's At bats were lowered due to injuries. Walker played was the key contributor to the St Foy Frenchies (Dino Barnabe) winning legacy.


Bernie Williams

Star CF who lead Longue Pointe many years to the playoffs, and a World Series title.491, 9th most putouts All time. Among leaders in many CBA offensive catagories. 6 seasons over 100+ RBI. 4 seasons 30+ HR. 240 hits in 2000, 8th best all time. 16th in BB. The defensive star of the Longue-Pointe team. Hard player to get out, A CBA stats leader in several offensive and defensive categories.  In the 1998 Playoffs, Bernie led his team in batting average coming through in the clutch several times..



Uggie Urbina

This guys was originaly drafted by Philly, then acquired by Hitmen. 161 saves total. 761K/161g... According to Claude LaMarre "I remember he was THE guy for the fantastic Hitmen franchise during their sucessful years going for the pennant." Said Marc Wass, "Urbina was lights out as a closer. He was used in many different situations and seemed to always get the clutch out in big games, especially during the IRC chat playoff days. Urbina was acknowledged to be one of CBA's premier relief specialists through his career. Among CBA's save leaders. Led LP to championships in 2000.


Albert Belle An early CBA superstar whose short career in CBA was quite spectacular. Belle almost won the triple crown with Brooklyn in 1997 and nearly again in 1999 with the Alexandra Assault. Led League in HR and RBI in 97. 132 Extra basehits in 1999 the best in CBA history. 488 Total bases best ever in CBA. Belle was the subject of many press releases during the Early CBA years. According to one, "Belle was so powerful and dangerous, he was one of the cards we'd set intentional walks to aggressive when we faced his lineup." Belle commanded premium in CBA trade talks.


Mark McGwire  Elected by the veterans committee in 2013, McGwire lead the 2001 Ottawa Otters to the World Championship.  In 6 glorious seasons, he amassed 333 HR's an average of 55 per season and 79 alone in 1999.



Jason Kendall

: Kendall was a key member of the early Longue Pointe Hitmen and later Loggers teams.  He helped win that franchise 2 world championships and was a contributor to the playoff teams.  His endurances, defense, hitting earned him the nickname "Hoss" for his toughness.

Randy Johnson

 3 time Cy Young winner and MVP

Greg Maddux

Ace starter and Cy Young Winner once won 30 games for Mackinaw City Breakers. 

Pedro Martinez

  5 No hitters and 3 Cy Young awards

Vladimir Guerrero

Vladimir is the rarest of the CBA elite. He played his entire 16 seasons with the Ottawa Otters.  Finished with 500 career Homers, a .314 BA 7th all time. 3rd all time hits, 6th HR, 2nd total bases. 9th in runs scored. 


Ivan Rodriguez - Brooklyn Superbas

Long time catcher known for all around skills and perhaps CBA best catcher defense over the years. His offensive production and speed made him a rare combination and key performer for many Superbas playoff teams.

Chipper Jones 3B Limoilou Wendigo


A tremendous all around 3B and OF whose CBA longevity lasted 17 seasons.  Jones played on many playoff contenders and teams contributing at the highest level. Historically as of retirement, was 3rd place all time in total games, 5th in Ab, 4th in runs, 5th Hits, 2nd doubles, 9th in HR's, 6th RBI's, 2nd in walks, and not even in the top 19 in strikeouts.  Missing from playoff stats are his appearances in 2001-2003.


Barry Bonds---  Louisville Mob Squad


One of CBA's all time greats, Bonds finished his career 4th overall with 538 Hr's and 10th with 1380 RBI's. A career .447 On base leads
CBA all time. His .687 slugging is first all time as well. 12th all time in extra base hits. 1318 runs 10th all time. 11 seasons with 30+ HR's.
All time single season HR leaders with 82 in the asterisk season of 2002. 7 times over 40 HR with 50+ 5 times. 138 stolen bases. 181 RBI's in 2002 is 1 shy of CBA record set by HOFer Sammy Sosa in an asterisk season.

Jim Edmonds   Limoilou Wendigo

Edmonds was as good with the bat as with the glove. A superior defensive CF right through his career.  His strong arm and great range were the CBA standard at his position. His bat providing consistent power at the highest level for many seasons.  His contributions to the legendary Limoilou Wendigo during their playoff runs and World Championships were crucial. Edmonds was considered by many one of CBA's elite players.

Roger Clemens  Skokie Wolfmen

was considered a staff ace pitching late into his career. Two 20 win seasons including.

Curt Schilling  Limoilou Wendigo

   Long time standout Righthander with a superior record.  Helped guide Limolou to several outstanding seasons.


After CBA put together a Hall Of Fame Committee composed of several of our old timers, our council, and 3 very special guests. Original CBA members Founders and commisioners. The two people most responsible for the fun and structure we have today as the CBA, Gerald Benoit, and Claude LaMarre. We owe the hours we spend because the the vision they had which we uphold today. We also had on the committee Chris Boutin the original owner of the retired Quebec Capitales of the Dawson div, and former champion. LaMarre was the original owner of the Longue Pointe Hitmen also of the Dawson div, who later were nicknamed the "Loggers". Benoit was the owner of the Bodega Bay Madbirds of the Carter division later called the Montreal Royals. The Royals are presently the Staub champion Skokie Wolfmen owned by Wolfman Shapiro.

A confidential vote was taken and commentary and notes were sent in by the committee members. 6 members were selected as initial inductees. Originally there were 5 spots but a tie for the last spot resulted in a double nomination. Each year we will vote upon new candidates for the CBA Hall.

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