Feb 24th,2013
 To River Meadows: BSP#5(14)
 To Brooklyn : SWM#6(13)

To Stirling: NBP#3(14),NBP#7(13)
To Newton: SRS#4(13),SRS#9(13)

To Cooperstown: Aaron Hill, JJC# 6(13), JJC#5(14)
To Joliet: Wilson Betemit, Neil Walker, Cooperstown 1 2014

To NBC: Ernesto Frieri, BBD#2(13), BBD#1(14), BBD#3(14)
To BBD: Jeremy Hellickson

January 13th, 2013
To Carolina:Jason Kubel,SFR#1(13)
To Ohio: Freddie Freeman,Jose Valverde,CCP#2(13),CCP#4(13)

January 8th, 2013
To Joliet:Nate Schierholtz
To Skokie: IRM#3(13)

January 2nd, 2013
To Ohio: SFR#1(13),JJC#11(13)
To Sainte-Foy: Howie Kendrick, OOM#1(13)

December 29th, 2012
To New Hampshire: Matt Cain, SSC#6(13)
To Skokie: NWS#1(13)NWS#2(13)

To Cooperstown: Bronson Arroyo, SRS#3(13)
To Stirling: Randall Delgado, TWR#5(13)

December 23rd, 2012
To Cooperstown: Jesse Crain
To New Jersey: Kelly Johnson

December 5th, 2012
To Indiana: Brandon Crawford, PPS#7(20130
To Philly: IRM#2(13), IRM#5(13)

To New Hampshire: Jack Hannahan
To Towaco: Casper Wells

To Indiana: Travis Hafner, Dan Uggla, releases Ryan Tatusko
To Skokie: Alfonso Soriano

To River Meadow:  SWM#5(13)
To Skokie: Anthony Rendon

To San Diego NBC#2(13).SWM#4(13), SWM#9(13)
To Skokie: Vinnie Pestano, Kevin Youkilis,SSC#6(13)

December 3rd, 2012
To Cooperstown: Kelly Johnson
To Ohio: CIP#6(13)

To Carolina TWR#6(13)
To Towaco: Brett Meyers

To Brooklyn: Gerald Laird, CCP#11(13)
To Carolina: BSP#8(13)

 December 1st, 2012
To New Hampshire: Garrett Jones
To River Meadow: Tom Milone

November 23rd, 2012
To Indiana: Rajai Davis
To Stirling: Jerry Hairston Jr

November 22nd, 2012
To Joliet Jackhammers: SFM#3(12)
To St Foy Frenchies: (formerly KWR) Jeremy Guthrie, JJC#9(12),JJC #10(12),JJC #11(12)

November 19th, 2012
To Cooperstown Iron Horses: HHM#9(2013)
To High Bridge Heaters: Jose Molina, Jordan Schafer

November 11th, 2012
To Maine: Joe Nathan
To High Bridge: BSP#2(13)

Sept 9th, 2012
To Ottawa Otters: RFA(2) Jose Lopez releases Mike MacDougal

Sept 7th, 2012
To Ottawa Otters: RFA(1) Jose Morales releases Ramon Castro

To Skokie Wolfmen RFA(2) Jayson Nix releases Jake Fox

Sept 6th, 2012
To NJ Beatles: RFA(1) Juan Uribe releases Brandon Wood

Sept 3rd 2012
Joliet Acquires RFA(2) Manny Burriss releases Derek Lee.

Longue Pointe Acquires RFA(1) Scott Diamond, and RFA(2) Yunesky Maya. releases Pedro Feliciano and Ryan Perry

August 19th, 2012
To Cooperstown: Todd Coffey, releases Eduardo Nunez
To Maine: SRS#7(13)

To Stirling: CIP#5(13), Julio Borbon
To Cooperstown: Mike Pelfrey, SRS#7(13)

August 13th, 2012
To Cooperstown: Ramon Ortiz RFA(2) releases Carlos Peguero

To Brooklyn: Jason Jaramillo RFA(1) releases Eric Surkamp

August 10th,2012
To Maine: RFA(2) Yoshinori Tateyama releases Clay Hensley

To Maine: Daniel Murphy, Ivan Nova, SWM#7(13)
To Skokie: Jason Hammel, Dan Uggla, MER#6(13)

To Philly: Allen Craig, Ryan Mattheus releases Chien-Ming Wang
To Skokie: Lance Berkman

Skokie acquires RFA(1) Fernando Rodney

August 8th, 2012
To Kennesaw Mtn: RFA(2) Miguel Tejada releases Eli Whiteside

 August 7th, 2012
To Cooperstown RFA(1) Carlos Corporan releases Dellin Betances

To Cooperstown: Kyle Drabek, Jason Marquis, Carlos Santana
TO Kennesaw Mtn: Carlos Corporan (RFA CTown), Yasmani Grandal, Devin Mesoraco

To New Hampshire: RFA(2) Enerio Del Rosario,releases Blake Hawksworth

August 5th, 2012
To Ohio:RFA(1)Wade Miley releases Guillermo Mota

August 4th, 2012
To Joliet: RFA(1) Chad Durbin releases Brad Bergesen

August 3rd, 2012
To Cooperstown: Emelio Bonifacio, Jordan Schafer, Eric Young Jr, MER#10(13)
To Joliet: Chase d'Arnaud,Bryan LaHair,Aaron Rowand,CIP#4(13)

August 1st, 2012
Montreal Acquires RFA(2) Alex Cora.

To Towaco: Alex Cora, TWR#11(13) releases Nolan Reimold
To Montreal: KWM#11(13)

July 31st, 2012
To Montreal:  TWR#11(13)
To Towaco:    Brandon Allen releases Juan Miranda

July 29th, 2012
Newton acquires T Wakefield and releases J Chamberlain.

Towaco acquires RFA(2) JR Towles releases Bobby Wilson.

Limoilou acquires RFA John Grabow and releases Andrew Oliver.

July 27th, 2012

High Bridge acquires Magglio Ordonez  and release Mike Dunn

Bryan Acquires RFA(2) JD Drew releases long time CBA pitcher Tim Wakefield.

Lake County Acquires RFA(1) Matt Reynolds releases Fernando Rodriguez

New Hampshre Acquires RFA(1)  Rodrigo Lopez releases Sean O'Sullivan

June 15th, 2012
To Towaco: Chris Jakubauskas. Releases Dan Wheeler

June 12th, 2012
To Indiana: RFA(1)Rich Harden. Releases Andrew Romine

June 14th, 2012
To Lake County: Jed Lowrie, SWM#6(13)
To Skokie: Mike Aviles,and Greg Holland

June 7th,2012
To Maine: RFA(1) Clay Hensley. Releases Dallas Braden

May 28th,2012
To High Bridge: RFA(1)Esmil Rogers. Releases Tony Cruz.

May 24th,2012
To Lake County RFA(1)Rene Tosoni. Releases Michael Taylor.

May 16th 2012
To High Bridge: Chris Coghlan, MER#2(2013)
To Maine: Coco Crisp

May 4th, 2012
To Bryan: J Benoit, High Bridge #4(13), #6(13)
To High Bridge: Bryan #1(13), O Cabrera(RFA#1 KBP)

April 19th, 2012
Releases Joey Devine Acquires RFA#1 Adam Kennedy

March 20th, 2012
To Kennesaw Mt: Wilson Betemit, Charlie Furbush
To Cooperstown: Edwin Encarnacion, Julio Borbon

March 7th, 2012
To Brooklyn: Mark Reynolds MER#9(2013)
To Maine: Wilson Betemit, BSP#3(2013)

March 6th, 2012
To Cooperstown: Chase d'Arnaud, Matt Kemp, Aaron Rowand
To Maine: Peter Bourjos, Casey Kotchman, Jerry Sands, SWM#1(2013), SWM#2(2013)

March 4th, 2012
To Limoilou: Howie Kendrick, Casey Blake, Melky Cabrera
To Ohio: Barry Zito

February 26th, 2012
To Belfast: Livan Hernandez, MCD#3(2013)
To Montreal: David Robertson

To High Bridge: Robert Andino, Jose Iglesias, MCD#2(2012), MCD#2(2013)
To Montreal: J.J. Hardy

To Cooperstown: Ramon Ramirez, SWM#1(2013),SWM#2(2013)
To Skokie: CIP#2(2012),CIP#3(2012),CIP#4(2012)

To Brooklyn: MER#1(2012)
To Maine: BSP#1(2013), BSP#2(2013)

To Indiana: Marc Rzepczynski
To New Hampshire: IRM#2(2012)

To Cooperstown: Corey Hart, JJC#8(2012), JJC#9(2012)
To Joliet: Emilio Bonifacio, Eric Young Jr, Brad Lincoln, CCP#2(2012)

To Newton: SRS#4(2012)
To Stirling: Aaron Harang

To Ohio: SRS#3(2012), SRS#10(2012), SRS#11(2012)
To Stirling: OOR#5(2012), OOR#3(2013)

To Lake County: OOR#3(2012), SRS#7(2012)
To Stirling: Jonathan Papelbon, LLM#9(2013)

To Joliet: Tyler Flowers, KBM#4(2012), BSP#4(2012), KBM#2(2013)
To Bryan: Pablo Sandoval, JJC#10(2012), IRM#11(2012)

To High Bridge: Charlie Blackmon
To Maine: HHC#3(2013)

To High Bridge: Gordon Beckham
To Kennesaw Mtn: Nolan Arenado

To Bryan: SRS#9(2012)
To Stirling: Pat Burrell

To Lake County: OOR#5(2012), SRS#10(2013), SRS#11(2013)
To Stirling: SRS#7(2012), LLM#4(2013)

February 27th, 2012
To Kennesaw Mtn HHC#5(2012)
To Newton: KWR#8(2012), KWR#4(2013)

To Lake County SRS#8(2012)
To Stirling LLM#7(2013)

To Cooperstown: LLM#8(2013)
To Lake County: CIP#10(2012), CIP#11(2012)

February 26th, 2011
To Belfast: Livan Hernandez, MCD#3(13)
To Montreal:David Robertson

To High Bridge: Robert Andino, Jose Iglesias, MCD#2(2012), MCD#2(2013)
To Montreal: JJ Hardy

To Cooperstown: SWM#1(13), SWM#2(13), Ramon Ramirez
To Skokie: CIP#2(12), CIP#3(12), CIP#4(12)

To Brooklyn: MER#1(12)
To Maine: BSP#1(13), BSP#2(13)

To Indiana: M Repczynski
To New Hampshire: IRM#2(12)

To Cooperstown: Corey Hart, JJC#8(12), JJC#9(12)
To Joliet: E Bonifacio, E Young Jr, B Lincoln, CCP#2(12)

To Newton: SRS#4(12)
To Stirling: A Harang

To Ohio: SRS#3(12), SRS#10(12), SRS#11(12)
To Stirling: OOR#5(12), OOR#3(13)

To Lake COunty: OOR#3(12), SRS#7(12)
To Stirling: J Papelbon, LLM#9(12)

To Joliet: T Flowers, KBM#4(12), BSP#4(12), KBM#2(13)
To Bryan: P Sandoval, JJC#10(12), IRM#11(12)

To High Bridge: C Blackmon
To Maine: HHC#3(13)

To High Bridge: G Beckham
To Kennesaw Mt: N Arenado

To Bryan: SRS#9(12)
To Stirling: P Burrell

To Lake County: OOR#5(2012), SRS#10(2013), SRS#11(2013)
To Stirling: SRS#7(2012), LLM#4(2013)
January 31st, 2012
To Cooperstown: Brian Fuentes, Matt Lindstrom, Ryan Sweeney
To Maine: Francisco Rodriguez, LLM#5(12)

January 25th, 2012
To Cooperstown: Adrian Gonzalez
To Maine: Yonder Alonzo, Michael Pinieda, Mark Reynolds.

January 3rd, 2012
To New Hampshire: Michael Brantley
To Towaco: Tim Stauffer

January 2nd, 2012
To Cooperstown: Koji Uehara, and Jose Molina
To High Bridge: KBM#2(12), JJC#4(12)

December 12th 2001
To New Jersey: Joakim Soria and SWM#8(12)
To Skokie: Jed Lowrie, NBC#4(2012) and NBC#7(12)
To Ottawa: Ramon Castro and NBC#4(12)
To Skokie: Laynce Nix and OOS#6(12)

December 1st, 2011
To Skokie: Brandon League
To Towaco: BSP#2(12), Jenry Mejia

November 24th, 2011
To Lake County: Ryan Doumit, Hank Conger, BBD#1(12)
To Brooklyn: Alex Avila, LLM#7(12)

November 23rd, 2011
To Brooklyn: Josh Beckett
To Lake County: Rafael Furcal, Carlos Zambrano, Jacob Turner, BSP#1(12)

To New Jersey: Jimmy Rollins, Bill Hall, LLM#6(12)
To Lake County: Michael Taylor, NBC#2(12)

November 19th, 2011
To Bryan: HHC#6(12)
To High Bridge: Lyle Overbay, OOR#8(12)

November 16th, 2011
To High Bridge: Logan Morrison
To Skokie: HHC#1(12), Sean Marshall

November 11th, 2011
To Belfast: John Lannan, BSP#3(12)
To Brooklyn: BBD#1(12).

November 3rd, 2011
To Kennesaw Mt: Clayton Richard, Matt Guerrier
To Skokie: Nate Schierholtz

November 2nd 2011
To Brooklyn: OOR#7(2012)
To Ohio: Casey Blake

November 1st 2011
To Cooperstown: CCP#2(12)from New Jersey
To New Jersey: Grady Sizemore, Chris Denorfia

October 30th 2011
To Bryan: OOR#8(2012) From Ohio
To Ohio: Brandon Inge

October 28th 2011
To Cooperstown: Aramis Ramirez, Grant Balfour
To Longue Pointe: Yunel Escobar, Michael Cuddyer, Bobby Parnell

October 27th 2011
To Ohio: Matt Holliday, Daniel Bard, HHC#5(12)
To Skokie: Mark Teixiera, Logan Morrison, Santiago Casilla

October 25th, 2011
To Cooperstown: Peter Bourjos
To Belfast: Jhoulys Chacin , Marlon Byrd, and CIP#6(12)

To High Bridge: Casey McGehee, SWM#7(2012)
To Skokie: HHC#5(2012)

October 24th, 2011
To Brooklyn:  Wilson Betemit
To Cooperstown: Chris Denorfia

To Kennesaw Mt: Bud Norris, IRM#5(12)
To Cooperstown: Casey Kotchmann, Jorge De La Rosa, SWM#2(12)

October 18th, 2011
To Skokie: Ivan Nova, Jenrry Meija, Jake Peavy, CIP#1(12), BSP#2(12)
To Cooperstown: Cliff Lee, Wilson Betemit, Skokie SWM#3(12)

October 11th, 2011
To Carolina : NBC#8(12)
To New Jersey: Matt Belisle releases Luis Atillano

October 11th, 2011
To Cooperstown: Marlon Byrd, KBM#2(12)
To Bryan: Josh Tomlin, BSP#4(12)

To Cooperstown: Jason Donald
To Kennesaw: Jason Marquis

September 16th, 2011
To Kennesaw Mt: Mitch Moreland, Mike Montgomery, and IRM#1(12)
To Montreal: Jordan Zimmermann

September 10th, 2011
Acquired by Limoilou as RFA(2) Jim Edmonds
released Adam Rosales

August 14th, 2011
To Cooperstown: JJC#4(12)
To Joliet: Tommy Hunter
Joliet acquires RFA(1) Oscar Salazar releases Chris Young.
To Philly: Mike Moustakis
To Brooklyn: Derek Jeter
Montreal Acquires RFA(2) G Meche
To Montreal: KWR#9(12)
To Kennesaw Mt: MCD RFA Gil Meche and releases Brian Tallet

To New Hampshire: RFA Oscar Salazar, releases Matt Palmer
To Joliet: NWS#8(12) 
August 13th
San Diego Acquires RFA(1)Joe Inglett as RFA, releases Chin-Lung Hu
August 12th, 2011
New Jersey acquires Jesse Chavez releases Vincente Padilla
Lake County acquires RFA(1)Todd Wellmeyer and RFA(2) Sam Lecure releases Andres Blanco and Manny Acosta
August 10th, 2011
To New Hampshire: Acquires RFA(2) Daniel McCutchen
To Limoilou: Howie Kendrick, Mat Latos, Delmon Young, Mike Cameron, Andrew Oliver
To Cooperstown: Carlos Beltran, Michael Pinieda, Josh Tomlin, Michael Cuddyer, Milton Bradley.
August 9th, 2011
To Montreal: R. Andino
To Towaco: X. Nady and MCD#4(12).
August 7th, 2011
To Lake County: TWR#8(12)
To Towaco: D Worth
August 6th, 2011
To Longue Pointe: RFA(2) Tyler Walker releases Jim Edmonds
To Carolina - David DeJesus, NBC#6(12)
To New Jersey - Ryan Ludwick, CCP#2 (12)
To Limoilou: RFA(1) Blake Wood, releases Nolan Reimold
To New Jersey RFA(1) Ed Bonine, releases M Batista
July 30th, 2011
To New Hampshire: G. Mota, J Frasor, TWR#6(12) 
To Towaco: D Wheeler and P Coke

To Maine: RFA(2) M Hendrickson releases M DeRosa
July 28th, 2011
To Kennesaw Mt: Jesse Litsch
To Towaco: Jason Frasor
July 25th, 2011
To Carolina: Andrew Bailey
To Kennesaw: Travis Snider
July 24th, 2011
To Ottawa: Doug Fister
To Montreal: Cameron Maybin, OOS#3(12) 
Cooperstown acquires RFA(1) Andy Laroche,  RFA(2) Willie Harris, releases Brad Hawpe
Belfast Brawlers Acquires RFA(2) Kevin Frandsen and releases Aaron Cunningham
July 19th, 2011
To Kennesaw Braves:  SWM #1, SWM #2, Scott Sizemore, Eduardo Nunez, Charlie Morton, Ryan Rowland-Smith releases Andy Pettitte
To Cooperstown Iron Horses: Mat Latos, Drew Storen, Mike Cameron
July 16th, 2011
To Maine: Acquired RFA(1) Don Kelley
releases John Baker FLA, C

July 5th 2011
To High Bridge: Manny Delcarmen RFA(1) release Greg Zaun.

To Loggers: Dontrelle Willis, P
and releases Blaine Boyer, RP

July 3rd, 2011
To Cooperstown: I Nova, E Bonifacio
To Skokie: C McGehee, T Crowe

June 30th 2011
Carolina releases Elmer Dessens and acquires RFA(1) Brian Sweeney.
Ohio Releases Jamey Wright, and Acquires RFA(1) B Moehler

June 5th 2011

To Towaco: Brandon League releases Mike Wuertz
To New Hampshire: TWR#3(12)

To New Hampshire S Hairston RFA(1)
releases Julio Lugo

To Kennesaw Mt :Brian Tallet  RFA(2) and releases Dan Runzler

May 25th 2011
To New Hampshire: Dayan Viciedo
To Cooperstown: Yonder Alonso

To Kennesaw Mt: B Tallet RFA(2) releases Dan Runzler

May 21st, 2011
To Montreal Crows: James Shields and IRM#1(12) acquires RFA(1) Josh Wilson,
To Indiana Red Birds : Colby Lewis and Wilson Valdez and releases Xavier Paul

To Cooperstown: Grady Sizemore,  Trevor Crowe IRM #4(12)
To  Indiana: Franklin Gutierrez, Josh Bell, CIP#8(12)

To Kennesaw Mt:: S Feldman, Eli Whiteside releases Mark Rogers
To Montreal: Brandon Allen, and KWR#6(12)

May 1st, 2010
To Belfast: RFA(1) Dan Nava releases C Dickerson
To Stirling: RFA(1) C Counsell, releases S Hairston

April 15th 2011
KWR Releases Dan Cortes acquires RFA(1) Nick Stavinoha,

April 10th 2011
To Cooperstown: Jenry Meija, IRM#5(12)
To Indiana: Nick Massett, CIP #7(12)

April 1st 2011
Acquires RFA(1)M Sweeney, RFA(2) Guillermo Mota releases Alberto Gonzalez, and Randy Winn

To New Hampshire: Reid Brignac and JP Arencibia, KWR#5(12)
To Kennesaw: Julio Borbon, Brett Wallace and Jason Donald.

March 5th 2011
To Montreal: Colby Lewis, Tony Gwynn Jr, Wilson Valdez
To High Bridge: Rajai Davis, Chone Figgins, MCD#3(12)

February 27th 2011
To Stirling: OTR#3(12), OTR#6(11)
To Ohio: SRS#3(11)

To Skokie: SSP#6(11), SSP#9(11)
To Sunville: SWM#5(12)

To New Jersey: Lastings Milledge
To Cooperstown: NJS#6(11), NJS#9(11)

To Towaco: NWS#9(11), SRS#9(11), NWS#10(11)
To New Hampshire: TWR#7(12)

To Skokie: Casey Coleman*
To Joliet Chris Archer*

To Sunville: NJS#1(11), TWR#2(11), NJS#3(11)
To New Jersey: SSP#1(11), SSP#3(11), SSP#7(11)

To Brooklyn: CIP#3(11)
To Cooperstown: BSP#2(12)

To Stirling: NWS#3(12),KBP#6(11)
To New Hampshire: BSP#3(11)

To Indiana: R Ibanez, K McLellan, SWM#4(12)
To Skokie: IRM#6(12), D Oliver, J Posada

To Skokie: SWM#2(11), CIP#3(11), NWS#7(11)
To Cooperstown: SWM#1(12), SWM#2(12)

To Montreal: SWM#1(11), NWS#8(11) and OTR#9(11)
To Stirling: Carlos Marmol, MCD#6 (12) February 24th 2011

To Brooklyn: Scott Rolen
To Lake County: MCD#2(11)

To New Jersey: Jeff Niemann
To Towaco: Carlos Quentin, NBC#5(11)

To Stirling: LLM#8(12)
To Lake County: SRS 7th Supp(11)

To Joliet: BSP#6(11), CIP#3(11)
To Stirling: JJC#5(12)

February 20th, 2011
To Montreal: Chone Figgins
To Brooklyn: MCD#2(11), Sergio Romo

To Skokie: BJ Upton, MER#2(11), MER#6(11)
To Maine: M Kemp, SWM#3(11)

Jan 16th 2011
To Maine Express: Ian Desmond SS
To Montreal Crows: MER#1(11), Nick Punto IF

January 8th, 2011
To Longue Pointe: KWR#7(11)
To Kennesaw Mt: Hideki Matsui

January 7th, 2011
To Allentown: Colby Rasmus, Jose Reyes and DJ Carrasco.
To Indiana: Hanley Ramirez, James Shields, ANR#3(11)

January 3rd, 2010
To New Jersey Beatles: Allentown#2(11), Kevin Slowey, Felipe Paulino, Michael Taylor.
To Allentown Senators: Tim Hudson

December 23rd, 2010
To Cooperstown: Madison Baumgarner, Adsrubal Cabrera. Tommy Hunter. Bud Norris, IRM#1(11) and IRM#3(11)
To Indiana: Adam Wainwright, Hiroki Kuroka, Francisco Cordero, Jerry Hairston Jr. Alfonso Soriano, SSC#5(11), CIP#7(11)

December 15th 2010
To Indiana Redbirds: Madison Bumgarner, JJC#6(11)
To Kennesaw Mt: IRM#2(11), Jesus Montero

To Bryan: Brett Gardner, SRS#6(11)
To Cooperstown: Casey McGehee, KBP#(11)

December 11th, 2010
To Joliet: Paul Janish, James McDonald, IRM#7(11), IRM#8(11)
To Indiana: Bud Norris, Kerry Wood, JJC#3(11)

To Montreal: Paul Maholm, Garrett Olson
To High Bridge: Koji Uehara, MCD#3(11)

To Philly: Francisco Liriano, Ben Zobrist, NWS#2(11)
To Kennesaw Mt: Madisoy Baumgarner, Carlos Triunfel, PPS#1(11)

To Skokie:, R Ibanez, T Hafner
To Cooperstown: NWS#7(11), A Soriano

To Cooperstown: Lastings Milledge, SRS #8(11)
To Stirling: CIP #6(11)

To Longue Pointe: Blaine Boyer, Willie Bloomquist
To Brooklyn: Mike Moustakis

To Philly: JJC#5(11)
To Joliet: Kerry Wood

To Stirling: Phil Hughes,NWS#8(11)
To New Hampshire: Justin Masterson, JA Happ, Brandon League, SRS#9(11)

To Carolina: LLM#6(11)
To Lake County: Chris Davis

To New Hamphire: ANR#6(11)
To Allentown: Kris Medlen

December 5th, 2010
To Skokie NWS#7(11), C Izturis
To New Hampshire: J Damon

November 30th 2010
To San Diego: Justin Morneau, Jon Lester, Nick Hundley
To Cooperstown: Delmon Young, Jake Peavy, Jhoulys Chacin, Francisco Rodriguez, SSC#5(11)

November 27th 2010
To Stirling: CIP#5(11)
To Cooperstown: Jerry Hairston Jr, SRS#6(11)

To Skokie: Ramon Castro and MCD#10(11)
To Montreal: SWM#8(11), SWM#9(11)

November 23rd 2010
To San Diego: Jhonny Peralta
To Joliet: Freddy Garcia

To Joliet: BBD#8(11)
To Brooklyn , JJC#9(11), John Maine

To Carolina: Jim Thome, Chris Davis
To Kennesaw Mt: Jason Frasor, Yonder Alonso

November 16th, 2010
To Kennesaw Mt: JJC#1(11),JJC#2(11),and Andrew Bailey.
To Joliet: KWR#4(11), KWR#6(11), Brian Matsuz, Luke Scott,  Joliet releases Jared Burton

To Bryan: Paul Konerko
To High Bridge: KBM #1 2011, Jason Vargas

To Montreal: Derek Holland
To High Bridge: MRC#6(11)

November 1st, 2010
To Joliet: Carlos Villanueva MCD#5(2011) 
releases B Looper, A Everett
To Montreal: Fred Lewis

To Joliet: F Cervelli release S Martis
To Kennesaw Mt: JJC#6(11)

To Skokie: A Soriano, MCD#5(11)
To Joliet: A Casilla, K Jepsen, J Peralta

To Lake County: Chris Carter (Oak), Scott Rolen
To Skokie: Adrian Beltre

To Skokie: Magglio Ordonez, Henry Blanco
To Cooperstown: Nick Hundley, Eric Young Jr.

August 28th 2010
To Ohio: SRS#10(2011),J LaRue RFA*
To Sterling: OTR#9(2011)

New Hampshire releases Josh Outman, and Shawn Kelley Acquires RFA(8)Rob Andino, RFA(9)Austing Kearns

August 23rd 2010
To Cooperstown: Brad Hawpe
To Kennesaw: Francisco Cervelli and Nate Schierholtz who releases Raul Chavez

New Hampshire Acquires RFA(7/10) Joe Thurston and releases Greg Reynolds

New Jersey Beatles acquires RFA(1/10) Chad Moeller and release Jason Jaramillo

San Diego Acquires RFA(1) Esteban German releases Michael Aubrey.

August 9th, 2010
Indiana Acquires RFA(1)Denny Reyes and RFA(2)Mitchell Boggs releases Pedro Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr.

Brooklyn acquires RFA(2) Ramon Vasquez releases Ronny Belliard.

To Belfast: BSP#2(11), F Nieve, Ramon Vasquez
To Brooklyn: Chone Figgins

Carolina Releases Mark Difelice acquires RFA(1) RP Chris Smith

To Limoilou Chipper Jones
To New Hampshire: Ronny Paulino

Allentown acquires RFA(2) Russ Springer releases Brad Ausmus

July 30th 2010
To Indiana: Augie Ojeda
To High Bridge: Ross Detwiller

Allentown acquires R Springer releases B Ausmus

July 24th 2010
New Hampshire releases Gar3 Mathews Jr and acquires RFA(4/10) Eli Whiteside
To New Hampshire: Julio Borbon
To Kennesaw Mt: NWS#2(11)

To Kennesaw: Brad Thompson, CIP #2(2011)
To Cooperstown: Hiroki Kuroda

July 18th 2010
To Ohio: Ryan Rowland-Smith
To New Hampshire OTR#3(2011)Blake Hawksworth

July 10th 2010
To Brooklyn: W Bloomquist
To Indiana: P Martinez

To Carolina - Jason Frasor
To New Hampshire - CCP 3rd Round Pick (2011) which releases Ross Gload

Belfast acquires RFA(2) B Bruney and releases C Zavada

New Hampshire acquires K Millar RFA(3/10)

Ohio acquires RFA S McClung, release B Medders

New Hampshire releases Gary Matthews acquires RFA(4/10)Eli Whiteside

July 5th 2010
Cooperstown Acquired LLM#10(11) from Lake Co for Josh Fields

Cooperstown Acquired RFA(1) Matt Herges RP and Acquired RFA(2) Joe Inglett 2B/OF

Maine releases Cory Wade Acquires RFA(2) Mike MacDougal

June 28th 2010:
Bryan Releases JR Towles, Acquires RFA(1) Alex Gonzales

To Lake County: Josh Fields
To Cooperstown: Lake County #10('11)

Montreal Crows release Cla Meredith and acquire RFA (1) Esmerling Vasquez

New Hampshire Releases Vladimir Balentien, Acquires RFA(2) Edgar Renteria

June 18th 2010
Sunville Releases: Nick Evans and Garret Mock
Acquiring Mike Hampton RFA(1) and Bruce Chen RFA(2)

June 11th 2010
Maine Acquires RFA(1) RA Dickey releases R Westmoreland

New Hampshire Releases Brian Anderson acquire RFA(1)
Bill Hall

June 6th, 2010
Belfast  releases Brandon Moss
Acquired RFA(1) Brett Carroll

May 29th, 2010
To Stirling: Joe Nathan, Darren O'Day, Chien Ming Wang
To New Hampshire: SRS#1(11), KBP#6(11), Dan Wheeler, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Gil Meche

May 10th 2010
Ohio Release L Rosales, acquire RFA(1) E Meek

May 5th, 2010
New Hampshire Released Andy Marte, Acquired RFA(1) Ross Gload.

April 8th 2010
To Southwest: Andy LaRoche, Guillermo Mota, SLM#4(11) 
To Cooperstown: Travis Hafner, Brett Gardner

Kennesaw releases Michael Bowden acquires RFA(1) Jamey Wright

Brooklyn acquires J Anderson RFA(1)

March 7th, 2010
To Joliet: A Everett, KWR#5(11)
To Kennesaw Mt: Y Betancourt

March 4th, 2010

To New Jersey: BSP#9(10)
To Brooklyn: SLM#10(11)

March 3rd, 2010

To Maine: Brian Fuentes
To Philly: Brandon Morrow

To Belfast : SSP#9(10)
To Brooklyn: BBD#8(11)

To Philly: N Cruz
To Southwest: S Rolen

March 2nd, 2010

To Sunville: MER#6(10), MER#3(11)
To Maine: Todd Coffey

To NJ: BSP#7(10), JJC#10(10)
To BSP: NBC#7(10), NBC#8(10)

To Cooperstown: Yunel Escobar, Henry Blanco, Reggie Willits, Edgar Gonzalez,
To High Bridge: CIP #1('11), Luis Castillo, JJ Hardy, Tony Gwynn Jr., Jeff Mathis

To Sunville: BSP#7(11), 8(11)
To Brooklyn SSP#8(10), 9(10)

To Sunville: MER#6(10), MER#3(11)
To Maine: Todd Coffey

To Cooperstown: SRS#5(10)
To Stirling: CIP#4(11)

To Stirling: KBM#3(10), KBM#6(11)
To Bryan: J Kendall

To BSP: SRS#4(10)
To Stirling: BSP#3(11), BSP#6(11)

To Stirling: HHC#3(11)
To High Bridge: SLS#3(10), HHC#8(10)

To Stirling: SLM#1(11),SLM#7(11)
To Southwest: BSP#1(10)

Feb 28th 2010

To Southwest: SLM#6
To Maine: SLM#5(11), SLM#7(11)

To Southwest:CIP#3(10)
To Cooperstown: SLS#2(11), SLS#4(11)

To Stirling: K Suzuki, BSP#1(10)
To Kennesaw Mt: Stirling#1(10)

To New Jersey: CCS#1(10), D Dejesus
To Cooperstown SLS#1(10), F Gutierrez

To Maine: SLS#6(10)
To Cooperstown: Akinori Iwamura

To New Jersey: CIP#7(10), CIP#8(10), CIP#9(10)
To Cooperstown: Sean Burnett

To Cooperstown: B McCann, H Kendrick
To San Diego: SLS#1(10), Miguel Montero, Jesus Flores

February 18th, 2010
To Stirling: Dan Wheeler, CIP#6(10)
To Cooperstown: Hideki Okajima,  SLS#5(10)

Feb 16th, 2010
To Southwest: Ted Lilly, Ramon Ramirez, NBC#5(10)
To New Jersey: SLM#1(10), SLM#10(10),David Bush,

Feb 12th, 2010
To Allentown: Randy Winn
To Kennesaw Mt: JJC#6(10) via KWC, JJC#9(10)

Feb 9th, 2010
To Brooklyn: Nick Markakis, OTR#4(10)
To Cooperstown: CCS#1(10), Andy LaRoche, Dan Wheeler, Magglio Ordonez.

Feb 6th, 2010
To Cooperstown: Carlos Delgado, SWC#5(10)
To Allentown: Mark Lowe

Jan 31st 2010
To Ohio Thundercats: John Buck
To Cooperstown: OTR#4(10)

To Longue Pointe: Brandon Phillips
To Brooklyn: Carlos Zambrano, Omar Infante

Jan 21st 2010
To Joliet: Corey Hart
To Allentown: JJS#7(10), JJS#8(10), JJS#9(10) and KWR#6(10)

January 14th 2010
To Kennesaw: BSP#2(10), BSP#3(10), JJC#6(10)
To Joliet: Scott Olsen, Micah Owings, KWR#3(10), KWR#4(10), KWR#6(10)

To Cooperstown: D. Dejesus, M. Montero, Y. Betancourt, SLS#6(2010)
To Southwest: M. Kemp, M. Guerrier, J. Peralta CIP#4(2010)

To Cooperstown: J.J. Hardy, Nick Masset
To Joliet: SLM#2(10) Yuniesky Betancourt, Chris Young

January 8th, 2010
To Allentown: Kendry Morales
To Sunville: .ANR#1(10), ANR#3(10),Adam Kennedy, Ramon Troncoso, Joba Chamberlain

December 27th, 2009

To Atlanta: Phillip Hughes, Josh Outman, CIP#2(10), CIP 5(10)
To Cooperstown: Jered Weaver

To Indiana: JJC#2(10)
To Lake County: James Loney

To Atlanta: Wladimir Balantien, CIP#1(10)
To Lake County: Cody Ross, ABS#7(10)

December 23rd, 2009

To Montreal: Carlos Marmol, Armando Gallaraga, Carlos Villanueva,  Sergio Romo
To Cooperstown: Matt Guerrier, Bobby Howry,  Mark Lowe,  Guillermo Mota 

December 21st, 2009

To Kennesaw: MCD#1(10), J Zimmerman
To Brooklyn: R Braun, CCS#1(10)

To Montreal: Jeff Francoeur
To Kennesaw: BSP#1(10)

To Bryan: Jason Bay
To Kennesaw: Luke Scott,KBM #1(10)

To Carolina: Marco Scutaro
To Ohio: Brian Roberts

To Carolina: Ian Kinsler
To Kennesaw: CCP#1(10), Michael Bowden

December 14th, 2009 (Post Cut)
To Lake County: Jose Lopez and CIP#1(10)
To Cooperstown: Javier Vazquez, Luis Castillo and Robinson Tejeda

December 13th, 2009
To High Bridge: Fausto Carmona, Elijah Dukes, CIP#10(10)
To Cooperstown: HHC#5(10)

December 11th 2009
To Lake County: JJC#2(10), Wladimir Balentien, and Travis Ishikawa 
To Joliet: Alcides Escobar,  LLM#4(10).

To Carolina: Conor Jackson
To Ottawa: CCP#6(10)

December 8th, 2009
To Carolina: OTR#2(10), Brett Myers
To Ohio: CCP#4(10), Mark DeRosa

To Stirling: Michael Young, KBP#4(10)
To Bryan:  STS#8(10), O Cabrera, N Swisher

To High Bridge: Paul Maholm, SRS#9(10), SRS#10(10)
To Stirling: HHC#4(10), HHC#8(10)

Nov 23rd 2009
To Maine: Nick Punto
To Brooklyn: MER#5(10)

To Maine: Chase Headley
To Kennesaw Mt: MEC#4(10)

Sept 20th 2009

Carolina acquires Sal "pal" Fasano as RFA(2) releases Ramon Santiago

Montreal Acquires RFA(4) Chris Burke release Omar Quintanilla

Limoilou: Acquires RFA(1) Scott Podsednik, RFA(2)Mike Sweeney, releases Chris Ray and Kila Ka'ahue

Sept 10th 2009
Stirling acquires RFA(1)Jesus Colome 
releases Sean Casey

Bryan acquires RFA(1)Cris Waters, RFA(2) Tom Glavine releases Jason Hirsh,

Southwest acquires RFA(1), Scott Proctor, RFA(2) Gio Gonzalez
Brooklyn releases Cesar Jiminez and Acquires RFA(2) Moises Alou

High Bridge acquires RFA(7) Robb Quinlan and RFA(8)Matt Diaz, RFA(9)Craig Monroe, releases J Cabrera, J Banks

August 23rd 2009
To Allentown: Carlos Delgado
To Lake County: ANR#2(10)

August 19th 2009
Skokie acquires RFA(1) B Duckworth release Saroman Torres

SD acquires M Redmond RFA(1)
High Bridge Releases G Jenkins, Acquires RFA(3) E Bonifacio

August 16th 2009
Carolina Acquired Travis Metcalf as RFA(1), released Bill Bray

Westminster Released - Chacon, Gonzalez, Isringhausen, W. Wright, Mendoza
Acquired RFAs - Bartolo Colon, TJ Beam, Scott Eyre, Matt Tolbert, Alex Cintron.

To Kennesaw: Alfredo Amezaga
To Belfast: Roy Corocoran

*To Skokie:B Sheets, IRM#8(10)
To Indiana: B Burres, SWC#2 (10), SWC#6 (10)

Aug 9th 2009
Allentown Acquires RFA(1) Neil Cotts releases Jason Motte

August 3rd 2009
Indiana releases John Smoltz, Freddie Dolci
Acquires RFA(1) Eric Stults, RFA(2) Alfredo Aceves

Sunville acquires Brandon Boggs RFA(3), releases Eric Chavez,
Acquired Paul LoDuca RFA(4) releases Wilson Betemit

Ohio releases Jesus Colome, and Acquires RFA(2) Claudio Vargas

July 26th 2009
To Ohio: Pat Misch RFA(1) releases Aquilino Lopez.
To Longue Pointe: Acquires RFA(2) John Parrish, releases John Bowker

July 22nd, 2009
Sunville Acquired RFA(2) E German released Jimm3 Gobble

July 21st, 2009
*To Allentown: B Ausmus, R Tronosco, SWC#5(10)
To Skokie: C Snyder, J Duchscherer

July 20th, 2009
Belfast acquires RFA(2) Angel Pagan
releases Julio Lugo

To Montreal: Todd Helton, Fernando Rodney, Brian Bannister, BSP#1(10)
To Brooklyn: Jordan Zimmerman, MCR#1(10), Brooklyn acquires RFA (1) Cesar Jiminez

July 15th 2009
Sunville released K Escobar, acquired RFA(1) Z Jackson

July 7th, 2009
To Kennesaw Mt: Gordon Beckham
To Brooklyn: David Price

Westminster acquires RFA(1) Aaron Boome, RFA(2) Chris Gomez, RFA(3) David Dellucchi, RFA(4) Corey Patterson, RFA(5) , RFA(6) Luis Rivas, RFA(7) Jose Vidro

July 3rd, 2009
Belfast Acquired RFA(1) Will Venable
Released Andrew Brown

July 1st, 2009
To Sunville: Nick Evans, IRM#3(10), Kenny Rogers
To Indiana: Greg Maddux, Darren Oliver

June24th, 2009

Longue Pointe acquires RFA(1) Frank Thomas releases David Dellucchi

June 20th, 2009
Maine Releases Logan Kensing
Acquires RFA(1) Kyle Farnsworth

*May 30th, 2009
To Allentown: Carlos Delgado,  Releases Sean Casey
To Lake County: ANR#2(10)

To Montreal: Joe Crede
To Brooklyn: Andy LaRoche, Garrett Anderson, MCD#4(10)

Montreal releases Mike Rabelo acquires RFA(1)Frank Catalanotto

May 7th, 2009

High Bridge acquires RFA(2)Eric Brunlett of the Phillies while releasing T. Hall.

Kennesaw Mt Releases Brian Barton, Travis Bucks
Acquires RFA(1) Matt Herges, RFA(2)Todd Jones

May 3rd, 2009

To Kennesaw: Jim Thome and Brendan Ryan.
To Indiana: Asdrubal Cabrera, Oscar Salazar, KWC#5(10)

May 21st, 2009

To Montreal: Gio Gonzalez, JJC #3(10)
To Joliet: Greg Smith

April 16th, 2009

Ottawa Releases A. Aceves
Acquires RFA(2) Dustin Nippert

April 12th, 2009

Ottawa releases Keving Cameron acquires RFA(1) Brett Tomko

High Bridge acquires RFA(1)Luis Gonzalez, releases Dustin Nippert

March 28th, 2009

To Longue-Pointe: Chin-Lung Hu
To Sunville: Greg Maddux

To Maine: Jonathon Niese
To Joliet: Yusmeiro Petit

To Sunville: Bobby Crosby and Jose Bautista
To Bryan: Jason Hirsch, Rich Hill, SSP#6(10)

March 10th, 2009

To Kennesaw IRP#7(09)
To Indiana: L Hochevar

March 8th 2009

To Cooperstown: SLS#2,4(10)
To Southwest: CIP#3(09)

To Stirling: SLS#3,5(10)
To Southwest: SRS#4(09)

To Skokie: SRS#2(09),SRS#7(09)
To Stirling: SWC#1(10),SWC#10(09)

To LP: G Laird
To Southwest: LLD#3(09)

To Philly: G Dobbs
To Southwest PPS#5(09)

To High Bridge: Y Escobar, KWC#8(09)
To Kennesaw Mt: Kenshin Kawakami

To Lake County: J Cueto, X Nady
To San Diego: Rich Harden

To Brooklyn: Magglio Ordonez, JJC#10(10)
To Joliet: Jon Niese, BSP#2(10), BSP#3(10), BSP#9(09)

Feb 23rd, 2009

To Skokie: C Quentin and KWC #2(09)
To Kennesaw Mt: SLS#1(09), SWC#3(09)

Feb 19th 2009

To Skokie: Jered Weaver,
To Joliet: Gio Gonzalez, SWC#9(09)

Jan 13th, 2009

To SLS: Joakim Soria

To SWC: SLS #1{09}

To Montreal:  Endy Chavez, and Rajai Davis
To Belfast: MCR 4(09)

Jan 5th 2009

To Cap West Rubes: Akinori Iwamura
To Maine Express: Brandon Wood

To LP; Tad Iguchi
To Cap West: LLD 8(09)

December 12th, 2008

To Philly:
To Sunville: Dontrelle Willis, Austin Jackson, Kelvim Escobar, Troy Percival, Rafael Soriano, Darren Oliver

To Sunville: Eric Chavez, Ronnie Belliard, Andrew Miller, Kevin Correia SRS#5(09)
To Stirling: SSP#4(09)

To Cap West: Franklin Gutierrez
To Carolina: CRC#5(09)

To Carolina: Oliver Perez
To Philly: Kelly Shoppach

To Carolina: SLS#3(09)
To Southwest: T Hafner, M Mora

To Carolina: S Marcum, BSP#7(09)
To Brooklyn: C Blake

To Brooklyn: A Pettitte
To Longue Pointe: P Feliciano

To Philly: CRC#4(09), CRC#8(09)
To Cap West: Brandon Wood

Oct 3rd 2008

Lake County: Acquires RFA(1): Jamie Wright release Akinori Otsuka.

To Maine: Zach Duke
To Limoilou: Ian Kennedy, Maine #6 2009

Oct 1st,2008

Ottawa Releases Brian Sweeney and acquires RFA(1) Adam Melhuse
Longue Pointe releases Rod Barajas and acquires RFA(2) Nick Punto

Sept 27th 2008
Limoilou Acquired Geoff Blum RFA(2) Releases David Weathers

Sept 25th 2008
Kennesaw Mt Acquire RFA(1) Jorge De La Rosa and RFA(2) Brian Burres releases Trot Nixon and SS Tony Pena, Jr.

Brooklyn Acquires RFA(2) Steve Trachsel, releases RFA(1)Shell3 Duncan.

To Brooklyn: Rodrigo Lopez, ANC#6(09)
To Allentown: Steve Trachsel

Indiana acquires Adam Eaton RFA(1)  releases Chris Carpenter

To Indiana: Brett Tomko, BBD#8(09)
To Belfast: Adam Eaton


Sept 18th, 2008
Ohio Acquires RFA(2) Josh Towers, P and releases Tom Gordon, P

Carolina Acquires Alex Cora and releases Stacy Peralta

SD acquires Micah Bowie and releases Troy Patton

Limoilou acquires Gary Glover releases Jamie Walker

Sept 12th, 2008

Indiana Redbirds release Jason Tyner and Acquire RFA Jorge Velandia

Sept 5th, 2008

Ohio releases Jeff Weaver and acquires David Wells as RFA(1)

SD acquires RFA Raul Casanova, C

Maine Acquires Joe Smith releases Garrett Olsen

Aug 28th 2008
Limoilou acquires RFA(1) Frank Catalanotto releases Jason Schmidt
Bryan acquires RFA{2} Ramon Ortiz, Releases Jose Cruz Jr

Brooklyn Acquires RFA(1) Shelly Duncan releases Delwyn Young

August 20th, 2008
To SD: Manny Ramirez
To Stirling: Octavio Dotel, Gil Meche

To Stirling: Kouzmanoff and Butler
To Limoilou: Zito and Broxton
Limoilou acquires Frank Catalanotto and releases Jason Schmidt


Aug 7th,2008

To Indiana: B. Wagner, C. Ruiz, K. Griffey, Jr., Southwest's #9(09)  releases Marcus Giles, Shell3 Duncan
To Southwest: A. Ethier, Indiana's #1(09), #4(09), #5(09), #6(09)

Bryan release Josh Towers and Acquires RFA(1) Armando Benitez

Aug 6th, 2008

To Kennesaw: IRP#2(09), Doug Mientkiewicz
To Indiana: James Loney

Aug 1st, 2008
Skokie releases Chris Schroder, RP
acquires RFA(2) Joe Kennedy SP/RP

July 13th, 2008

To Indiana: Colby Rasmus, Reggie Willits, Josh Bard and Casey Janssen
To Kennesaw: Trot Nixon, Jason Bay, Miguel Olivio and Joel Zumaya

July 6th, 2008

Longue Pointe releases Jason Repko and acquires RFA(1) Rod Barajas

June 13th, 2008
Maine Acquires RFA(1) Kevin Cameron/RP
Releases Damian Miller/C

May 29th, 2008
Acquire RFA(1) Chris Bootcheck and releases Gabe Gross

May 21st, 2008
Allentown acquires Jesus Colome RFA(1)
releases Juan Rivera

May 15th, 2008

Belfast releases Gustavo Chacin and acquires RFA(2) Trever Miller.

April 22nd, 2008

April 22nd, 2008
To Allentown: Jeff Kent and Juan Rivera
To Kennesaw Mt: Cla Meredith and Reggie Willits.

April 7th, 2008

Belfast Acquires RFA(1) Javier Lopez releases Scott Feldman.

Southwest acquires RFA(1) Reggie Sanders and RFA (2) D'Angelo Jimenez.
Releases Juan Uribe and Freddy Garcia.

Skokie acquires RFA(1) Craig Counsell releases Mike Piazza.

March 4th, 2008

To Kennesaw Mt: Matt Chico, Brad Hennesey, Mike Cameron
To Indiana: Andre Ethier, Jon Garland, Zach Miner

Feb 26th, 2008
To Kennesaw Mt: Yunel Escobar
To Cooperstown: Mark Reynolds, KWC#2(09)

Feb 23rd, 2008
Joliet: Releases Scott Thorman
Allentown: Releases Joel Zumaya

Feb 22nd, 2008

To Limoilou: SWC#6(08)
To Skokie: LWD#8(09) and LWD#9(08)

To Southwest: BSP#10, MEC#10, BSP#6(09)
To Brooklyn: Joe Crede, SLS#10(09)

Brooklyn: Releases Steve Trachsel

Feb 21st, 2008

To Southwest: MEC#8(08)
To Maine: SLS #5(09)

To Cooperstown: SLS#6(09)
To Southwest: CIP#9(08)

Feb 16th 2008
To Kennesaw Mtn: Ryan Braun
To Maine: Aaron Rowand and Adam Jones.

To Indiana: SWC#4(08)
To Maine: IRP#3(09)

To Brooklyn: MEC#4(08)
To Maine: KBP#7(08), BSP#3(09)

Feb 15th, 2008
To Brooklyn: Brian Giles
To Kennesaw Mt: BSP#7(08)

To Kennesaw Mt: CIP #6(08)
To Cooperstown: Russ Springer, KWC#7(08)

To: Indiana-M. Alou, M. Giles
To: Southwest-H. Blalock, LWD#5(08)

To Skokie: SRS #2 (08), SRS #3 (08), SRS #5 (08), SRS #7 (08)
To Stirling: SWC #1 (09), SWC #2 (09), SWC #4 (09)

To Stirling: Manny Ramirez, BSP#2(09)
To Brooklyn: Eric Byrnes, SRS#3(08)

To San Diego: Matt Garza, Matt Thornton, LLS#3(08)
To Lake County: Michael Cuddyer, Juan Cruz, and Rich Harden

To Carolina: Jeremy Hermida
To Cooperstown: Justin Morneau

Feb 14th, 2008

To Southwest: JJD#1(08), Josh Fields, Gerald Laird, SLS #5
To Joliet: JJ Hardy, Ronnie Paulino, JJD#6, SLS #9.

Feb 7th, 2008

To Bryan: Mike Young
To Cooperstown: KBP#1(08)

Feb 1st, 2008
To Indiana: Jimn Thome, LWD#5(08), LWD#10(08)
To Limoilou: Tadahiro Iguchi, Jarrod Washburn and SLS#2(08)

Jan 23rd, 2008

To Joliet: Mike Lowell
To Indiana: SLS#1(08), PPS#2(08)

Jan 4th, 2008

To Brooklyn: Rocco Baldelli
To Kennesaw Mt: Juan Rivera

Jan 3rd, 2008

To San Diego: Brian McCann
To Kennesaw Mt: SSD#1, Josh Bard

To San Diego: BSP#1(08), Rich Harden
To Philly: Victor Martinez

To Bryan: LaTroy Hawkins
To Brooklyn KBP#7(08)

Jan 1st, 2008

To Kennesaw Mt: BSP#2(08), LLD#2(08), Adam Everett
To Brooklyn: Rafael Furcal

December 31st, 2007

To Maine: Joey Gathright, Claudio Vargas, Joe Beimel, Yusmeiro Petit, Anderson Hernandez.
To Brooklyn: MEC#2, BSP#6(08), MEC#7(08).

To Carolina: OTC#5(08)
To Ohio: David Ross

To Lake County: Geoff Jenkins, Jeremy Accardo
To Carolina: Jason Marquis, LLS#5(08)Sept 28th, 2007

Sept 28th, 2007

League appoints emergency RFA Sean Marshall, John Patterson to Kennesaw resulting in an infraction.

Sept 14th, 2007

Kennesaw Mt Acquires RFA(2) Javy Lopez releases Brian Meadows
Southwest Acquires RFA(1) Vinny Castilla

Sept 10th, 2007

Joliet releases Adam Eaton, Todd Coffey. Acquires RFA(1) Keith Foulke, RFA(2) Rick Helling
Stirling releases Mike O'Connor, and Brian Wilson. Acquires RFA(1) Shawn Chacon, RFA(2) Jeremy Affeldt.
Skokie Acquires RFA(2) Fausto Carmona August 31st 2007

Skokie releases John Patterson acquires RFA(1) Mike Stanton.
Indiana releases Toby Hall and Acquires Mackay McBride(2).
Limoilou Acquires RFA(1) Tim Salmon

Sept 1, 2007

To Philly: BSP#1(08), Dontrelle Willis, JD Drew

To Brooklyn: Eric Bedard

August 25th 2007

Cooperstown Acquires RFA(1) Todd Walker, releases Horatio Ramirez

Aug 22nd,2007

Maine acquires RFA(2) Ken Ray releases Dan Kolb

July 26th 2007

To Kennesaw: Tom Gorzelanny, Alfredo Amezaga
To Joliet: Mountain: Jorge Sosa, Aaron Hill, KWC#4(08).

Carolina Acquires RFA(1) David Wells releases Jason Lane

July 24th, 2007

To Indiana: Nick Punto, Jorge Posada,
To Allentown: David Riske, Kazuo Matsui, IRP#2(08), IRP#4(08)

July 19th, 2007

Maine Acquires Chan Ho Park RFA(1)

July 18th, 2007

To Carolina: Aaron Harang, Huston Street, Brandon League
To Kennesaw: Scott Olsen, Edwin Encarnacion, James Loney, CCS#1(08)

Longue Pointe acquires RFA(1) Pablo Ozuna, RFA(2) Javier Valentin

July 15th, 2007

To Brooklyn: Juan Rivera, MEC#10
To Maine: BSP#6(08)

Brooklyn releases Chan Ho Park

July 3rd, 2007

To Bryan: Brad Lidge
To Kennesaw: Jorge Sosa, Tyler Yates

Kennesaw releases Ambiorex Burgos
Bryan Acquires RFA(2) Jamey Wright

To Skokie: Chien-Ming Wang, David Delucchi, Jason Giambi
To Maine: Skokie#4,7(08), Kei Igawa, Rich Hill, Mark Redman

June 9th, 2007

Kennesaw releases Jeff Baker, acquires RFA(1) Chris Gomez

To Kennesaw: IRP#1(08), Rocco Baldelli, Jon Garland
To Indiana: John Smoltz, Mike Cameron

May 25th, 2007

Allentown releases Alex Escobar and Mike Stanton. Acquires RFA(1) Joe Inglett, and RFA(2) Reggie Sanders

May 20th, 2007

Belfast acquires  RFA(1) Shin-Soo Choo and releases Travis Lee

April 3rd, 2007

To Bryan: Blanton, Wise
To Stirling: O'Connor, Villarreal, KBP #2(2008), KBP #4(2008)

March 16th, 2007

To Brooklyn: Dan Wheeler, ANC#9(08)
To Allentown: Mike Stanton, BSP#3(08)

February 27th, 2007

To Joliet: Ross Gload, PPS#2(08)
To Philly: Wos Helms, JJD#4(08)

February 26th,2007

To Kennesaw Mt: IRP#9(07), IRP#10(07)
To Indiana: KWC#8(08), KWC#9(08)

February 22nd, 2007

To Carolina: Ryan Zimmerman, KWC #6 (2007)
To Kennesaw: Chad Billingsley, Elizardo Ramirez, CCS #4 (2008)
To Indiana: Mike Lowell
To Kennesaw Mt: Mark Teahen 
To Southwest: Matt Cain, Orlando Hudson
To Maine: Jeff Francoeur, SLS#2(08), SLS#3(08)
To Southwest: Matt Holliday, JJ Hardy, JJD#5(08), and JJD#6(08 )
To Joliet: Jered Weaver, Matt Capps, SLS#1(08), SLS#4(08), and SLS#5(08)

February 21st, 2006

To Skokie: Mike Piazza, Saloman Torres
To Kennesaw Mt: Huston Street

February 19th, 2006

To Skokie: Barry Bonds
To Lake County: SWC#3(07), SWC#6(08)

To Skokie: Jaret Wright, OTC#5(07), OTC#7(07), OTC#8(07)
To Ohio: Tom Gordon, SWC#7(07), SWC#3(08)
To Skokie: Chipper Jones, SRS#6(07)
To Joliet: Chad Tracy, Jorge Cantu

February 18th, 2007
To Kennesaw Mt: SSD#1(07)
To San Diego: Nick Johnson

To Longue Pointe: Aramis Ramirez, Felix Pie
To Philly: Brian Fuentes, Kelvim Escobar

To Skokie: Tim Hudson, Limoilou #5(07)
To Limoilou: Rafael Betancourt, James Lofton

To Longue Pointe: Jose Vidro, BSP#5(08)
To Brooklyn: LLD#2(08), LLD#5(07)

To Skokie: LLD # 1 (2007) & BSP # 2 (2007)
To Stirling: SWC # 1 ( 2008) & SWC # 2 (2008)

To San Diego: KBP#2(07)
To Bryan: Pat Burrell

To Indiana: Hank Blalock
To Stirling: IRP#3(08)

February 12th, 2007
To Allentown: Maine #1(07)
To Maine: Jason Giambi, ANC#1(07)

January 2nd, 2007
To Brooklyn: Manny Ramirez
To Lake County: Mike Jacobs, Brad Penny

January 3rd, 2007
To Kennesaw Mt: BSP#3(07), BJ Upton
To Brooklyn: Pedro Martinez, Brandon Phillips

January 6th, 2007
To Brooklyn: Steve Trachsel
To Joliet: SRS#6(07)

December 15th, 2006

To SD: Felix Hernandez
To Kennesaw Mountain: Ryan Zimmerman
To SD: Delmon Young, Dave Bush
To Maine: Khalil Greene, Juan Encarnacion, Kris Benson

Sept 5th, 2006

Bryan Acquires Rich Hidalgo(1), Jeff Bagwell(2), Ben Johnson(3) releases A Perez, R Mondesi, J Wasdin

August 28th, 2006

Neah Bay Acquires RFA(1)Scott Proctor, releases JC Romero

Indiana Acquires RFA(4) Joey Eischen releases Yhency Brazoban

To Skokie: Joey Eischen RFA   Releases Rich Hill
To Indiana: SWC#8(07)

August 25th,2006

Limoilou Acquires RFA(4) Chris Widger releases Laynce Nix

To Limoilou: Giovanni Carrara
To Brooklyn: Junior Spivey

To Skokie: Joe Nathan
To Philly: Eric Bedard

Neah Bay Acquires RFA(3) Al Leiter releases Kelly Stinnett

August 19th,2006

San Diego acquires RFA(1) Keving Gregg, RFA(2) Gary Glover releases Sean Burroughs, Keith Ginter
Brooklyn acquires RFA(4) Luis Terrero, releases Todd Greene

August 14th, 2006

Ohio acquires RFA(1) James Baldwin releases Richard Hidalgo
Indiana acquires RFA(3)Glendon Rusch and releases Doug Waechter
Lake County Acquires RFA(1) John McDonald, and releases Larry Bigbie

Aug 12th, 2006

Allentown Acquires RFA(1) Josh Fogg

To Indiana: Jose Reyes, Trevor Hoffman, SSD#5(07)
To San Diego: Ervin Santana, Edgar Renteria, IRP#7(07)

Ottawa acquires RFA(3) Mike Morse releases Amaury Telemaco

Aug 3rd, 2006

Belfast releases JT Snow, Glenn Williams
Acquires RFA's(3) Cal Eldred, (4)David Cortes

July 28th, 2006

Philly releases Byung Hyun Kim
Acquires Kaz Ishii

July 23rd, 2006
Carolina releases Jim Mecir
Acquires Joe Borowski

Philly releases Erubiel Durazo and Todd Pratt
acquires RFA(1) Marlon Anderson, RFA(2) Damian Jackson

Limoilou releases Travis Bowyer
acquires RFA(3) Jamey Wright

July 16th, 2006
Brooklyn releases Ricky Bottallico, acquires RFA(3) Julio Santana

July 12th, 2006
Brooklyn releases RFA(1) Vinny Castilla
To Cooperstown: BSP#10
To Brooklyn: BJ Upton
Cooperstown acquires RFA(1)Tike Redman

July 10th, 2006
To Allentown: Hanley Ramirez, So Taguchi
To Neah Bay: Carlos Silva, Jorge Piedras, Corey Sullivan
Neah releases Ryan Wagner
Allentown Acquires RFA(1) Runfrumelvis Hernandez, RFA(2)Bernie Williams

July 9th, 2006
To Allentown: LLS#3 (07)
To Lake County: Derrick Turnbow

To Stirling: LP #1 (07) , Jason Kendall, C
To Longue-Pointe: Jason Varitek, C

To Skokie: Jorge Cantu, Gary Sheffield, Randy Winn and Chris Shelton
To Allentown: Pedro Feliz, Jason Michales, SWC#1(07), LWD#2(07)
Skokie releases Rafael Palmiero, Joey Eischen, and Matt Miller. Acquires RFA(4) Blaine Boyer

June 27th, 2006

Ottawa releases Guillermo Quiroz
Acquires RFA(2) Brian Moehler

June 23rd, 2005

Ottawa  releases Scott Hairston.
Ottawa signs RFA(1) Rick White.

Maine releases Tim Worrell
and acquires RFA(2) Matt Belisle


June 16th, 2006
Skokie releases Glendon Rusch
acquires RFA(3) Jason Jennings

Indiana releases Denny Bautista, Jose Hernandez
acquires RFA's(2) Ray King, Damon Hollins

Belfast releases Scott Munter
acquires Franquelis Osoria

To Stirling: Nick Swisher, Lastings Milledge, BSP#2(07), BSP#5(07)
To Brooklyn: Miguel Cabrera, Anderson Hernandez, SRS#6(07)


June 11th, 2006

To Indiana: Jarrod Washburn and Danys Baez
To Stirling: Hank Blalock and Dewon Brazelton

June 8th

Maine releases Doug Mientkiewicz
signs RFA (1) Todd Coffey.

Limoilou Acquires RFA(2) S Hatteberg

June 4th, 2006

To Belfast: Vinnie Chulk
To Maine: Cory Koskie

May 27th, 2006

To Indiana: Jason Isringhausen, Mark Teahen, MEC#5 (07)

To Maine: Chin Mien Wang, Kyle Davies

Brooklyn Acquires RFA(2) T Greene

May 23th, 2006

To Indiana:  Tony Clark, Placido Polanco, Jon Garland

To Philly: Brad Hawpe, Felix Pie, Rich Harden


May 14th, 2006

To Limoilou: Tim Hudson, Matt Murton, NWC#3 (07)

To Neah Bay: Dallas McPherson, Jeff Kent, Mike Piazza

Limoilou Acquires RFA (1) DJ Houlton

May 1st 2006

Brooklyn Acquires RFA(1) V Castilla

March 5th, 2006

To Limoilou: Eric Gagne, Carlos Beltran

To Skokie: Lim Edmonds, Jason Michaels, Rafael Betancourt and LWD #2 07

March 3rd, 2006

To Skokie: Milton Bradley, LLC #5th(07)
to Lake County: Ryan Church, SWC #2(07)

Feb 28th 2006

To Joliet: Duaner Sanchez, Dave Williams and Joe Kennedy.
To Allentown: JJD 7 (07)and Joliet 8 (07)

To Joliet: BSP#7(07)
To Brooklyn: JJD#7(06),SRS#7(06),JJD#8(06)

Feb 26th, 2006

To Brooklyn: BBD#3(06)
To Belfast:    BSP#3(06), AFS#10(06), JJD#10(06), BSP#6(07)

Feb 25th, 2006

To Maine: Darin Erstad, Alex Gonzalez, David Dellucci and SWC #4(07)
To Skokie: MEC#3(06)MEC#4(06), Chad Tracy and Jack Wilson

To Cooperstown: Raul Ibanez
To Neah Bay: Tony Graffanino, CIP#8(06)


Feb 24th,2006

To Skokie:  Huston Street,  Eric Bedard,  SRS # 2(06) and SRS # 4(06)
To Stirling:  Carl Crawford,  Matt Wise, SWC # 2(06)and SWC # 6 (07)


Feb 22nd, 2006

 To Skokie: John Patterson, Mark Grudzielanek, PPS#7(06)                                 

 To Ohio:  Keving Millwood, Armando Benitez, Ray Durham


To Joliet: Magglio Ordonez, Mark Redman
To Maine JJD#3(06), JJD#4(06)

Feb 15th, 2006

To Philly: OWC#1(06)

To Ohio: Willy Mo Pena, PPS#7(06)


February 6th, 2006

To Carolina: John Thomson

To Ohio: Preston Wilson


December 9th, 2005


To Longue Pointe: SWC#8(06)

To Skokie: Jeff Fassero


To Brooklyn: Sammy Sosa

To Longue Pointe: BSP#7(06),Chris Gomez


To Alamo: BSP#4(06)

To Brooklyn: AFS#10(06), Mike Mussina



December 7th, 2005

To Carolina: Sergio Mitre, Ugueth Urbina, and Jose Valverde.
To Philly: CCS#1(06)

December 6th, 2005

To Stirling: Mark Buehrle and Ryan Madson
To Cooperstown: Horatio Ramirez, Chris Young and JJD#1(06)

To Stirling: Julio Mateo, Horatio Ramirez, Chris Young, JJD#1(06)
To Joliet: A. J. Burnett, Shawn Green and Adam Eaton, Stirling # 7(06)

To Brooklyn: Bartolo Colon, ANC#10(06)
To Allentown: LLD#2(06),Dave Williams, Livan Hernandez.

December 4th, 2005

To Cooperstown: Dan Meyer, Dave Roberts, AFS#2(06), AFS#3(06)

To Alamo: Billy Wagner, CIP#5(06), CIP#9(06)


To Stirling: Garrett Anderson

To Cooperstown: SRS#3(06)


To Ohio: Jody Gerut

To Joliet: OTC#4(06)

December 3rd, 2005

To Joliet: Jose Contreras and CIP #10 (06)

To Cooperstown: Jeff Francis and JJS #2 (06)


To Skokie: Gary Matthews Jr

To Indiana: Jeff Conine, SWC#9(06)


December 2nd 2005

To Kilgore: Paul LoDuca, Jorge Sosa, Keving Millar, AFS#9(06)

To Alamo:Freddy Garcia, Mitch Redman, KBP#4(06)


To Joliet: Juan Pierre, Steve Traschel, Joaquin Benoit, Gerald Laird, AFS#6(06)

To Alamo: Cliff Lee, Jay Witasick, Dustin Mohr, BSP #2(06)


To Stirling: Ron Belliard and KBP # 2 (06)

To Kilgore: Bobby Crosby


To Indiana: Renteria, LLS#1(06)

To Lake County: Howry, IRP#1(06)


To Belfast: Aaron Miles, IRC#3(06)

To Indiana: Trot Nixon


September 6th,2005

Neah Bay Acquires Kaz Tadano(2)

              Releases Brandon Phillips


San Diego Acquires John Wasdin (1), Darren Oliver(2)

               Releases Dennis Tankersley, Matt Riley

August 28th, 2005

Montreal acquires Randy Choate as RFA(4)

              releases Ramiro Mendoza

August 27th, 2005

Cooperstown acquires Terry Mullholland

                    releases Charles Thomas

Neah Bay Acquires Mike Remlinger

              releases Tim Redding

Joliet Acquires Steve Sparks and Todd Van Poppel

        Releases Rich Bauer and Billy Koch

August 23rd, 2005

To Montreal: Cesar Izturis      Montreal releases Joe Borowski

To KC: MOC 4(06), MOC 5(06)


August 16th,2005

To Longue Pointe:  Sammy Sosa, Ismael Valdez

To Brooklyn: LLD 2(06), Dave Williams


Aug 9th, 2005

Kilgore releases Roger Cedeno

          acquires Ross Gload (1)

Aug 7th, 2005

Longue Pointe releases Dave McCarty

                     acquires Mark Sweeney (3)

Aug 1st, 2005

Joliet releases Eric DuBose, Gary Knotts

        acquires Billy Koch (1) and Andy Good (2)


July 21st, 2005

Ottawa releases Kurt Ainsworth and Jesse Foppert

           acquires Matt Ginter(1) and Scott Atchison(2)

July 20th, 2005

New York releases Dave Kryznel, Ross Gload

               acquires Pete Munroe (1), Cliff Politte (2).

Brooklyn releases Denny Neagle

             acquires Luis Rivas (3)

July 12th, 2005

Cooperstown releases Edwin Jackson
                    acquires Jose Acevedo (1)  RFA

Limoilou Wendigo releases Luis Rivas
                           acquires Vinnie Chulk (1) RFA

Montreal releases Orber Moreno
              acquires John Franco (3) RFA


June 24th 2005

Belfast Acquires Chad Qualls and Joe Horgan

           Releases Ruben Sierra and Todd Williams .


June 18th 2005

Montreal Acquires Scott Schoenweiss (2) as RFA

June 2nd 2005

KC releases Terry Tiffee

     acquires Nate Field (3) and Rudy Seanez (4)as RFA


To Longue Pointe: BSP#6(06)
To Brooklyn: R Mackowiak, LLD#10(06)

Brooklyn releases  Ben Grieve to RFA


To Philly: Ron Mahay & Giovanni Cararra

To KC: Josh Towers


To Longue Pointe Loggers: Edgardo Alfonzo

To KC A's:  Ben Broussard


Longue Pointe Acquires as RFA

Marcus Thames, OF & Gary Bennett, C


Timo Perez, OF & Wilson Delgado, IF


To Montreal: Vinny Castilla AFS#5(06)

To Alamo City: Joe Crede MOC#3(06)

May 21st 2005

 Montrealacquires Ramiro Mendoza as restricted Free Agent: waives Marcus Thames


To KC: Cesar Izturis

To Portland: Coco Crisp


To Brooklyn: Mariano Rivera

To KC: BSP#1, Giovanni Carrara


May 7th, 2005

HAP... Release T Walker, C Nageotte, P Bako, K Stinnett         Sign N Logan, R Martinez, K Cash, RA Dickey


April 13th 2005

KAC ... Release ... Darren Dreifort, Matt Cain      Sign Tyler Walker, Cal Eldred
BSP  ...Release Billy Traber, Grant Roberts          Sign Elmer Dessens, Miguel Ojeda

March 17th, 2005

To Longue Pointe: Torii Hunter

To Stirling:  AJ Burnett, LLD 1 (2006)

March 12th 2005

To Brooklyn: Brad Penny, JJD 10 (2006)

To Joliet: BSP #2 (2006), BSP #10 (2005)


To Portland: Bengie Molina

To KC: PSC #6 (2006)

March 9th, 2005

To Montreal: Eric Gagne, #9(BSP '05), #10(Joliet '05). #9 (Joliet '06)

To Joliet:  Braden Looper, Luis Vizcaino, Cliff Lee


March 7th, 2005

To Montreal:  Roger Clemens, PPS#6

To Philly: Dan Kolb, Matt Clement

March 6th 2005

To KC: Dan Wilson, Ben Molina, Montreal #5(05)

To Montreal: C Manthey, A Gonzalez(Fla), Montreal #10(05)


 March 5th 2005

To Philly: Carl Crawford

To Montreal: Carlos Lee


To Belfast: Mon #6(2005)

To Montreal: Joe Crede

 March 2nd, 2005

To Wantagh: PPS #4

To Philly: Ugueth Urbina

September 30th, 2004

To Brooklyn: JD Drew, Keith Osik

To Durango: Ryan Madson, Edwin Jackson, Craig Wilson.

September 18th 2004

To Brooklyn: B Grieve, SRS#10
To Stirling: R Reed

To Philly Phantastics: Bobby Abreu, Joe Nathan, Oliver Perez, Chase Utley, Robb Nen, Bud Smith
To San Diego Surfers: Rodrigo Lopez, Dennis Tankersley, Jose Reyes, Juan Gonzalez, Mike Sweeney, Trevor Hoffman

September 5th, 2004

To Belfast: Joe Borowski,  Arthur Rhodes, Joe Crede
To Philly: Rodrigo Lopez, Aramis Ramirez.

July 31st, 2004

To Kilgore (KBP): Hermanson, Belliard and a #8
To Alamo City (AFS) Koplove, Hampton, and KBP #4

July 2nd, 2004

To Stirling: Matt Morris, Eric Chavez and DDP # 8 ( 2005 )
To Durango: David Bell, Cory Lidle, Mike Young and SRS # 4 ( 2005 )

 To Longue Pointe: Greg Maddux, Jorge Julio
 To Stirling: Mark Bellhorn, Guillermo Mota, LLD#4 2005

June 7th, 2004

To Stirling: Cory Lidle
To Longue Pointe: Scott Sauerbeck

June 2nd, 2004

To Philly Phantastics: Johnny Estrada, Mike Maroth, Carl Crawford
To Wantagh Woodsmen: Luis Gonzalez, Sidney Ponson.

May 25th, 2004

To Longue Pointe: CC Sabathia LHP, Timo Perez OF
To Wantagh: Ugueth Urbina P, Craig Biggio OF, Brian Daubach OF/1B

To Longue Pointe: BSP #6, Tino Martinez 1B, Einar Diaz C, Craig Monroe OF.
To Brooklyn: Craig Wilson OF

April 4th, 2004

To Joliet: Horacio Ramirez, BSP#9(2005)
To Brooklyn: Livan Hernandez

March 31st,2004

To Houston: Portland 2005 9th round
To Portland: Houston 2004 10th round

To KC:Kevin Brown Alex Gonzalez
To SD: Gil Meche Bobby Abreau

March 30th, 2004

To Houston: Todd Walker
To Kansas City: Joe Kennedy

March 25th, 2004

To Montreal: Gary Matthews jr, Joliet 5th (#92) and 6th (#112) in 2004 and 5th(2005)

To Joliet: Brad Penny and Portland 7th (#122) in 2004

To Brooklyn: Montreal 6th pick in 2004
To Montreal: Brooklyn 5th pick in 2005

To Longue-Pointe: Brooklyn #4(2005), Portland #7(130) in 2004, Craig Counsell
To Montreal: Montreal #4(70) in 2004 and Montreal #6(110) in 2004.

To Brooklyn: Adam Everett
To Longue Pointe: Brian Daubach, and Mark Bellhorn

March 23rd, 2004

To Portland: Andres Galarraga

To Houston: PSC#5

March 21st, 2004

To Montreal (MOC): Raul Mondesi, Jaime Cerda and Brooklyn 4th(2005)
To Brooklyn (BSP): Al Leiter

March 6th 2004

To Wantagh: Luis Gonzalez, Sidney Ponson
To Philly: Johnny Estrada, Mike Maroth, Carl Crawford

February 14th, 2004

To KC: Edgardo Alfonso, Jorge Posada, Carlos Silva
To PPS-Scott Rolen, KC 5th round draft choice ('05)

February 2nd, 2004

To Brooklyn: Jose Vidro
To Kilgore: Mike Hampton, Vance Wilson, Ty Wigginton

January 7th, 2004

To Stirling: Matt Morris, Eric Chavez and DDP # 8 ( 2005 )
To Durango: David Bell, Cory Lidle, Mike Young and SRS # 4 ( 2005 )


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