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 Steve Adler 2010-2021

The New Jersey Beatles recently won their first CBA championship in 6 games over the defending champion Skokie Wolfmen. With the win, New Jersey completed an improbable run to the title.

Steve Adler and his Beatles, together with the New Hampshire franchise, joined the CBA at the start of the 2010 season. The two teams conducted a 24-round dispersal draft from the remnants of the Westminster and old Skokie franchises. New Jersey’s first pick in that draft was Adam Lind, who is currently the only player from the dispersal draft that is still with the Beatles. Alas, there was not much talent in that draft, and it was clear that Steve Adler had a lot of work to do. The Beatles lost 112 games in 2010, and lost 120 in 2011. But in the process, the New Jersey front office was making moves that would reap dividends in years to come. New Jersey drafted Bryce Harper with the first pick in 2011, and selected Matt Moore with the 2nd overall pick in 2012.  A 75-win season followed in 2012, an improvement of 33 wins over 2011, and it was clear that the Beatles were on their way up.

Adler realized that his team had a good chance to contend for a title in 2013, but knew that he needed to bring in some key pieces. A series of trades that brought key players to the Beatles helped turn that team around. Young players, such as Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, Jeremy Hellickson, Jason Motte, and Chris Tillman  were traded away, while proven stars Adrian Beltre, Edwin Encarnacion, Evan Longoria, Felix Hernandez, and Justin Verlander joined the team. It proved to be a winning combination, as the Beatles won 106 games in the regular season, and then topped things off with a CBA Championship.

Born and raised in Wayne, NJ, Steve Adler discovered Strat-O-Matic in his early 20’s, and has been hooked ever since. A lifelong NY Mets fan, Steve played in C&D leagues for about 10 years, and then converted exclusively to the computer game. He is the commissioner of the Tri-State League, a 13-year old face-to-face computer league based in Northern and Central New Jersey. He recently won his first TSL championship, after failing to win a title in 9 previous playoff appearances.

In addition to being hooked on baseball, Steve is a long-time Beatles fan. He began collecting Beatles records as a kid, and continues to do so today. Other than baseball and the Beatles, his other passion in life is playing racquetball. He has been playing in various leagues and tournaments for about 20 years, and plays 4-5 mornings/week.   Steve is 45 years old, married, has 3 daughters (ages 13, 14, and 20), and lives in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Enclosed are pictures of Steve; Steve and his wife Pamela; Steve’s biggest fans, left-to-right: Jillian, Maggie, and Alyssa; and Steve winning a racquetball tournament.

Over the past 6 seasons, the New Jersey Beatles have reached great heights, winning the CBA title in 2013, and having the best overall regular season record in 2016. Unfortunately, they have struggled to consistently perform well, having missed the playoffs 3 times in that same timespan:


Year       Record

2012       75-87 (Missed Playoffs)

2013      106-56 (CBA Champs)

2014       89-73 (Lost in Playoffs)

2015       69-93 (Missed Playoffs)

2016      103-59 (Lost in Playoffs)

2017       74-88 (Missed Playoffs)


Can these Beatles return to contention in 2018? There is certainly cause for optimism. They have a powerful offense, led by Carlos Correa, Yasiel Puig, and Jay Bruce, together with draftees Paul De Jong and Jose Martinez, and a solid starting rotation, with Justin Verlander, Dallas Keuchel, Chase Anderson, and Dylan Bundy leading the rotation. They also are expected to have super-prospect and 3rd baseman of the future Rafael Devers contribute at some point this season. In addition, the Beatles boast a rich farm system that includes top prospects Victor Robles, Eloy Jimenez, Brendan Rodgers, Bo Bichette, and Austin Meadows.

The Beatles have the look of contenders in 2018, and the seeds are in place for them to consistently maintain this performance in the future.
Projected Lineup:
c-Manny Pina/Martin Maldonado
1b-Jose Martinez/Alex Avila
2b-Neil Walker/Deven Marrero
3b-Evan Longoria/Rafael Devers
ss-Carlos Correa/Paul De Jong
lf-Starling Marte/Jay Bruce
cf-Yasiel Puig/Mike Mahtook
rf-Jay Bruce/Chad Pinder
Projected Rotation:
Justin Verlander
Dallas Keuchel
Chase Anderson
Dylan Bundy
Kyle Freeland
Felix Hernandez
Junior Guerra

Montreal – The New Jersey Beatles defeated the Montreal Crows in the Staub Conference Finals, 4 games to 1. The Crows won game 1 in New Jersey behind James Shields, 10-3. The Crows had Beatles starter Felix Hernandez’s number all night, tattooing him for 9 runs in 7 innings. Will Venable led the way for the Crows, going 4-4 with a HR and 3 RBI’s. New Jersey bounced back in game 2, 3-0. David Murphy’s 2-run homer in the 1st off Jered Weaver was all the offense the Beatles needed, as Kyle Lohse’s pitched 7 innings of shutout ball and Fernando Rodney contributed a 6-out save.


The series then moved to Montreal. The Beatles cruised past the Crows in Game 3, 8-1, behind Justin Verlander’s complete game. The pivotal Game 4 was the best of the series, and featured Felix Hernandez against Mike Minor. Chris Denorfia led off the game with a home run, rolling a 1 on a HR2fbB chance. From there, it was all pitching, with Minor only allowing 2 hits in 6 innings, while Hernandez only allowed 1 hit in 6 innings. Both bullpens did their jobs, and the game ended with New Jersey winning 1-0 to take a 3-1 lead in the series. Montreal manager Doug Brunet was incredulous that Denorfia’s leadoff fly ball cleared the fences. “I thought it was a routine fly ball when he hit it. It looked like Venable had a beat on it, but the ball just kept carrying. Minor deserved better – he pitched a fantastic game.” Game 5 was also exciting, as Game 1 winner Shields faced off against Game 2 winner Lohse. New Jersey jumped all over Shields in the first inning, taking a 4-0 lead before the Crows even came up to bat. After that, Shields and the Montreal bullpen stabilized things, giving up only 2 more runs over the remainder of the game. Meanwhile Montreal’s offense battled back, and got to within one run on J.J. Hardy’s 8th inning homerun off ace closer Fernando Rodney. Rodney was able to regroup after that, retiring the last 5 batters in a row to close out the 6-5 win in front of a sullen Montreal crowd.


“Every single player on this team is a contributor, and everyone believes we can win every game. This series was a team effort,” Beatles manager Steve Adler said after game 5.  New Jersey now awaits the winner of the Clemente Conference Finals between Skokie and Newton, and will try to break a long run of Clemente dominance in the CBA World Series. When asked which of those teams he preferred to face, Adler said, “Both teams are managed by legends. Whoever we face, we know it is not going to be easy.”

http://www.cba-bb.net/2013 Playoffs/San Diego NJ Playoff.htm



20 in a row!  The Beatles Invasion hit the East Coast....

7-21 @KBP W  6-3       9-9  Moore      Blanton    Belisle    58-40   1st ----
 7-22 @KBP W  8-1      12-5  Lohse      Lyles                 59-40   1st ----
 7-23  SSC W  4-2       2-5  Hernandez  Garza      Rodney     60-40   1st ----
 7-24  SSC W  4-2      10-9  Hammel     Pettitte   Frieri     61-40   1st ----
 7-25  SSC W  3-0       7-1  Verlander  Santana    Belisario  62-40   1st ----
 7-26  SSC L  5-6      11-11 Holland    Moore      Motte      62-41   1st ----
 7-27 @TWR W  7-2      13-8  Lohse      Griffin    Belisle    63-41   1st ----
 7-28 @TWR W  4-2      10-4  Hernandez  Wood       Rodney     64-41   1st ----
 7-29 @TWR W  4-2      10-5  Hammel     Francis    Rodney     65-41   1st ----
 7-30 @RMC W  5-1      10-6  Verlander  Cueto                 66-41   1st ----
 7-31 @RMC W  2-1      10-3  Moore      Milone     Rodney     67-41   1st ----
 8-1  @RMC W  4-2 (10) 10-7  Belisario  Lowe       Rodney     68-41   1st ----
 8-2  @RMC W 11-8      12-14 Byrdak     Clippard   Belisle    69-41   1st ----
 8-3  @LLD W  5-2       9-5  Hammel     Doubront              70-41   1st ----
 8-4  @LLD W 13-6      14-10 Verlander  Sabathia              71-41   1st ----
 8-5  @LLD W  8-7      11-11 Moore      Wilson     Rodney     72-41   1st ----
 8-6   JJC W 14-0      16-4  Lohse      Eovaldi    Byrdak     73-41   1st ----
 8-7   JJC W  7-3      11-10 Hernandez  Vargas                74-41   1st ----
 8-8   JJC W  5-4 (10) 10-9  Rodney     Bass                  75-41   1st ----
 8-9   JJC W  3-2 (11)  6-5  Rodney     Jones                 76-41   1st ----
 8-11 @QFR W  8-7      12-11 Moore      Marquis    Belisario  77-41   1st ----
 8-12 @QFR W 10-1      13-7  Lohse      Beavan                78-41   1st ----
 8-13 @QFR W 14-5      18-8  Hernandez  Norris                79-41   1st ----
 8-14 @BBD W  5-0      10-7  Hammel     Cahill                80-41   1st ----
 8-15 @BBD W  3-2      11-6  Verlander  Chen       Rodney     81-41   1st ----
 8-16 @BBD W  2-0       8-2  Moore      Hensley    Rodney     82-41   1st ----

Thoughts and notes....

   Wild week for a few teams.  Best ever for expansion New Jersey Beatles currently CBA's top team.  August 13th, Adrian Beltre went into the record books with the greatest day ever.  Four Homers and a double for 18 total bases.  "Only" 7 RBI's however.  The Beatles are starting a Staub revolution, but can they do damage in the playoffs?....
Maine is the hot surprise of our season.  Earlier in the season they dropped out with a 9 game losing streak.  They rebounded through August with an 11 game win streak, but have been winning so consistently that they are now 1 game out of first behind the tied the Bryan Bashers and the Towaco Wolfpack.  The Wolfpack had been in first place since April 13th.  Now after a few key deals, and the Maine Expressstunning streak, Towaco finds themselves with usage issues and a tie.  Not so bad because Bryan has more pronounced usage issues.  This is where it gets complex and most interesting because Maine actually sits with the best usage situation of the trio....
The Belfast Brawlers subpar season from Alex Rios has hurt them.  Somehow that card just didn'n't get it done ...
Slowly and efficiently, the Longue Pointe Loggers whose usage issues appeared to be lethal, have managed to bring things back in line and have again moved into a first place tie with arch rival Montreal Crows.  The Dawson perhaps one of CBA's most storied division is known to some as the Black N Blue division for the classic battles and 3 way dances.  In the golden days of the 1997-2003 ERA, it was Longue Pointe, Quebec Capitales, Limoilou Wendigo, Hamilton Harbors, and the Montecito Habaneros.  Little remembered that the Brooklyn Superbas started their tenure as a Dawson team, actually winning the Dawson title in 1998.  Later on Longue Pointe, soon to be retired Limoilou Wendigo, and the Belfast Brawlers put on September shows and battles of CBA lore.  This year promises to be another donnybrook.  Belfast may be back in the standings but will be very relevant in the race outcomes...
Looking at San Diego Surf's August swoon, it probably can be blamed on the offense not getting hot.  Not quite as offensively potent as years passed, with about 1 earned run more than usual.  Wallace had done a good job keeping them potent this far....
Indiana who had some playoffs aspirations, has had some hard times as the Skokie Wolfmen have started to pick up. Series losses to Parker division hurt quite a bit. This week taking 2 from the Ottawa Otters, and 2 more from the New Hampshire Wildcats. Bpb Fidler's Indiana Redbirds had a great week and is fighting hard to stay in there.  Hamilton has hit 39 HR's but not with enough men on base, just 90 RBI's.  Indiana is not out of this race within only 3 games, but with usage factors Fidler will need to get hot in a hurry and get ahead by a few...
Blake-O's CBA re emergence with Limoilou is of note.  He splits, they took 3 from front running Towaco to ruin their Rogers lead then was walloped 3 games by Mike Koepp's torrid Maine Express....
  Chase Headley must be an MVP candidate the way he has lifted this train.  .328 33 HR 103 RBI.  Maine dropped two to Dennis C's Longue Pointe Loggers.  First round chooice Adam Laroche, Catcher Jordan Pacheco and Torii Hunter have ignited the Loggers offense to its best in awhile.  A deep bench and pen and have helped LP. 
Joliet took their losing streak at the wrong time.  With some talent in that offense, they swept front running Montreal.  Then the enignmatic team got swept away by Bryan Bashers..  Jack Frost must be tearing his hair from his head this year.  Some power, some offense, alot of steals, what went wrong? Starting pitching. James McDonald the Ronson favorite and goat 3-13 5.96 has been disgusting...
Despite getting swept by Joliet, the Crows salvaged 2 of 3 against spoiler River Meadow.  Two old friends who may play head to head sometime.  JD, Doug, and River Meadows Claude are residents of the beautiful Montreal area where CBA originated.  The Crows pitching staff has a phenomenal 2.94 ERA...
    The Brooklyn Superbas have kept a 5 game lead over Newton.   Skokie and Brooklyn squared off in a battle matchup from the 2011 Clemente championship which the Superbas won handily.  Skokie took 2 this block in retaliation, and another pair from Bruce Bundy's hot Newton Bombs.  Skokie
moved into first for the second time this season.  They've opened a 2 game lead over Ohio who dropped a pair to Brooklyn while getting swept by the New Hampshire Wildcats.  Buster Posey has been hot of late taking over the batting race lead in Clemente...
Carolina took 4 games this block and is up for a wildcard spot.  Carolina, Newton, and Brooklyn could conceivably all make the playoffs this year...
Philly struggled against Carolina and Newton.  Hite must make his move now. They sit 3 back.  Typical of Clemente teams, Philly has a very potent offense superceding their pitching.  Philly could be the X factor here with a reputation of strong finishes.  The usage factor is a plus with ample availability...
The Stirling Redsox had an opportunity to make ground in Schnidt, but saw set backs to Scott K's Carolina Copperheads, and the Ironhorses...

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