CBA New Hampshire Wildcats Roster 2016

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New Hampshire Wildcats
Chris Brazeau 
Stadium: Wrigley Field
Conference: Rusty Staub
Division: Mike Schmidt

Chris Brazeau took ownership of the NH Wildcats in 2010.  The previous ownership left the team quite devoid of talent.  The team was moved the quiet seacoast town of Portsmouth, NH.  A patient philosophy of dfafting and trading for and developing young talent has proven to be somewhat successful.  As with much prospect searches there have been some success and some questionable choices.  Injuries have delayed the winning timeline. 

Overall the future is looking bright.  New Hampshire has a solid core of starters with Matt Cain, Justin Masterson and Ross Detwiler.  Young stars like Brett Lawrie and Jurickson Profar combined with veterans Hanley Ramirez and Kendys Morales give NH a formidable infield for the future.  NH ownership has shown good patience but that patience has it's limits.  New Hampshire has had limited success in the win loss column, but plans to be a force the next couple of year.


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